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4 reasons more people are choosing a vegan lifestyle

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Studies show that the number of vegans has increased by over 360% in the past decade!

What could be responsible for the dramatic rise in interest in the vegan lifestyle? For one, celebrity endorsements and social pressures have influenced many in the younger generations to make the switch.

It’s estimated that more people under the age of 30 are now vegan than any other age demographic. Is this just a fad that will fade out after the next generation? Or is it the way that the future is moving towards a non-animal consumption existence? Only time will tell. However, the popularity of this lifestyle cannot be denied.

Retailers have jumped on board to support the gaining numbers in this trend. Vegans now have more options than ever before, and many mainstream food distributors are making products that are aimed at vegan consumers. Companies such as Healthyroo are popping up in every corner of the country to help educate and provide people with more vegan options.

Let’s take a look at a few of the major reasons behind the decision to convert to a vegan lifestyle.

Ethical argument

The way that animals are processed on a massive scale has become an ethical issue for many people. With a complete lack of quality of life, the enormous consumerism of animal products has resulted in cruelty and unjust treatment of many animals. There has become a disconnect for many people about where their food comes from.

Vegans often feel that if meat-eaters were more aware of the process of producing animal products, people would not be so willing to participate in the process as a consumer. Vegans believe that it is wrong to use animals to our benefit. Therefore they choose not to use or eat any products that are made from animals.

Vegan sandwich – photo by Roam In Color UnsplashHealth benefits

Many vegans choose the lifestyle to take advantage of the numerous health benefits. Lots of vegans follow a planned supplemental diet. Nevertheless, they insist that it is entirely possible to get all the nutrients, vitamins, and proteins that our bodies need without consuming animal products. Vegans typically experience fewer cholesterol problems, and have a healthier circulatory system. Many also claim that they have clearer minds and fewer cognitive issues than meat-eaters.

More vegan options make it easier

The vegans of the last generation had more difficulty finding options for their diets than those that practice the lifestyle in today’s world. There are thousands of vegan products on the market compared to just a decade ago. The availability of more options, dietary supplements, cookbooks, and alternative products has broadened many people’s interest in making the switch to the vegan lifestyle.


The younger generations have been educated about the importance of sustainable lifestyles more so than the older population. This means that more people than ever before are concerned about keeping their carbon footprints small. Switching to a vegan diet means you are not contributing to the mass production of animal products. As a vegan you are more likely to be living off sustainably grown grains and vegetables, and using less waste.

Have you wondered why so many people seem to be converting to the vegan lifestyle? And have you thought about it for yourself? The ethical argument continues to be the largest driving factor. Some people also consider the sustainability, and the health benefits. Furthermore, with the increased meal options, these are all good enough reasons to make the switch to veganism.

Photo by Roam In Color, Unsplash.

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  1. Retailers have gotten on board to assist the rising numbers in this trend. Vegans now have access to more alternatives than they ever had before, and a growing number of conventional food distributors are developing items just for vegan customers. Businesses are springing up all over the United States to assist in educating people about veganism and to give them with a wider variety of vegan alternatives.

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