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Connecting with goddesses and angels

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Millions of people throughout the world in almost all faiths believe in the existence of angels. It is generally accepted that angels and goddesses protect, guide, and heal you, so that you’re able to be at peace. The word angel means ‘messenger of God’. The angels bring messages from the Creator to the created, acting like divine postal carriers. They’re beautiful, light-filled, trustworthy, and powerful.

Goddesses are the feminine aspect of the Divine. They are represented in different religions and spiritual paths. Goddesses work on a frequency that differs from the angels, yet they can work in perfect concert with your guardian angels.

Archangels are more powerful than angels. They’re non-physical, yet they can become very perceptible, audible, and even visible as you tune in to them, appearing to be larger than angels. As non-physical celestial beings, they don’t have genders. However, their specific fortes and characteristics give them distinctive male and female energies and personas.

Angels and archangels are celestial beings who have not lived on the earth before as humans, unless they were incarnated angels previously. In contrast, many of the goddesses once lived upon the earth and are now helping us from the spirit world.

I believe that the goddesses and angels are happy to help you with whatever small or large favours that may bring you and the world peace. I know that you can’t overwork or bother them. As they are celestial beings, they’re non-physical, multi-dimensional, and have no time or space restrictions. Please don’t worry that you’re pulling them away from more pressing matters. It is my belief there’s nothing more important to goddesses and angels than helping you, in whatever way that will bring you peace.

I have called on archangels and goddesses to be by my side, and of course you can do the same. To do so, you can either mentally or verbally ask God to send them to you directly. If you prefer you can visualise them around you and speak to them directly.

Goddesses and angels are more powerful in their specialties such as health, abundance, and of course romance. If you are thinking of an addition to your family, then you should consider calling on the Archangel Gabriel. There is a belief that Gabriel is masculine, but I truly believe that there is no way this Archangel could be anything but feminine. Gabriel is pronounced GAB-ree-el. Her name means ‘messenger of God’, and she’s the archangel made famous by the Gospel of Luke for telling Mary and Elizabeth of the forthcoming births of Jesus and John the Baptist. Gabriel continues to help expectant mothers through all phases of motherhood. Call upon Gabriel to help you with child adoption, conception, pregnancy, and birth. As the messenger angel, she also assists journalists, writers, speakers, and teachers.

My research into ancient Jewish texts and folklore indicates that whenever Gabriel was mentioned, it was as a female archangel. According to these ancients texts it must be noted that generally angels were viewed as both female and male. For instance, cherubs of both genders adorned King Solomon’s temple in the chamber guarding the Arc of the Covenant.

It appears that the Roman emperor, Constantine the Great (circa. 306 AD to 337AD), changed all of that after his conversion to Christianity. History shows that Constantine was previously a pagan like most Romans. He converted at the urging of his mother (St. Helen) and also because he had a vision of a cross which he later credited as helping him during a battle.

After his conversion, Constantine continued to wage battles. Where before he had persecuted Christians, now he persecuted Jews and pagans. He held a Council at Nicaea in 325 AD to create official policy to rectify the division in Christian theology. Constantine and his bishops agreed to adopt the official policy that Jesus was the son of God, born of a virgin birth. The bishops who disagreed with him or this policy were banished or killed. All writings that disavowed Constantine’s beliefs were burned and those who were found with the writings were killed.

The Council purged books and words from the Bible, which contradicted Constantine’s beliefs. Among those rewrites appear to have been the alteration of gender. Women were downplayed or extracted from the Bible, including Asherah, the Jewish goddess mother and wife of Yaweh; reducing Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary’s roles in the New Testaments; and describing all the archangels and angels as male. God was emphasised as being unilaterally male. Even in Jesus’ original Lord’s Prayer, scribed in Aramaic, it refers to God as a parent, rather than a father.

As a psychotherapist, I have a theory that Constantine’s patriarchal bias came from his unhealthy reaction to his extremely strong mother, St. Helen. He was trying to exercise control by reducing women’s importance in the Jewish and Christian heritage of our spirituality and religions.

All you need to do is ask your angels

There are countless numbers of goddesses and angels you can call upon whenever you wish. Let me introduce you to some of my favourites:

Archangel Jophiel

This archangel’s name means ‘beauty of God’, and she’ll beautify every area of your life. She’s a ‘feng shui’ angel, meaning that she’ll compel you to clear your space by donating unneeded items, straightening your living or work areas, and filling your space with items imbued with high energy (like crystals, plants, and flowers). Jophiel can help with any aspect of aesthetics, such as guiding your wardrobe, hair, or makeup. Call upon Jophiel if your thoughts become negative, and she’ll instantly beautify your mind with positive ones.

Archangel Michael

His name means ‘he who looks like God’, and Archangel Michael is one of the most powerful members of the spirit world. This tall, handsome angel carries a sword of light to release us from fearful attachments. He’s a fiery archangel who guides our life’s purpose with loving but to-the-point advice on how to work on our purpose without delay. He’s also Divinely wise about fixing electronic and mechanical items. Call upon Michael to increase your courage; and to provide protection for you, your loved ones, and your vehicles and property.

Archangel Raguel 

His name means ‘friend of God’, and he is brilliant at healing relationships. Call upon Raguel if you’ve had a misunderstanding with a friend, co-worker, romantic partner, or family member. He helps everyone to soften their heart and to forgive and forget.

Archangel Raphael

His name means ‘God heals’ or ‘he who heals’, and this archangel is the supreme healer of the angelic realm. Raphael also retrieves and finds lost pets. Call upon him to heal any condition in yourself or another. Although he can’t impose healing upon someone else without their consent, Raphael’s presence brings comfort and peace wherever he’s called. You can also ask Raphael to guide your healing career, including helping you to select a modality, training program, and location for your healing practice; and also to bring you wonderful clients.


The often-misunderstood, powerful Hindu goddess of endings and beginnings, Kali ushers in life and escorts away death as the goddess of cycles and renewals. Kali is one of the more powerful goddesses, and she has a forceful way of ensuring that her goals are met. This forcefulness frightens some people, particularly those who don’t want to face endings as a natural cycle of life or those who are intimidated by powerful women. Many stories discuss Kali’s ability to protect through destruction, but she’s loving and fair even when we don’t understand the mysteries of beginnings and endings. Call upon Kali when you have an urgent need for powerful help; however, don’t tell her how to effect your desired outcome. Just ask for her help, and then get out of her way while she goes to work on your behalf with Divine power and wisdom.


A Hindu and Buddhist goddess whose name means ‘goal’ or ‘aim’, Lakshmi is a beautiful goddess of prosperity and wife of the sun god Vishnu. She also works closely with Ganesh, the beloved Hindu elephant-headed deity who overcomes obstacles for people. Lakshmi is considered both an Earth fertility goddess and a water goddess who sprang from a lotus blossom in the ocean. Call upon her to help you manifest abundance, to stop worrying about money, and to attain joy and happiness.

Mother Mary

Mary is the modern-day Mother goddess who’s also known as the ‘queen of the angels’. As with many goddess traditions, she was a virgin when she gave birth to her son, Jesus. Mary’s apparitions are reported around the world, and these visitations are associated with miraculous healings and vital messages. Mary helps anyone involved with children, including parents, teachers, and healers, so call upon her to help with any aspect of parenthood, or to give you a Divine assignment so you can assist children.


Pele is the Hawaiian fire and volcano goddess who’s sometimes credited with creating the earth’s big flood. Many stories talk about her jealous battles with her ocean goddess sister, including fighting over Pele’s husband and island territory. Call upon Pele to recognise and live by your true passion, and to ignite the flame of enjoyment for your relationships and career.

Quan Yin

The Buddhist Maiden goddess of compassion, Quan Yin means ‘she who hears and answers all prayers’. Quan Yin (sometimes spelled Kwan Yin or Cannon) is a bodhisattva, meaning that she’s eligible to ascend into Buddhahood. However, Quan Yin has elected to stay near the earth, helping people until everyone is enlightened. Call upon Quan Yin when you need help forgiving yourself or another, for issues related to women and children, and to increase your sensitivity and clairvoyance.

You will feel the goddesses and angels are with you. There will be a sense that even the most challenging problems are slowly resolving themselves. You may feel divine guidance messages that can be received in many ways. These may include :

Through visions: this applies to things that you see mentally or with your physical eyes; what you see in dreams; signs that appear before you; seeing flashing or sparkling lights; sensing light orbs in photographs; seeing moving objects; or noticing number sequences repeatedly such as 444 or 111. This is clairvoyance.

Through feelings: these are emotions that come out of the blue such as joy, excitement, and compassion. Or physical feelings disconnected to the physical world such as feeling suddenly warm or feeling changes in air temperature or air pressure; sensing a spiritual presence; feeling as if someone has touched you; or smelling an essence with no physical origin, such as flowers or smoke. This is called clairsentience.

Through sounds: this refers to hearing your name called as you awaken. Or celestial-sounding music from out of nowhere; a warning from a disembodied voice; overhearing a conversation or radio/TV program that gives you the exact information you need; a loving message in your mind or outside one ear; or a high-pitched ringing sound. This is clairaudience.

Through thoughts: this is when you know something without knowing how you know and receiving an “aha!” revelation. Or being able to fix an item without instructions; having very wise words come through your speech or writings, as if someone else gave them to you; getting a great idea for a new invention, business, or product; and experiencing “I knew that!” thoughts after something occurs. This is claircognisance.

We are experiencing extremely challenging times throughout the world and with divine guidance of our angels and goddesses we will be able to co-create the answer to our prayers.

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. is a clairvoyant fourth-generation metaphysician who holds three university degrees in counselling and psychology. Her latest book ‘Goddesses & Angels’ published by Hay House and available in all leading bookstores.

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