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    A free day of fun for those who need it most!

    Are you wanting to make a wonderful difference? Want to help people have fun? Want to have fun yourself?! You can see our cute video for more on this important venture, to see more about how you can get involved! What is One Day Fun Day™? This is a one ...

  • Joyce Vissell

    The joy of a long love

    December 21, 2018 was our 50th wedding anniversary We got married during a snow storm in Buffalo, New York, at 7pm. The church was filled with candlelight and poinsettias. My uncle played the organ, my sister-in-law sang, and the minister had learned Hebrew prayers for our combined Jewish and Christian ...

  • Philip J Bradbury

    Lighting up

    Lighting up takes a look at our choices and what future they can bring us  “Most enjoyable job, you ask me?” he snorted, shovelling in the last of his beans. “Not one of them. None of them’s been enjoyable!” “None?” I asked, trying to intervene. “Not a bloody one!” he ...

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    Greenpeace comments on claims the Labor Party’s climate policies will cost Australia $264 billion

    We’re heading into what’s being dubbed ‘the Climate election’ – and it’s a time that calls for LEADERSHIP, not fear-mongering! There was some “independent” modelling from fossil fuel industry economist Brian Fisher. However it is a misleading distraction from the important issues, says leading environmental organisation Greenpeace Australia Pacific. The ...

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    Mums in Malawi meet nutritional needs in a new way

    This is a sweet story of how mums in Malawi are helping to meet their children’s nutritional needs while earning money through something many Australian mums have as an easy go-to in their cupboards; peanut butter! This picture above was taken in rural Lilongwe, Malawi: Sofereti (42, left) and Daisi ...

  • LivingNow

    Mindful in May, the global mindfulness fundraising event has launched!

    WOULD YOU LIKE TO… Build resilience? Get better at managing your emotions Better manage your stress? Boost your happiness? Find more focus in your life? Be more courageous and less anxious Quiet your mind Reduce the worry and mind chatter Make a positive difference in the lives of others? THEN ...

  • Craig Fallshaw

    Relationships – a lesson finally learnt

    A funny thing about life and love… every time, in every relationship, we learn a lesson. I am pretty sure that I have ended most of the relationships I have ever been in. I think the main reason was I just didn’t know how to communicate. In my 20s and ...

  • Mahdi Housaini

    Showing the forgotten that they are not forgotten – chronicles from an orphanage in Afghanistan

    Australian-born Mahdi shares his experiences of working in an orphanage in Afghanistan, the country of his forebears. He is continually inspired by the children, who have tragic stories, yet unyielding spirits. It was three years ago when I first visited Afghanistan. I had heard stories from my mother and father ...

  • A.C Ping

    Why good people do bad things

    Recent ethical failings at Cricket Australia, the banks, and the Murray Darling basin authority have left many of us wondering how all these bad people got into positions of power and what must be done to punish them and deter others from doing the same. But research indicates that only ...

  • Emma Stephens

    Meditation, mindfulness, & doing business for good; LivingNow print edition

    Hello lovely LivingNow community 😊 How are you? I mean, really, how are you going? How are you feeling? Have you stopped to allow yourself to feel, lately? To ‘drop in’ to how you’re really going inside? In the busy world of publishing, with its deliveries and deadlines, I sometimes ...

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    Craft exercises kids will love!

    Stimulating children’s creativity and emotional development with exposure to a variety of art forms is a most important experience. As parents, relatives, carers and/or teachers, we can provide these great opportunities. Through reading books young children begin learning to identify with others, to develop empathy and the ability to connect. ...

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    FAKE Adani Mine start to have people think it has already been approved

    Don’t you just hate being tricked? We do! How much do YOU know about what’s really going on? Do you know how far along the Adani Mine project has come, and what the costs are? Are you up to date with who stands to gain if the mine did go ...

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