• Stella Woods

    Spring equinox – lighter, brighter, fresher

    Welcome to spring! New life is stirring everywhere as the days grow longer, the weather starts to warm up, and spring fever takes hold. Birds build nests, animals mate, there’s a ‘spring’ in our step. Lightness of heart and a desire for new, positive beginnings. This year, the 23rd of ...

  • LivingNow

    LivingNow goes paperless!

    We’ve got wonderful news for you, and for the planet: we’re going paperless!!! 🌏🤗 After a fantastic 30th-year-anniversary edition*, the time of LivingNow as a regular print magazine has passed. *In stores around Australia now, September 2019. You can also buy one at our online shop. As a whole team, ...

  • Sponsored Article

    Christmas in July tastes a treat at The Hamper Emporium

    Why celebrate Christmas once a year when you can double up on the festive fun?! Experience winter-warming gourmet goodness with Christmas in July! At The Hamper Emporium, it’s Christmas every day with the range of luxurious gourmet food hampers that are brimful with the finest wines, leading Champagnes, spirits, craft ...

  • Johnny Nuriel

    Self-expression through performance art

    Johnny and Isaiah came over from the USA to perform in the 2019 Sydney Mardi Gras, with the message of self-acceptance, self-expression, and self-love. Editor’s note: LivingNow readers may be delighted to know that Johnny is the son of Joyce and Barry Vissell, regular contributors to our pages over many ...

  • Martin Oliver

    Sharing things to help the planet

    Among the consequences of today’s rampant consumerism are climate change, over-use of resources, and waste. Bold initiatives are needed, especially those that challenge existing paradigms and up-end outdated assumptions. Traditionally, accessing an item would usually involve purchasing it, even if it is likely that you’d only use it rarely. Over ...

  • Miani Rose

    Why I love youth radio

    Radio is such an influential and freely accessible medium that can reach even the most remote areas of the world. So what happens when you combine the passion of young people with the medium of radio? Young people who are passionate about issues that matter to them are such a ...

  • Barry Vissell

    Separation as a powerful relationship tool

    Taking time apart from a loved one can often be feared as the end of a relationship. But separation can provide a range of benefits that will ultimately serve both partners and the future of the relationship. For too many people, separation is a prelude to divorce. Taking time apart ...

  • LivingNow

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LivingNow ~ making a difference in people’s lives for 30 years!!!

    🎈In July 2019 we’ve been publishing for 30 amazing years!🎈 You can benefit from our experience, & our great offers! 🎁😊 🎈Would you like to celebrate with us? We’re offering a whopping 30% discount to bring on the festive mood! 🎁🤗 It’s a great time to get back into focussing ...

  • Sponsored Article

    A free day of fun for those who need it most!

    Are you wanting to make a wonderful difference? Want to help people have fun? Want to have fun yourself?! You can see our cute video for more on this important venture, to see more about how you can get involved! What is One Day Fun Day™? This is a one ...

  • Joyce Vissell

    The joy of a long love

    December 21, 2018 was our 50th wedding anniversary We got married during a snow storm in Buffalo, New York, at 7pm. The church was filled with candlelight and poinsettias. My uncle played the organ, my sister-in-law sang, and the minister had learned Hebrew prayers for our combined Jewish and Christian ...

  • Philip J Bradbury

    Lighting up

    Lighting up takes a look at our choices and what future they can bring us  “Most enjoyable job, you ask me?” he snorted, shovelling in the last of his beans. “Not one of them. None of them’s been enjoyable!” “None?” I asked, trying to intervene. “Not a bloody one!” he ...

  • Sponsored Article

    Greenpeace comments on claims the Labor Party’s climate policies will cost Australia $264 billion

    We’re heading into what’s being dubbed ‘the Climate election’ – and it’s a time that calls for LEADERSHIP, not fear-mongering! There was some “independent” modelling from fossil fuel industry economist Brian Fisher. However it is a misleading distraction from the important issues, says leading environmental organisation Greenpeace Australia Pacific. The ...

Circus Oz Skyscaper GIF – Aurora Sept Oct 2019

Clare Dea – Devil Woman MREC Aug Sept 2019
Circus Oz MREC GIF – Aurora Sept Oct 2019

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