The chi effect

The chi effect

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How building your chi helps to build a better world – inside and out.

I think of nurturing your chi as like building an important bank account; the compound interest you generate over time eventually impacts every area of your life.

Chi equates to power and confidence. When your chi is strong, your energy is magnetic and clear. People are naturally drawn to you, as they feel safe and energised in your presence. You contribute to people’s lives simply by being around.

Walk the peace – turn the ordinary into the non-ordinary

When your chi is healthy, an everyday interaction with a cashier at a supermarket, for example, can have a positive impact. The cashier may have had a bad day, as many people dump negativity on them. But if your chi’s strong, your presence will effortlessly uplift them. Strong chi has a positive impact on everybody who comes in contact with you. Ancient Taoist sages were known for accelerating the evolution of an entire village just by walking through it. The stronger your chi, the higher the frequency your energy vibrates at – and everything that vibrates, radiates.

Instead of talking about peace, I believe in building chi – let chi do the talking. If you’ve ever experienced the presence of a highly trained chi master, you’ve probably noticed that it is impossible to argue with them. Even if your intention is conflict, once in their presence all aggressive thoughts and intentions are neutralised. Instead of arguing, you find yourself curious; you want to follow them, to emulate their example – and the chain reaction of generating powerful chi continues.

Not your ordinary exercise

I prefer not to think of chi practice as exercise. Technically it may be so, but energetically it’s much more. Chi practices build energy; ordinary exercise disperses energy. These practices store chi, while exercise discards fat. It is about ‘being’, and ordinary exercise is about ‘doing’. When it comes to truly making a positive impact on the world around us, being is the key. It’s about being who we are, and about the vibration (vibe) that we radiate.

Chi translates as energy, information, and consciousness. During a chi practice, high vibration information is accessed and stored. It’s like a download of divine data that automatically reprograms our unconscious behaviours and patterns towards the common good. Then when we are faced with an intense or stressful situation, instead of reacting unconsciously, we find that space opens up, time slows down, and we are able to consider and act rather than just react.

I have witnessed this often during decades of treating people with impulsive behavioural patterns, especially in addiction. Historically, when a person was confronted with a challenging situation or trigger, their reactive pattern hijacked all their best intentions (from mainstream counselling etc), they felt powerless, trapped, and began thinking of addiction as an unchangeable and helpless disease. However after regular chi practices, they found their behaviour ‘miraculously’ changed. I called this CBT for ‘Chi Behavioural Therapy’, rather than the commonly used ‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’.

Treat your organs and change yourself

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, our interaction with others is believed to be governed by our chi, not by our thinking or our intent. So if we want to change something about ourselves, we target the relevant organ and build its level of chi.

The most common challenges and their relevant organs are:

  • Anger, procrastination, and impulsiveness: Liver
  • Fear, no confidence, and anxiety: Kidney
  • Depression and no love: Heart
  • Worry: Spleen
  • Grief and anxiety: Lung

By building our chi, we automatically treat the organs and create physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Each posture and move relates to a specific meridian, whose origin is in one of the twelve organs (Zang Fu). When you live according to the chi cycle, you accelerate your healing, as each meridian is affiliated with a two-hour time bracket. Building your chi and activating an organ relevant to the two-hour bracket is the highest form of healing. This lays the foundations to guide unconscious behaviour towards positive interactions, and productive outcomes for the common good.

If we heal our organs, we also heal the world.

Try not to understand chi. Just do it

Chi is a journey, an infinite process of ever-new realisations and insights, a state of moving towards freedom. If we stop building it, our emotions become ‘out of date’. When we build chi, they are ‘current’ – flowing along with Dao. Chi develops what the Taoists call ‘flowing understanding’; you are present to what’s happening, always in the right place and time, and know which action to take. An active part of creation; you are good, do good, and feel good.

Just Dao It.

Tips from Jost on how to build chi can be found at: and in many of his other articles.

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