• Emma Stephens

    Meditation, mindfulness, & doing business for good; LivingNow print edition

    Hello lovely LivingNow community 😊 How are you? I mean, really, how are you going? How are you feeling? Have you stopped to allow yourself to feel, lately? To ‘drop in’ to how you’re really going inside? In the busy world of publishing, with its deliveries and deadlines, I sometimes ...

  • LivingNow

    Craft exercises kids will love!

    Stimulating children’s creativity and emotional development with exposure to a variety of art forms is a most important experience. As parents, relatives, carers and/or teachers, we can provide these great opportunities. Through reading books young children begin learning to identify with others, to develop empathy and the ability to connect. ...

  • LivingNow

    FAKE Adani Mine start to have people think it has already been approved

    Don’t you just hate being tricked? We do! How much do YOU know about what’s really going on? Do you know how far along the Adani Mine project has come, and what the costs are? Are you up to date with who stands to gain if the mine did go ...

  • LivingNow

    5 life-changing lessons learned from tidying up with Marie Kondo

    While tidying up is not something profoundly life-changing for everyone, everyone can get a little something out of Marie Kondo’s new Netflix show. Marie Kondo hit fame with her top-selling book, The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up. Now she’s taken to Netflix to teach her tidying up skills. But that’s ...

  • Christopher Michaels

    The duality of tantra

    Rather than the commonly ascribed archetypes of male and female, tantra can be alternatively expressed and experienced though those of warrior and lover. If you think of tantra as a plant, the roots are in your heart, the stems and branches are the ordinary everyday experiences of relationships, while intimacy ...

  • Barry Vissell

    The gift of helplessness

    I love being outside and being active to balance counselling, running workshops and writing, which I also love. I enjoy walking the dogs with Joyce, mowing the lawn, fixing things, gardening, and doing anything outside. Some folks like to sit around when they are on vacation. Not me. Multi-day river ...

  • Narelle Stegehuis

    Do you suffer from low libido?

    If you do you are not alone. Research suggests that more than 40 per cent of women worldwide report lack of or low libido, making it the commonest female sexual complaint. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you may be looking to food as a way to tickle the ...

  • Jenna Trostle

    Ethical non-monogamy – an introduction

    There are many ways to relate both openly and with integrity. Is ethical non-monogamy for you? What is ethical non-monogamy? Ethical non-monogamy (ENM) is a growing trend in society. ENM involves people having some sort of relationship with more than one person at a time, and where all people involved ...

  • Roslyn Saunders

    Are you dying a codependent death?

    Codependency is a lethal and rarely acknowledged addiction. Here’s how to recognise if you’re affected, and what to do about it. Saturday morning, 15 January, 2000, was my Armageddon. I’d been hospitalised – again. Not for treatment of cancer, stroke, or heart disease, but for my codependence. Begging to die ...

  • Bianca Hunter

    From breakup to breakthrough

    Relationship endings can be powerful new beginnings if we choose to let them be. Just as the earth orbits the sun, we, as sentient beings, are drawn in by the gravitational pull of love. We yearn for it. We idolise it. Books and poetry and songs are written about it. ...

  • Johanna Kern

    Relationship crashers – the 7 ghosts of our past and what to do about them

    They’re uninvited guests to our banquet of love. They will get us where they want us if we don’t deal with them. We all want the same things: good health, fulfilment, a loving relationship/family, and comfort in life. While the details of how we see our needs fulfilled might vary ...

  • Jules Sutherland

    Making life my lover

    After years of personifying everything from coffee to heartbreak to music, I decided to create a little character called life – and then take it as my lover. Personifying random stuff I’m a big fan of personifying random stuff. By that I mean taking abstract or formless things – like ...

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