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  • LivingNow

    Menergy 2017 competition winning words

    Here are the entries from the winners and runners-up for the LivingNow competition to win tickets to Menergy 2017. There are still places available at this great weekend; see more info at The question was: What do you need to THRIVE – to lead to positive change in yourself and your community? ...

  • LivingNow

    Bambert’s Book of Lost Stories – Arts Centre Melbourne

    Reinhardt Jung’s internationally lauded novel will be brought to life in the inventive and enchanting production Bambert’s Book of Lost Stories at Arts Centre Melbourne’s Fairfax Studio on 27 and 28 October 2017. Writer Dan Giovannoni and co-adapter and director Luke Kerridge have lifted the story off the page, transforming ...

  • Erika Munton

    Helping dads to help their partners

    Are you a dad looking for tools, or someone who wants to support a dad towards greater success and fulfilment? Read on…   In my last article I spoke about why dads play a valuable part during pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and early parenting in improving the health and happiness of ...

  • Australian Homeopathic Assoc.

    Your Health Your Choice: fighting to protect healthcare rights

    Two out of three Australians use complementary medicine and their right to access is under threat. The Your Health Your Choice campaign is one response.   Practitioners and patients fed up with ongoing attacks on complementary medicine and natural therapies are uniting like never before as part of Australia’s largest ...

  • Ruth Sharkey

    Where are the fertile fathers?

    The World Health Organization (WHO) recently reported that men’s fertility rates have dropped to dramatic levels in the developed world. The question is…why?   Declining fertility in Western men No article on men’s health can be complete without some mention of the declining sexual fertility in the current generation. Too ...

  • LivingNow

    Win tickets to Menergy Men’s Gathering!

    Your chance to win tickets to the 2017 Menergy Men’s Gathering.   Imagine 200+ men gathering in the wild beauty of the Licola Valley for three days to share stories, workshops, and meals while exploring and celebrating who we are as men. Menergy is Victoria’s biggest gathering for men and ...

  • LivingNow

    Queenscliff Music Festival 2017

    Riding high after a spectacular 20th birthday edition in 2016, Queenscliff Music Festival 2017, running Friday 24 to Sunday 26 November, is set to impress with a first line up announcement rich in Australian talent. Held annually in the last weekend of November, the festival has carved a clear position ...

  • LivingNow

    History History History

    Following performances across the UK, Europe and a 2017 Brisbane Festival season, Deborah Pearson’s acclaimed live documentary History History History premieres in Melbourne with an exclusive season at The SUBSTATION as part of Melbourne Fringe. With dramaturgy by Daniel Kitson, History History History features Pearson performing a live documentary alongside ...

  • LivingNow

    Polish Club announce ‘Christmas in December’ national tour

    Already one of the most talked about rock & roll acts of 2017 following the release of the Top 20 ARIA debut album and triple j feature album Alright Already, Polish Club  announce the ‘Christmas in December’ national tour.  The festive sweat-spattered spectacular will kick off on Friday 1 December ...

  • Erika Munton

    Recognising dads

    When we help to create a more satisfying experience for dads during the pregnancy and birth experience it flows on to a more positive effect on the entire family’s bonding.    Times have changed and dads, predominantly in Western culture, are now expected to be an active part of the ...

  • Barry & Joyce Vissell

    The 3 parts of relationship commitment

    How do you know if you have true commitment in your relationship? There are three parts, which lead to greater intimacy and trust, with yourself and others.   What’s commitment? What does it mean to be fully committed in a relationship? The traditional meaning has to do with focusing your ...

  • Joyce Vissell

    Don’t cry because it’s over

    When a person ruminates over all of the details of a break up, they stay in the pain, and it can even become worse with time. But what to do with the hurt?   “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” Those nine words by Ted Geisel (Dr. ...

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