• Martin Oliver

    My Health Record – pros, cons, and options

    Are you better or worse off with a My Health Record? What are the arguments for and against, and how do you opt in or out? Recently, the news has been full of controversy. One contentious issue is the changes to My Health Record, a national digital medical record for ...

  • LivingNow

    Emil and the Detectives

    MLIVE & Slingsby present the Melbourne premiere of Emil and the Detectives Winner of Best Presentation for Children at the 2018 Helpmann Awards Saturday 8 September at 11am and 2pm Alexander Theatre, Monash University, Clayton This delightful, beautifully written and optimistic kid’s own adventure story is a journey of discovery and self-discovery, exploring the value ...

  • LivingNow

    Modern ears to hear music for first time thanks to Brandenburg Orchestra

    Feel the fervour of southern Spain! Sensational Spanish baroque violinist Daniel Pinteño and musicologists Raúl Angulo and Toni Pons, in collaboration with Paul Dyer, have prepared a brilliant program that will showcase the richness of music from the Iberian Peninsula during the 18th century. Mediterráneo with Daniel Pinteño features several very rare Spanish ...

  • Catherine Plano

    Three channels to love

    Having ‘chemistry’ with someone is another way of feeling love. There is an emotional and psychological bond when individuals connect or “when two become one”. When people first connect in an intimate sense, all of their senses are fired up.    Great care is usually taken to ‘impress’ the other; new ...

  • Erika Munton

    Birthing in the Himalayas – my doula experience

    SNM hospital – Leh Sonam Nobroo Memorial Hospital (Kashmir India). Aug 2016 On my travels in Kashmir, I was keen to visit the local hospital to connect with birthing women and the local birth culture. I wondered: How does birthing happen here? What do women need? How could I be ...

  • John Ptacek

    Guess what? We’re related!

    Sometimes the things that trigger us can be a beacon to a deeper sense of connection with strangers.   The moaning coming from the room above my bedroom seemed undeniably sexual, forceful and pleading, a steady cadence building toward release. Okay, I thought. Bully for you, madam. Sexual gratification was ...

  • Rikka Zimmerman

    How to love your body

    Is your relationship with your body that of a harsh critic or a loving friend? Here are some powerful ways to improve your friendship with your closest ally. When you stand naked in front of the mirror, are you nurturing your body with loving compliments? Are you praising the shape ...

  • Andrey Tamarchenko

    Sustainability and the human death drive

    Could our global crisis have something to do with our personal inability to balance and effectively manage our own creative and destructive impulses? Article and images by Andrey Tamarchenko. Sustainability means the ability to maintain at a certain level – a delicate balance between creation, maintenance, and destruction. Nature is forever ...

  • LivingNow

    Is it time to have “the talk”?

    The Talk by Mish Grigor, is showing now, as part of Darebin Arts. See it until 14 July, in Melbourne! Have YOU had ‘the talk’ with your family members? You know, the often-awkward talk about sex and associated topics? It’s funny that it can, for so many of us, somehow feel so ...

  • Melissa Joy Jonsson

    When unconditional love means saying no

    Being able to say ‘no’ to those we love can be a tricky task, but unconditional love includes the power of choice too. Many people think unconditional love means sitting back and letting people walk all over us while they meet their agendas. All may be love, but not all ...

  • LivingNow

    Le Sacré – circus and dance performance

    In an exclusive premiere collaboration The National Institute of Circus Arts and The Australian Ballet School present: Le Sacré 14 – 23 June, NICA National Circus Centre In the first collaboration of its kind in Australian performance history, the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) and The Australian Ballet School ...

  • David Johnston

    Is there hope in this time of uncertainty and narcissism?

    What is the current global state of affairs doing to our individual and collective psyche? Does our future look bleak or bright? Since the last presidential elections in the United States, we have awoken to a time of great uncertainty. Donald Trump confidently warned that he would provide an unprecedented ...

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