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Change, flow, women, & connection

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LivingNow’s owner & editor, Emma, writes on change, flow, women, & connection for the May 2017 edition.


Ahhh change, you amazing thing, you!

How are you finding 2017? Is it shaping up well for you? I sure hope so! It’s been great for me, & also rather intense at times. It feels like there are so many exciting buds trying to open… I’m still using the meditation techniques we learnt more about last month (did you read all those great articles on meditation & mindfulness in the April edition?!) to try to remind myself to focus on the moment, & breathe into the changes.

In this May 2017 edition

You’ll find lots of articles covering topics relating to women’s wellness: personal, global & in our communities. Naturally Men’s health is important too – just that it’s good to have a specific focus sometimes, & May, coinciding with Mother’s Day in Australia, seems as good a time as any to have our focus on women ?

Indeed, the health of everybody is important to me, & the concept of ‘just two’ groups is not all that useful to people who wish to break free from the gender-binary, of course. Sometimes it’s difficult to make sure that we’re all being inclusive enough of the whole spectrum. I’m delighted to write to you about the super-exciting things we are creating in the next little while, yet there’s still not enough room to really do justice to the beautiful diversity we are as humans! It’s a wonderful thing about LivingNow’s publication (both in print & online), though: we have such an incredible spread of information for you, dear reader, to enjoy! While I can’t cover ‘it all’ in one editorial, we sure have a spectacular smorgasbord of information & insight for you in each and every edition.

And this brings me to another point I wanted to discuss: the possibilities there are to engage are growing within the LivingNow platforms! For almost 28 years, we have been bringing you quality subject matter by an incredible array of writers. We literally have had thousands of articles published over the years. And now, the majority of them are accessible here on our website – www.livingnow.com.au. You can read about topics you know & love, & also about things you didn’t yet know that you would love ?

Back to women & mothers for a moment

Along with what we’ve printed for you in the physical magazine, there are several other ‘Mothers’ stories on our FaceBook page. Feel free to check them out, & to add your own there too, if you’d like.

I deeply value the connections & collaborations that people can make – I really believe that we can all create far more wonderful things together than we can apart! FaceBook, Instagram & other platforms are fun ways to interact – would you like to see what joy we can create together on those platforms as well? We’d sure love to see you there! And, of course, you can add a comment right here (below) if you’d like to!

Support & strength

Further to supporting & strengthening community, I asked the female staff of LivingNow if they’d like to share any part of their stories with you – & several have. Most wrote on our topic of ‘mother’, whether that be from the perspective of being a mother herself, or a daughter, or, in some cases, both! Some of us on the team are not mothers; so wrote on other aspects of being a woman. You’ll see the stories by the LivingNow team relating to mothers went onto pages 12 & 13 of the printed magazine. You can search using ‘mothers’ in the search bar here, online.

I’ve included a beautiful photo here (the lead photo, above) to honour some very important women in my life. I’m in the middle, surrounded by; my mother, Elizabeth, my ‘namesake-aunty’ Jo, & my beautiful niece, Maeve. All have had, & continue to have, a deep influence on my life. Another amazing women, not in that big photo, is my sister Mia. I grabbed a daggy photo of the two of us in school photos from the eighties – I’ll probably regret publishing it!?
Mia & Emma in the 80s

What inspirations all of these beautiful women are! 


And because we’ve been talking about Mother’s Day, I thought I’d pop this awesome (although grainy) pic of my mother holding me as a baby, alongside my father at our small place in Melbourne’s inner ‘burbs. I like thinking about our histories; gets me revved up for an amazing future, too.

Terry & Elizabeth with Emma as a baby 1970s

Terry & Elizabeth with Emma as a baby 1970s

I heard recently that some people consider Australia to be a ‘global hot-spot’ for people making conscious change in the world. Here’s to living into that in strength & connection!

Changing modes

I’m excited about the opportunities coming up; one of them being that we’re changing our publication mode. Later this year we will alter our model of distribution on the east coast. The magazine will have increased pages & increased quality & will be available for purchase. Indeed, some states are starting to pay for the magazine now, with this very edition. We’re so excited to keep bringing this fantastic magazine to you – to inspire, nurture & empower you! ?

In service & gratitude,

Emma ❤️

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