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Clear your clutter to get your life moving

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Clutter, according to Karen Kingston in Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui (2005), is stuck energy. Feng shui is about your surrounds and how they affect you. Being surrounded by clutter can really affect your life. Clutter reflects aspects of your life and, as you are feeling stuck and overwhelmed, this is an indication that clutter is affecting your life. Clutter accumulates where energy stagnates.

Constantly feeling tired and having no energy is how you feel when surrounded by clutter. According to Kingston, when you live surrounded by clutter, it is like dragging the ball and chain of your past around with you.

First you need to look at why you are surrounding yourself with clutter and why you want to hang on to certain aspects of your life – confronting but also beneficial. Clearing clutter is immensely therapeutic, as while you are clearing things on an external level, you are also clearing things on an internal level. Until the clutter is cleared, any other changes will have minimal if little impact.

Anything that you are hanging onto ‘just in case’ means that you don’t trust the future to provide for you. Get rid of it and see what happens. Clearing your living space of any clutter clears your mind and opens up to new opportunities.

  • Hire a skip, large rubbish bins and shredder, and get a babysitter if need be or get the kids involved.
  • Allow two full days to a week to get through your house or unit – you will find it very exhausting and emotional. This is because you are going over old things which bring up memories of the past. Get the tissues out, drink plenty of liquid, take plenty of breaks and take small steps, or you will be overwhelmed.
  • Get a plan in place; which room and which part of the room will you tackle first?
  • If you have a downstairs, start there.
  • Move into the living/dining/study areas – be ruthless; throw out any old DVDs, accessories, anything that brings bad memories, or a gift that you don’t like or anything no longer needed.
  • Go through each kitchen cupboard and give to charity anything that you don’t use.
  • In the bedrooms really give the cupboards a good overhaul – again be ruthless. Throw out anything that you haven’t worn in the last two years and anything that you haven’t really looked at lately. Ask yourself: Why am I holding onto this? What purpose does it serve?
  • Apply the same thing to your bedroom. You need it to be calm and reflect positive energy. Having clutter around you is not good for your health and relationships – it stagnates these areas of your life and you may find that you feel a lack of support and projects can’t get off the ground. Give what you don’t want to charity – it’s a win-win situation! Likewise with your bathroom/s.
  • Once this is all done, clean the walls, floors, ceilings, carpet and blinds.

You are done! You should be feeling lighter, relaxed and good about your beautiful, clean clutter-free house.

Tonya Scheiwe is a formally trained interior decorator/stylist and feng shui consultant who has run her own business for the last eight years. She often helps people get their lives back in order by providing a combination of feng shui and interior decoration and design advice.

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