The Connection: Mind Your Body

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The Connection : Mind Your Body
Documentary (112 minutes)

The breaking news is that science is finally catching up to millennia-old traditions in the field of medicine, and the mind-body connection is now being proven to be more powerful than ever.

This is no news to anyone who is interested in holistic medicine, meditation, yoga or spiritual philosophies like Buddhism. It is said very early on in this documentary that science is uninterested in things it can’t see, study or measure: recent studies have strengthened the case for integrative medicine as the way of the future, and scientists are starting to understand that communication between the mind and the body is far more significant than previously thought.

The Connection is a fascinating look at the latest scientific research and its links with mind-body health. One incredible example has been the recent discovery of 80 million neurons in the gut – also known as the ‘second brain’ – and it is advances like this that have a wide-reaching impact on the existing scientific and medical models of treatment.

Chronic stress is discussed at length, particularly in regards to the long-term wear and tear on our bodies. The ‘fight or flight’ instinct evolved to protect us from immediate threats, but the threat to us in today’s world is that “99% of the tigers we are running from are actually in our minds”.

The fascinating facts keep coming: there are comparisons of the stress response versus the relaxation response via MRI scans, insight into the ways that meditation changes the structure of the brain and studies that have shown that people who meditate heal four times faster than non-meditators.

The Connection is a revelation, and this documentary will forever change the way you think about science, medicine and the body. Essential viewing.

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