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  • LivingNow

    The Pleasure Garden – day party

    JOIN US AT THE PLEASURE GARDEN In its second year, The Pleasure Garden returns to Catani Gardens on Saturday December 9th, 2017. A decadent day party for all, right on the edge of the city, with carnival rides, fine food, cocktails, and a huge line up of music and arts ...

  • Australian Homeopathic Assoc.

    Outrage at health insurance cut

    ‘Value gone’ as natural therapies cut from private health insurance rebates.   Yoga, Pilates, naturopathy, reflexology, kinesiology and homeopathy are among 16 natural therapies the Federal Government has cut from private health insurance rebates The announcement came on October 13, 2017 as part of a Turnbull Government ‘overhaul’ to try ...

  • Emma Stephens

    LivingNow community; editorial for Nov/Dec 2017

    LivingNow: relationships are what keep us going, and are at the core of everything we do. Our current wave of articles – and the physical print issue – highlights many wonderful aspects of RELATIONSHIPS for you to read!   Hello lovely LivingNow community! In the current beautiful magazine (so the ...

  • Liisa Halme

    Setting healthy boundaries

    Boundaries keep us safe in all our relationships, at work, with family and friends. How well do you know your boundaries?   Boundaries keep us safe in all our relationships: at work, with our families, friends and partners. Lack of healthy boundaries can cause us to lose ourselves and become ...

  • Rev Rhonda Murray

    The most important component of a healthy relationship

    During her 30 years of counselling, Rhonda has often been asked, what is her favourite ‘take home’ advice for people in relationship. Here is her answer.   Communication, communication, communication. Don’t presume your partner knows what’s in your mind. Share your thoughts and feelings so that their response is based ...

  • Peter Loupelis

    Getting to the heart of wellness

    There’s no coincidence that in many cultures the mind was said to reside in the heart, as opposed to the brain. Wellness can come from healing and re-connection with the self and others.   The heart — it always comes back to the heart That’s the message I keep receiving ...

  • Jonathan Yogesh Alperovitch

    Growing love

    Relationships, just like gardens, require care and attention to flourish.   We typically hope, imagine, and expect that our relationship will naturally become a source of safety, endless joy, peace, and comfort. In reality, unfortunately, this is unlikely. Often and typically, relationships become the pit of the worst sides of ...

  • Megan Hateley

    Gratitude: is it the key to a happier, healthier relationship?

    A little gratitude could be just the thing you need to enhance your relationship.   Relationships are a cornerstone to human experience. From the moment we enter this life, we start on a path that will bring with it social connections that provide lasting memories and elicit a range of ...

  • Jules Sutherland

    Confessions of a hopeless romantic

    What does it mean to be a romantic in this day and age? Is romance dead? Jules fervently hopes not. She’s been riddled with romantic fever her whole life.   I have a confession to make. I am a hopeless romantic. I know, right? How frightfully old school. In this ...

  • Tania Raeannon

    Long-term ‘sexually charged’ relationships

    Is it normal for sex to dwindle in a long-term relationship?   We don’t often talk about it, but most people seem to assume that it’s normal for sex to dwindle (at least somewhat) in a long-term relationship. What if this were actually incorrect; if it were a myth which ...

  • Julie Ann Cairns

    We think we have time

    I love you, Dad. No matter the ups and downs of our relationship, there’s nothing but love, forgiveness, and respect in my heart for the fact that you did your best.   Yesterday was my father’s 80th birthday. I couldn’t really wish him well on the day because being bed-bound ...

  • Sharon Jackson

    Authentic connection – without agenda, nor specific gender

    Authentic connection; being true to ourselves is what matters, isn’t it?   People connecting authentically When my daughter was three, we were catching up with friends in Byron Bay. One of my friends made a comment about a same sex couple, asking whether I wanted my daughter to see them ...

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