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Brush for change!

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Introducing a new Aussie family business called Brush for Change – the eco-friendly toothbrush that gives back.


What I mean when I say ‘gives back’ is, when you purchase an eco-friendly bamboo 4-pack of toothbrushes we give back.

That is, we donate $2 to an environmental cause AND $2 eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes to the underprivileged.

With Australia’s population rapidly approaching the 25 million mark, the impact of plastic toothbrushes on our environment is enormous; approx 100 million each & every year – we want to change that!

So we thought; what if we could provide people with an affordable alternative? Then we thought, what if we could also ‘pay it forward’? Hence the birth of Brush for Change.

Get yours now for just $19.95 (+$2 p&h) at

Did you know:

The humble toothbrush is in the top 10 garbage generating products in the world. They are up there with plastic bags and plastic bottles.

Let me ask you a couple of questions

What toothbrush do you use? Did you get it at your local supermarket? Chances are it’s plastic!

Let’s do a little calculation:

And lets be extra nice and say (for the sake of this discussion) that you do as your dentist recommends and change your toothbrush a minimum of 4 times a year & you live to be 100… That’s 400 toothbrushes in your lifetime!

Let’s do a little further calculation:

Australia’s population is heading towards 25 Million – That’s 100 MILLION PLASTIC toothbrushes going into hard waste or our waterways EVERY YEAR! Mind boggling isn’t it?

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This plastic is either going into landfill or washing up on our beaches all over the world.

So what can you do?

What if there was an alternative to the plastic toothbrush?

THERE IS – it’s the Brush for Change bamboo toothbrush! If you could buy not one but FOUR bamboo toothbrushes for just $19.95 ( plus $2 p&h- within Australia), would you make the change?

What if when you purchased your 4pk of bamboo toothbrushes – $2.00 was donated to an environmental charity.
Would you make the change?

What if when you purchased you 4pk of bamboo toothbrushes for just $19.95, not only were you contributing $2.00 to an environmental charity but ALSO donating TWO (2) bamboo toothbrushes to the underprivileged?

Now would you make the change?


By changing to the Brush for Change toothbrush you are not only making a difference to your environment, but you are helping those in need and one of our environmental causes along the way.

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