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How to clear your mind traffic with meditation

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With regular practice of meditation, you will find that you have less mind traffic, and will be able to move into a meditative state more easily.


When you first begin to meditate, you may have so much mind traffic that you think it impossible to relax, let alone meditate. As soon as you close your eyes to let your body relax, your mind will start to file away all of the thoughts of the day. It’s a bit like a computer asking you to save your files.

There are three main types of thoughts that flash across your mind as they are filed away. They consist of the day’s activities, tasks not yet completed (your to-do list) and any conflicts that have not been resolved. Let’s look at these thoughts in more detail.

1. The day’s activities

These thoughts are random and are a collection of memories to do with day-to-day activities. When you meditate, these thoughts flash across your mind rapidly. They are neither overly positive nor negative. These thoughts get filed away easily.

2. Tasks not yet completed

These are thoughts that remind you of tasks you still need to do. They cause an emotional reaction, and often distract people when they meditate because they think, “I have to remember that”.

When these thoughts come up in meditation, have a pen and paper handy and write them down, so that you know you will remember that thought. Your mind will then file that thought away and you can go into a deeper meditation without worrying about it. At the completion of your meditation, you can then transfer this list into your diary.

This exercise of writing down your to-do list is also effective for people who find it difficult to sleep at night when they have a lot on their mind. By writing down your tasks, you will sleep more soundly.

3. Conflicts not yet resolved

When a conflict has not been resolved and weighs heavily on your mind, the conflict should be written down. A decision can be made later about how to constructively resolve the conflict or concern.

As you clear your mind traffic, you’ll notice that the time between thoughts becomes longer. One of the processes that takes place in the body is the movement from the higher brain waves of beta to the slower brain waves of alpha. In alpha your mind receives a profound rest. Alpha brain waves are slower and more calming than beta. We move into alpha brain waves quite naturally each night, prior to falling asleep.

The practice of meditation allows you to practise moving into alpha brain waves on a more regular basis. This means that the body and mind are getting more time to rest. Every time you practise meditation your mind goes into alpha brain waves and starts to relax deeply. With regular practice of meditation, you will find that you have less mind traffic, and will be able to move into a meditative state more easily.


Cheryl Cattarin has worked in the personal development field for over 25 years, and has taught thousands of people the skills to improve their lives. Her latest book, “From Crappy to Happy”, teaches how to transform thoughts from negative to positive and remove self-sabotaging patterns that hinder success. Cheryl is the organiser of Sydney-based Connections Fairs.

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