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Conscious conception tips to help you become pregnant

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Most of us have been raised to believe in ourselves as just physical beings living in a purely physical world, and that our capacity to conceive is dependent on our body ‘working properly’ or not.


However the miracle of conception and birthing a child is testament to the almost magical complexity of our body’s functioning – and that magic comes from the fact that we are much, much, more than just our physical selves. You may wish to conceive consciously or be having difficulty conceiving. Either way each situation holds the possibility of growth in conscious awareness of yourself and the soul who chooses to incarnate through you. So how do we become more conscious of ourselves in the journey towards pregnancy and motherhood? Well we can work on many levels at once.

In this article we will explore some of these levels in all aspects of our being – body, mind and spirit – that may create difficulties in conceiving but which can be released.

First let’s look at ways to become healthier

1. What we eat is a great place to begin. Are we eating foods that contain all the nutrients required for optimal health and fertility?

Statistics tell us 1 in 5 couples are infertile and the cause is almost 50/50 for men and women. It takes 3-4 months to create healthy new eggs for women and 2-3 months to create a healthy new batch of sperm for men. So beginning to eat consciously several months prior to conception is a great start for your baby’s health.

2. Lifestyle factors also impact negatively on the possibility of healthy conception. Alcohol, cigarette smoking, and chemicals in foods are all factors that affect egg and sperm health, hormonal balance and overall health and well-being. Exercise is important for physical health, emotional balance and stress release.

3. Stress is a major factor in our overall health, vitality and enjoyment of life. It is also proven to inhibit sexual function and enjoyment and create contraction in our body thus restricting blood flow and placing us in a state of shutdown. Practices such as yoga, tai chi, meditation, conscious breathing, walks in nature, exercise and fun with friends all go a long way toward reducing stress; and becoming more conscious in daily life beginning with foods, lifestyle, exercise and reducing stress all help prepare us for conscious, healthy conception and pregnancy. Herbal remedies, homoeopathics, acupuncture, massage, aromatherapy and other natural therapies can greatly assist in bringing us back into balance and enhancing fertility as well as balancing our hormonal cycle.

Beyond the physical

How extraordinary it is that as a soul we travel through time and space, gathering experiences, learning and growing as we go. I have found in my practice that all we have experienced is recorded and imprinted in our soul’s memory bank and distributed throughout our subtle bodies and energy field including our chakras. This information makes up a large part of our subconscious. We are told our conscious self makes up 10% and our subconscious self makes up the other 90%. The vastness of that 90% makes sense when we include all that our soul brings with it, the experiences and beliefs we carry from our family line, and our childhood memories that are all added to the subconscious realm of our memory banks. These memories can carry beliefs that block healthy conception. By tapping into, understanding and releasing these memories and associated beliefs, we dissolve barriers blocking healthy and positive conception.

The subconscious provides us with a lot of material to work with outside the level of our conscious awareness and physical reality in our inspiring journey towards consciousness conception!

Creative tools for us to use

The information held within our subconscious is also available to us when we develop our innate ability to tune into and read the more subtle messages arising within us. You may be surprised and delighted with what comes when you create a space in your life which is solely for you, where you have the freedom to reflect; to write, draw or paint what comes to mind, without censorship. Give yourself at least 30 minutes a day to do this and enjoy. As well as healing and a growth in awareness, you may find yourself inspired and spontaneously tapping into the vast expanse of creativity that also lies within the 90% of your subconscious. The good news is that there’s lots of positive stuff there as well as the beliefs and memories we want to release.

Some issues are harder to address

How conscious and aware are you of your own fears and motivations? Very often we are burdened by secret fears, anxieties and stresses that appear to come from nowhere – and these feelings can get in the way of conception. In addition, strong emotions or difficulties in conceiving can seem overwhelming, compounding the issue. In my experience there is always a reason for the feelings, blocks and imbalances we face in our lives. If you feel this is possibly a factor for you, energy healing is a wonderful tool to assist us to release these difficulties including blocks to healthy conscious conception.

Connect with your child-to-be

The highest part of our mind (or being) is our super-conscious. It makes up a vast reservoir of our potential, beyond our wildest imaginings. It is the realm of intuition, inspired thinking and creativity, miracles, healing, compassion and love. As we align with this higher part of ourselves, we begin to feel more connected and able to trust what we pick up at the level of the subtle realms. With time and practice we begin to trust ourselves and follow our ‘hunches’ or gut feelings, no matter how crazy they may seem to anyone else.

It is through our alignment to this super-conscious part of ourselves that we feel connected – to ourselves, to one another, our planet and inevitably the soul of our future child. There is no reason we can’t make this connection, other than our conditioning and beliefs, and our lack of practice in learning to tune in and trust ourselves. Bonding is an essential and very important part of parenthood. By connecting with our future child prior to conception, we bond at the very deepest level thus paving the way for a deep heart connection between parent and child.

Again a great way to play with this is through stream of consciousness writing, drawing or painting. Have fun writing a letter to your child-to-be and writing one back from the child. Have fun painting or drawing a picture of the soul in your energy field, or a picture of him/her as a young child. Make it up; it doesn’t matter – again you may be surprised with what comes. Remember the potential of your super-conscious self is way beyond your wildest imaginings. As you enter the joy of play you step into the magic of the present moment – our most conscious place to be.

How wonderful it is that by being actively involved in the process of conscious conception, through the balancing of body, mind and spirit, we become more whole within ourselves.

Love yourself, have fun, and above all enjoy the journey.


Deborah Swann runs workshops and is an intuitive energy worker and naturopath.

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