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From confusion and brain fog to self-acceptance

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Kinesiology can help you understand yourself: why you do what you do and why you feel how you feel.


Confusion and brain fog used to be my daily endurance. I would be full of anger one minute, overwhelmed the next and desperately searching for answers on how to get my life in order or to stay focused on something for long enough to finish it. Feeling lost in a world full of expectations, I felt helpless and confused most of my existence.  It wasn’t always terrible. My life as a whole wasn’t so bad at all, but my struggle – mostly hidden – was my relationship with my head.

I’ve often recalled how my life could be – so sporadic, so illogical and so damn confusing – that was until I bit the bullet and took the time for myself and began regularly visiting my kinesiologist. Then I went from not having any direction, being dictated by my life-governing rules that were held together by a strand of cotton, to actualising who I am, actualising my potential and accepting all of me as being simply human, and accepting my society-defined weaknesses as my gifts.

I was trying to conform in a world of conformity, trying to belong without finding my family, but when I began to accept who I was, truly, deeply inside, I no longer found it necessary to fit the mould of society. Having that confidence to stand up and be me – regardless of the outcome of staying true to myself – made a world of difference in my attitudes, my sacrifices, my relationships and ultimately my career.  That’s the power of kinesiology.

Having finally realised who I am and why I am here, I became a kinesiologist myself. Now I help people who are lost, trying to find their way through the barriers, the bewilderment, the loss of the world as they knew it. Furthermore, without their realising it, every single one of my clients helps me to become more in tune with myself, with what I want and what I am here to do. It is a privilege.

People often ask what kinesiology is, but the tool itself is irrelevant. The problems people have that kinesiology assists is what really matters. It can help you understand yourself: why you do what you do, why you feel how you feel, why you can’t stop the thoughts racing around in your head that keep you up at night.  When you understand yourself, you can accept yourself, and the impact of that is limitless. THAT is what kinesiology is.


Phillipa, working in Park Orchards and Thornbury, Victoria, specialises in helping people suffering from stress and fatigue using kinesiology. Having lost her mother to cancer not long after becoming a mum herself, she has a special place in her heart for the carers and sufferers of long-term illness.


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