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Caffeine – it’s a matter of survival

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If you’ve ever thought your morning coffee helps you to get through the day, you may be surprised to discover the physical link between caffeine and your instinctive need for survival.

From getting yourself up and going in the mornings, to socialising with friends, coffee has become not only accepted, but almost essential for our survival. Well really, who doesn’t enjoy a good cup of coffee? Even most health professionals tout it’s OK. In fact, they may even tell you it’s unrealistic to give it up, because it’s such a part of our social life.

So what’s wrong with it anyway?

Coffee beans are natural, and it makes us feel good. Of course health professionals will say it’s OK to have your coffee. Maybe because they don’t want to give it up either! They also need it to get through their day.

The world consumes close to 1.6 billion cups per day – it’s a thriving industry. So of course you will find studies in support of this wonderful delight – everything from living longer to the size of your breasts.

People often run from detox or cleansing programs because they fear the dreaded caffeine withdrawals. That in itself says a lot, don’t you think?

Let’s face it, caffeine is addictive and acts as a stimulant drug

If you can’t survive without your morning coffee, what exactly is this link between caffeine and your ability to survive the day ahead?

In cave man days, if a wild beast jumps in front you, you have to stand up and fight or run away! Your survival is at risk, so your body immediately fires up your nervous system and releases around 30 stress hormones, including adrenalin.

Now on full alert, your body can speed up and run fast as your muscles tighten, your pupils dilate to see clearly, your heart pumps faster and raises your blood pressure, and you breathe deeply to get the oxygen that’s now needed to move fast.

Survival is priority – so your body shuts down systems not needed such as digestive, reproductive, growth and immune systems. You probably mess up your caveman pants as your body dumps excess from the bowel.

So what’s this got to do with your morning cuppa?

Caffeine activates this flight or fight response in your body every time you have a cup.

You may not have a wild beast chasing you now, but caffeine is a wonderful way to trigger your hormones into helping you cope with your survival as you face the wild beasts of modern life.

Caffeine can exhaust the body by stimulating too much of these hormones, leaving you dependent on it for energy, which ultimately leads your body into burnout as the body becomes exhausted.

Caffeine can leach calcium from bones, increase blood pressure, heart disease1, high cholesterol, acidic imbalances, digestive problems, heartburn, hormonal disorders and can impair fertility.2

Coffee can also contain toxic ingredients and pesticides

If you can’t go a morning without your cuppa, yet suffer from these conditions, your body may be crying out for a clean up!

If you are tired, your body needs sleep and nutrition, not caffeine. Fill yourself with whole foods, which are highly dense in nutrients. Go to bed early.

Good nutrition, laughter and love are all you need to not only survive, but thrive in this modern-day world.

This article is based on the author’s book, ‘3 Day Mini Detox’, ISBN 978-1-921878-07-7, Rockpool Publishing

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