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Consistently, consciously, creating – the three Cs

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When it comes to creating what I truly want in my life, I have found it is important to keep in mind a few important details. One of the key elements in creating what you want is consistency. I know in my own life when I have sporadically given attention to what I desire (or what already exists), then it seems I have much more difficulty in manifesting that into my life. Another word you could substitute for consistency is discipline, which is a word we usually shun. But without it the tree will usually not bear fruit. When I clearly hold in mind what I desire (or again, know already exists) on a consistent basis and shine the light of my attention on it, it has to manifest.


When you are consistent in your approach to creating and consistently see the results, you build confidence in your creative abilities. Thus self-doubt does not have a chance to enter into the picture. If you are new to creating what you desire, start with something small, something easy. I remember when I was taking an advanced metaphysics class and the topic was on creating, I started with something small, a red ball. I told my classmates about it at the time. We actually kind of laughed about it. But I clearly held in mind a small red ball for a couple of days. Within a short period of time, this small red ball appeared in one of my shoes. My girlfriend at the time (and also a classmate in my metaphysics class) had gone out and bought the red ball and put it in my shoe. Of course, communicating (another ‘C’ I suppose) my desire helped to bring it into manifestation. But manifesting your desires doesn’t have to be difficult. When you are consistent in your approach and shine the light of your attention on it, the universe will only be happy to oblige, because it received a consistent message of your desire.

For a couple of years in a row, on Lent (although my wife and I are not Catholic), we devoted the 40 day Lenten period to focusing on abundance. The tool we used was The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price. Each evening we spent 10 – 15 minutes focusing on the abundance affirmations in the book. One of the laws of the universe says that what you focus on, consistently, will manifest in your life, whether it is lack or abundance. I’ll choose abundance anytime! Over time we noticed opportunities for abundance seemed to appear in our lives. And we certainly were also thankful for the abundance we already had in our lives. Our lives have not been the same since consistently doing that 40-day practice. We even did it the following year as well. So, if you don’t like the word, discipline, then just substitute the word, consistent. When you are consistent you cannot fail, no matter what you focus on.

The next big ‘C’ or important detail in creating is being conscious. This may be an overlooked detail in truly manifesting your desires. The fact remains, we’re always manifesting something in our lives, and we’re either doing it consciously or unconsciously.

People sometimes wonder why things happen to them. Contrary to the popular bumper sticker “#%!* happens”, life is just giving us what we focus on. If you are not conscious of what you are creating and perhaps dwelling in negativity, then the universe has no other option than to give you more negativity. If you are consciously aware of the power of your thoughts and you focus on love and harmony, the universe has no other option but to give you more love and harmony. When we allow life’s challenges to dominate and overwhelm our thinking, we seem, like a computer, to revert to the default mode, and in many cases focus on what is negative rather than what is positive.

Being conscious is just being aware. Being aware of your thoughts, attitudes and emotions will pay you back tenfold because you are being aware of your own creative power. When you are aware of what you are thinking, you have the power to either ‘stay the course’ or change your thinking. Your life will always let you know if your are being consciously aware or not.

The final ‘C’ is, of course, creating. What a powerful word. We are each mental creators. The mental energy you send out goes out to the wave of life, like a pebble dropped into a pond. Eventually the wave returns to where it started. Your life is a reflection of how you consistently, consciously create. Is the wave of love consistently flowing your way? Then you must be focusing on love. Is a wave of negativity consistently washing ashore, like a beached whale? Then you have been focusing on negativity.

Creating should be taught to us when we are young. It is an innate ability, but unless we are consistently and consciously directing our creative power, it seems we are nothing but ‘victims’ in life. Being a victim is really a disservice to yourself and to others. When you take responsibility for your creative power and wield it as such, life takes on a much more meaningful direction.

Effectively using your creative power requires that you are consistent and conscious in its use.

So, the next time your are setting forth to manifest your desire, be consistent, be conscious, and create. You’ll thank yourself later.


Dave Lappin is a writer, artist, Reiki Master, teacher and speaker. He and his wife Brenda are co-founders of the Center for Intuitive Development and Healing in Springfield, MO. Dave was formerly the director of the School of Metaphysics in St. Louis and Springfield, MO. He was also formerly the host of the cable TV program, Mind: Your Business. 

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