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Celebrate each moment

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What would your life be like if you celebrated each moment? What if regardless of what happens, you appreciate every moment? What if you said yes to life? Can you imagine taking each moment and cherishing it as if it were the greatest moment of your life?

Say you applied for a promotion because you recognised that you are worthy of a better position or more pay. Then the boss called you into her office and told you she chose someone else for the promotion. Or you sent your manuscript to one hundred publishers who all declined to publish your book or the person you met who seemed incredibly attracted to you a day ago, never called.

What if instead of being disappointed, discouraged, angry, fearful and upset you responded in the same way as if you received the experience that you wanted? What if you decided to want exactly what you have?

Could it be possible that life is actually that simple? We can choose to be happy and enjoy our lives either way. Rather than thinking that one way is better than another, could we choose to welcome all experiences?

Maybe what many of us have been taught about life is false. We have been taught to be happy only when we get something that we want. And even that happiness is usually fleeting, lasting a moment or two before the mind starts searching for something bigger and better to focus on, making happiness another step further away.

Many people believe that in order to feel alive they must keep striving. Yet some truly wise souls on the planet have repeatedly stated that life is simple; that accumulation of things is not going to make us happy. Yet society and popular culture keep projecting the image that, the more stuff you own, the better your life.

Consider conducting an experiment. Just for one day be happy no matter what. If someone rejects you, cheer, if someone beeps at you or overtakes you while you are driving, cheer, if someone gives you what you want, cheer. In other words chose to be happy inside, no matter what the outside circumstances project. It may seem strange and even uncomfortable to do this initially. However, if you preserve your will and stop being enslaved by life’s circumstances, you become empowered.

What role does humour and laughter play in your life right now? What if you realised that a lot of the stuff you stress about and take very seriously, which makes you age, could actually be reversed? Is it possible that the same things you stress about, you could also find funny a day, a month or a year later? You may even reflect back and realise how insane it was that you worried about factors you have no control over, and by worrying probably made your life more of a struggle.

Consider a recent stressful situation that has passed. Can you find something funny about that situation this moment? Now look for a blessing, something useful you can learn from that situation.

Is there something you are worrying about that might take place in the future? It could be what you are going to say to that person at work who annoyed you, how you are going to pay that phone bill, or whatever else you allow to upset you.

Is it possible for you to find something humorous about the future situation? Could you find something to celebrate this moment? It could be as simple as; HEY I’M ALIVE, I AM VALUABLE, I AM A MIRACLE. After all, if you reflect back over your life, you will recognise that the future is never as you imagine. How many useless hours have you spent worrying about something that never happened?

I am constantly being reminded not to take myself and my ambitions too seriously, certainly not to delude myself that something or someone in the future is going to make me happy. I hear my mum constantly say, “Just hang in there, it will get better in the future”. I reply, “The future is now”.

My husband Paul has run many courses in which he teaches people to laugh for no reason. Most of my life I have been taught to only be happy for a reason. To be happy if I get something I want, a compliment, a dress I like, my articles being published, work, money, etc. Only now I am being reminded to be happy for no reason.

Many people are concerned about the growing rate of depression in children and teenagers. Imagine the difference if each child were taught that they are a living breathing miracle and that is a good enough reason for them to be happy. What if teachers at schools taught children to value themselves, value their gifts, value their differences, whatever they might be? What if they were taught to be happy to be alive, to be happy no matter what marks they received? What if learning were fun because we were taught to discover the divinity of each being, no matter what?

In the movie, The School of Life, the young teacher Mr D. asks his students, “How much time do you have?” He then says, “Not much. So value every moment”.

The ego wants us to think that one thing is better than something else, but what if the truth is that everything is equal. What if each blessing contains a challenge and each challenge a blessing?

I believe it is possible for us to embrace and welcome both experiences. We can celebrate our challenges just as much as our blessings. If you pay attention you will realise that life is teaching you this lesson with great patience again and again, every moment of every day. So rather than just focusing on one-half of the equation, live your life fully, grandly, enthusiastically, artistically and happily.

Inna Segal is the creator of Visionary Intuitive Healing. She is a healer, speaker, actress and journalist. Her best-selling CD is titled Create Perfect Health.

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