Cancer, diabetes, autism – could dirty electricity be the culprit?

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Last century we should have become healthier due to improved hygiene practices, control of infectious diseases, and medical advancements. Have you ever wondered why we descended into a civilisation where so many different diseases developed and millions have died from cancer, or are living with cancer? What newly introduced agent could have so dramatically changed our health?

The culprit revealed itself in 2005 when a school teacher without permission invited a professor of medicine and an electronics engineer to measure the levels of dirty electricity at a school where there was a cancer cluster of different cancers. Even though the school district administration had refused a number of requests for these highly distinguished men to assist in the evaluation of the cancer cluster, when these researchers reported their findings to the superintendent of schools, the highly distinguished professor of medicine was threatened with prosecution for ‘unlawful … trespass’ from Homeland Security and the teacher received a letter of reprimand. The study however was eventually published in the prestigious American Journal of Industrial Medicine in 2008 revealing the strong association between the development of the cancers and dirty electricity. This study also brought attention to another school which was measured for dirty electricity where it was discovered that in a room with high levels of dirty electricity the teacher had died of a brain tumour and a teacher in the adjacent room had died of leukaemia.

After the paradigm-shifting study of the school cancer cluster, all disease statistics from the USA were then collated and 48 states were examined as to when electricity was first generated in each state and what health effects resulted from this new way of living. The urban populations that lived with electricity and the rural areas which did not have electricity were also compared, which led to the discovery that the statistics showed that most of the 20th Century diseases of civilisation, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and suicide, are caused by exposure to dirty electricity. The health and mortality effects of electrification happened so gradually and on such a wide scale that they went virtually unnoticed and the major illnesses that can be attributed to them came to be considered ‘normal’ diseases of modern civilisation. As far back as 1930 statistics reveal there was an 80% correlation between residential electrification and breast cancer. Finally, in 2009 dirty electricity was named in a testimony by an associate professor as a culprit to be considered in a workplace breast cancer cluster.

The Republic of Kazakhstan very quickly mandated within a few months to protect its citizens against this potent carcinogen in 2003 at 50 GS units, a process than normally can take decades to introduce. The scientists in the Republic of Kazakhstan understand electromagnetic energy, in particular, the effects of dirty electricity, as Kazakhstan is where the scientists developed the Russian space program and the Russian nuclear weapons program. Other countries are not as yet addressing this serious public health issue which medical and legal experts believe will dwarf the cigarette smoking and asbestos issues combined.

The Amish of Holmes County Ohio are the largest Amish population in the world and a recent study by an Ohio State University Medical Center Group concluded cancer incidence is low in the Ohio Amish based on data which cannot be explained solely on the basis of their tobacco abstinence or other factors. The Amish live without electricity, especially the Old Order Amish. At the turn of the 20th Century, when almost all USA cities were electrified, urban residents had an average life expectancy below 50 years. The life expectancy of the Amish though is above 70 years and has been stable since 1890. The Amish in the USA and Canada, who live without electricity, have a current pattern of morbidity and mortality similar to that of USA rural residents in the early part of the 20th Century who also lived without electricity. Like the early rural residents, the Amish have lower rates of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and suicide.

In 2011 the IEEE, the world’s most trusted, largest professional association advancing technology for humanity, announced that the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) approved two new projects to develop standards that will limit the injection of harmonic frequencies (dirty electricity) into the public electric transmission system. However, the IEEE determination will take decades for countries to address and enact measures. As the people become more aware and informed, it will become an automatic process in society to filter our electricity. We filter our water for cleaner water; we will filter our electricity for cleaner electricity.

Dirty electricity is believed to be the major contributor to disease processes, individual cases of cancer, and clusters of cancer. Our brain, our heart and the trillions of cells in our bodies depend on sending and receiving naturally produced electromagnetic signals and it is crucial that this harmonious process is not altered. Removing dirty electricity by placing filters in homes and workplaces has seen: blood glucose levels drop (Type 3 diabetes), which was presented to the WHO in 2004; changes in children with autism; improvement and even remission of multiple sclerosis; improvements in skin conditions, multiple chemical sensitivity, and electrohypersensitivity. Levels of dirty electricity escalated in the 1970s, which may help in explaining why the cancer statistics have jumped so high since then and why there are also so many cases of chronic fatigue syndrome. Initially used in the USA and Canada, filters have just recently spread to Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Europe. There is currently a hospital in Spain trialling filters to assist in their patient’s healing.

Uncontrolled EMFs can harm, but controlled they can heal, and it is our understanding of, and protection from, this artificial electromagnetic energy, which permeates our lives on a daily basis, that will empower and help us lead healthier lives.


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Donna Fisher is an international lecturer and author of the recently released books Silent Fields – The Growing Cancer Cluster Story: When Electricity Kills and Dirty Electricity and Electromagnetic Radiation: Understanding Electromagnetic Energy. Donna is striving for all citizens to be protected against the current dirty electricity plague and educates on the link to cancers, diabetes, autism, depression, cardiovascular and other serious diseases. Donna assists women in breast cancer clusters and is also founder of the Donna Fisher Breast Health Initiative – first, do no harm.

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