Coming back to our true nature

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“Coming as a human being is the best gift to find God and to find the reality of who you are. Same time, having terrible blocks and easily getting injured is also human. Enjoyment is also human.” – Sri Kaleshwar

To come as a human being on this planet, we have to go through the whole spectrum of life experiences – fulfilling our desires, suffering from our unfulfilled attachments, experiencing love, heartbreak, responsibility, irresponsibility, positive experiences, negative experiences, abandonment, and so on. This is part of the process of being alive. According to Sri Kaleshwar, human beings are the only ones in the universe to experience such extremes of joy and suffering. How do we find a way to live in harmony with both extremes and find the bliss within this? How do we navigate through this entire range of human experiences and find our own inner reality?

To better understand ourselves, first we have to look at our blocks. These are undesirable behaviour patterns, such as fear, jealousy, pride or unworthiness, that grow inside us due to various circumstances in our lives. They are blocking us from seeing the truth of our existence. To be human is to have blocks, but we are so much more than that. A spark of God is hidden in all of us and we are all connected to each other, yet our psyches have been trained to believe we are independent and separate, and that God is something outside of us. We have gone very far away from our own truth and inner light. How do we come back home to our inner light, our inner guru, and our true self?

When we are in our mother’s womb, our consciousness still remembers who we are, where we came from, and our purpose in this life. However, the moment we are born, the illusions start to cover us. This means that we start to forget who we are. This happens to every soul born in a human body. Even divine souls or avatars, reborn to help humanity, forget their purpose when they are born. They have to wait until their master appears in their life to awaken their channels, so that they may remember who they are and why they came. It is the same thing for ‘normal’ souls. We are also born with a specific purpose or ‘dharma’, but we forget our exact mission after we are born. Our souls are incredibly sensitive, and it is through our sensitivity that we can reach the highest stages of consciousness. In the same way, our souls are extremely sensitive to whatever is around us, whether positive or negative. When very young, we start to adapt to the outside environment. If we don’t receive the love we need, we are always searching for it outside ourselves – unconsciously we want to return to that feeling of ‘oneness’ that we felt in the womb.

Our soul arrives in the world and immediately starts adapting. As we grow, we start to develop certain blocks, taking us further away from our true self. The biggest block is fear, especially fear of death, but ‘kama’ energy or desire energy is a close second. To satisfy our desires – for a certain romantic partner, or a fancy car, or even for an expensive pair of shoes – how far will we go? We can completely lose our equilibrium with just a temporary attraction.

Other common blocks can be unworthiness and egotism. Our Western culture trains us to compete for that number one spot. When we excel at something we feel so satisfied – the doors open for us, we get success, recognition, everyone tells us how great we are, and life is good. However, if we start to think that we are the doers and it is our greatness, at some point, someone will come along and tell us we’re not so great after all. Perhaps we lose our top job, or we can no longer compete with the new emerging talent – then we crash. We cannot keep our identity with being number one any more. Feeling unworthy, we might start to drink. On the flipside, people may feel unworthy because they always had difficulties in school or they were teased all their life for the way they look. Suppose one day, such a person gets recognition or receives a huge amount of money – then what happens? Perhaps the person who was always teased might get a huge ego and take revenge on those that hurt him. Or the person who couldn’t excel in school now feels larger than life, because she is making more money than her old schoolmate who used to give her a hard time, and her ego starts to grow.

We are not the ‘doers’ – we are instruments in God’s hands, and we have forgotten that the only real language of our being is love. If we know God is working through us in every moment and we surrender to this, we know that the ups and downs are just temporary and part of the rhythm of life. The only thing permanent is our connection to God through the open heart. In spirituality, everyone is eligible to receive the God energy, but it is only through humbleness and an open heart that we are able to attract and ‘win’ God.

God is only impressed by the good things we do for others. The more we help each other and humanity with an open heart, the more our soul fragrance starts to bloom, radiating a magnetic energy. When we do hurtful things to others, God is not at all impressed. For example, if you feel jealousy towards another person, and you are always having negative thoughts about her, you are losing your soul fragrance and distancing yourself from God. Our open hearts are like different scents of beautiful perfumes to God. The Divine wants to come near us, enjoying our ‘fragrance’. Sri Kaleshwar says: “Love is the oxygen of the soul”. It is our loving hearts that connect us with Creation and with God.

Even if you’ve been so hurt in your life that you don’t know how to love any more, the Divine knows your soul and will lift you and help you to experience love, if your heart is open to that. With the right energy channels and knowledge, it is possible to heal any heartbreak, addiction, depression – anything that is stopping your life from being happy. All is possible once we open our hearts and believe in something higher than ourselves.

It’s true that in the world it’s so easy to get caught up in certain behavior patterns we think we need to survive. Yet no one escapes from the law of karma – action to reaction – no matter how wealthy or powerful. When something or somebody upsets us, in the moment we have to remember everything is temporary. The upset is like a cloud gliding across the sun. Life is always changing. How can we make ourselves stronger to handle the ups and downs of life, the negativity around us that always wants to bite, and the extremes of joy and suffering?

The answer is to develop willpower and soul power. The fastest way to grow your soul power is through deep silence and meditation. The next step is to tune your consciousness to see clearly the way you are treating others. Nature reflects back to you exactly what you put out and therefore, if you are kind to others and help them, you will receive this kind energy back to your soul – good karma. After a certain amount of time doing good deeds, your soul will start to lift, giving you stronger willpower. On the other hand, if you have a negative thought about another person, this negativity will come back and hit your soul. We always have to take responsibility for our own thoughts and actions. What another person is doing is their karma, not our karma. Nature always judges fairly and, in its silent way, will prove to you over and over again the reflection of your actions. The more you are in silence and stop reacting in negative ways to any being, the more your soul will start to tune in to the vibrations of Nature. Nature is waiting to give us knowledge and experiences, once we understand Her mechanisms. God operates through Nature, mirroring our karma back to us.

We are living in a time right now when many souls are waking up and having the desire to find God. We are surrounded by negativity running this world – violence, greed, selfish desires, struggles for power, etc. – yet in the midst of this darkness, it is the right time for many souls to lift up and connect to the God consciousness.

Our heart melts when we see signs of love and sharing around us. We can relax and bring our love out as well, because there is no judgment in this type of energy. This is the energy of our true nature. We must become like the lotus flower, floating in exquisite beauty on top of the muddy water. We are part of the world—and living within it—but we become pure, beautiful, and unaffected, because we embody love, with open hearts.


Lora Stone, a native Californian, studied ten years with Sri Kaleshwar at his ashram in Penukonda, India. A gifted healer and teacher, Lora gives seminars and workshops in Australia, Europe and the U.S.

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