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Courses & Workshops feature – Jan/Feb 2017

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We invite you to peruse the courses and workshops below, where you will find short, medium and long courses; retreats; events for fun and celebration; workshops to teach you to take back your personal power; and courses to teach you to heal others in body, mind and spirit. Change your career and change yourself – this feature will help you experience an even better 2017.


    Hypnosis has been in our family for a very long time. My name is Michael Parr and my father used hypnosis in his stage shows way back in the old Vaudeville days when I was about 5 years old. I was first hypnotised at the age of 10… no, I didn’t have a drinking or gambling problem 🙂 it was not for any specific goal, but just to experience hypnosis. To this day I still recall this wonderful state of relaxation and calmness; an amazing experience that I will never forget.

    I attained my Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy in 1990 and have gone on to help countless people dramatically change behaviours, in generally just one session.

    I now teach hypnosis, run classes and one-on-one sessions and have helped thousands of individuals over the years. I also fly overseas for sessions and have clients fly in to see me.

    When I tell people how I make my living – as a Hypnotherapist helping people lose weight, stop smoking and other issues – they inevitably ask: “Does it work?” My answer usually brightens their eyes with something between excitement and incredulity. “Absolutely it does!”

    This powerful system has developed over decades, being constantly refined and improved. This has been a very fulfilling way of life for me and I feel very blessed to be able to train new people and help change peoples’ lives.

    See my ‘free seminar to change lives’ for your opportunity in this amazing industry!

    Yours in health, Michael Parr – International Master Hypnotherapist, Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy 1990, Rapid Change Specialist, Certified Life Coach Cert 1V. Life Member International Hypnosis Association.

    1300 939 402 |


    Retreats & workshops designed for “everyday” people like you. You’ll be surprised by how they make you to feel different from the inside out. You’ll have a calmer approach to life & a powerful perspective on what you are personally all about & why you are here. Get ready to enjoy a more calm, philosophical outlook on life.

    SoulLife™ Revolution – Gold Coast 2017 self transformation retreat to become the master of your life.

    Grief & loss, heartbreak, depression, anxiety, health & other labels take their toll on you. Get your self-esteem back through intensive development of intuition by heightening your sixth sense & energetic connection. Through regression explore past lives & visit the SoulLife realm. You’ll feel at home as you increase your intuitive development & personal growth by overcoming obstacles of emotional turmoil, physical symptoms or mental anguish.

    Practitioner diploma for those drawn to empower others to achieve life-altering results & increase innate intuition. For physical, emotional & mental wellbeing through regression & SoulLife exploration combined with intuitive counselling.

    SoulLife™ Psychology; Sydney 4–10 Sep 2017. 0413 088 970.


    There is a lot of mixed information around about the expected outcomes & benefits of a juice fast or concentrated detox program.

    I am always interested in who has written these articles & never surprised to discover the non-believers have not experienced one themselves.

    A different perspective is gained when you understand the premise that by giving your digestive system a rest, you are allowing all of your internal organs to recuperate. In the right environment, this allows you the freedom to focus on what you are experiencing in your life without the distraction of trying to cope with the consequences of what you are choosing to ingest.

    At Rejuvenate Health Retreats, our Behavioural Awareness Workshops encourage you to ‘digest’ the consequences of your current lifestyle choices & the effects of these on your overall health & well-being. We use this information to work together to empower you to feel confident in your ability to ensure your future choices match your desired outcomes.

    For our next retreat details contact Julie: 0421 438 253 |


    you may not have heard of ‘Neuro-Training’ – and you need not look any further.

    The College of Neuro-Training offers a government recognised kinesiology diploma (HLT52415) with a unique dual diploma of Neuro-Training. This unique offer trains you to become a practitioner in Neuro-Training and kinesiology so you end up with two qualifications for the price of one!
    The dual diploma integrates the principles of other proven health modalities including naturopathy, homeopathy, herbal, nutritional and energetic medicine, the latest in Neuro-Sciences and kinesiology.

    Developed over three decades. The College of Neuro-Training offers a client based model for you to develop a practice earlier rather than later.

    If you are looking for a legitimate and powerful way of making a difference in the world, if you want to become a professionally recognised international practitioner in Neuro-Training and kinesiology then contact the college now.

    Campuses VIC, NSW, SA, and WA.
    2017 classes commence in Feb and March.
    Free info evenings. Contact administration: 0416 706 004 or visit


    The Essence of Healing Institute offers accredited practitioner training, workshops & webinars in emotional wellness. With over 20 years of teaching courses, principal, Leonie Blackwell, offers unique accredited content.

    The Institute’s signature courses are: Flower Essence Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique & Holistic Counselling – all accredited practitioner courses & all available via correspondence.

    Starting in 2017, you can train as an Empowered Realism Mentor, based on Leonie’s latest publication, ‘The Box of Inner Secrets’. The course will be taught via a mix of in-class (one hour from Melbourne) & webinar sessions, & starts in March.

    “Leonie’s healing work, using the cards & book from ‘The Box of Inner Secrets’, is amazing. It helps to reveal unhealed emotions & feelings – uncovering the inner me!! She always delivers her programs with love & compassion, & I felt blessed & honoured to be on this journey of inner healing.” [Kelly Abela]

    Ask for a course prospectus with details of all courses, including the Australian Government post-secondary education accreditation standards.

    For further information contact Leonie: 03 5625 4466 |


    The 10th annual BaliSpirit Festival, March 19-26, 2017 in Ubud, Bali.

    BaliSpirit Festival is renowned for being one of the leading yoga and holistic lifestyle festivals in the world, drawing in a global audience of approximately 7000 people from over 50 countries each year. BaliSpirit Festival 2017 has been extended to 7 nights and 5 days, set among the picturesque rice fields of Ubud, the cultural and spiritual heart of Bali, Indonesia, uniting an international community to celebrate yoga, music and dance.

    There are over 200 different daytime workshops and events at BaliSpirit Festival, where attendees can freely move between an unlimited number of workshops and activities. On offer are yoga classes, health seminars, satsangs, sound healing and meditation, kirtan and music performances from leading teachers, artists and presenters from all around the world, passionate about sharing their knowledge to inspire and enlighten everyone joining the festival.

    Learn more about the 2017 line-up and book your passes on


    We offer Australia’s most diverse range of qualifications in the industry including; nutrition, food coaching, natural health, meditation, massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, astrology, counselling, life coaching, energetic medicine plus hundreds of general interest workshops with flexible on-campus & distance learning study options.

    Whether you want to take a new direction & wake up to a career you’ll love with one of our work ready, professionally recognised qualifications, embark on a journey of self-discovery, ignite your passion or simply learn something new Nature Care College is guaranteed to offer something to suit you.

    Our wellness centre now offers three levels of quality natural health care. Whether you need support with an existing health condition, or improving your wellbeing with preventive healthcare we have the level of care to suit you.

    The perfect opportunity for you to explore our learning centre, health bar & wellness hub is our ‘Discovery Day’ January 21st located at:
    178 Pacific Hwy St Leonards NSW 2065.
    02 8423 8333 |


    Art therapy is an established mental health profession that uses artistic mediums to improve or restore mental, emotional, and physical health.
    Around the world, recognition of art therapy as a unique and valuable field in the healthcare arena is growing. Art therapy is practised in a variety of settings, including mental health clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, schools, prisons, senior living centres, and inpatient facilities.

    Art therapists use techniques that access different areas of the mind to traditional talk therapies. Our brains process sensory and creative processes differently than verbal input. This gives art therapists a unique tool with which to help clients explore both the physical and emotional aspects of their conditions.

    Discover IKON’s career-changing degree program; the Bachelor of Arts Psychotherapy.

    Applications are now open to commence in 2017.

    View IKON’s Art Therapy and Counselling qualifications: or request a 2017 prospectus at:

    SA | QLD | WA | VIC | NSW | TAS
    08 8350 9753


    A 4-day experiential workshop. You will engage deeply with the basic ideas and concepts of the work, immersing yourself in ‘Awareness Through Movement’ – gaining a clearer appreciation of your capacity to move with ease.

    Observing the movements of your colleagues will give a greater understanding of human movement potential. As each informs the other, you will discover ways of expanding your range of comfort, learn skills to take back into your workplace and gain insights to what is possible when you start from the premise that everyone can improve.

    Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide. A new professional training program commencing in 2017.

    Check for details. 03 9737 9945


    This is our ninth year of offering transformative mindfulness retreats in Bali.

    See yourself relax, rejuvenate and learn powerful skills lasting a lifetime. Believe that life can be different, you can feel more connected, resilient and contented.

    Participants consistently tell us that these retreats are life changing, one of the best experiences of their lives. To guarantee the quality of your retreat, we keep retreat numbers low, so act now to secure your place. | 0432 724 764


    Can you track down the cause of numbness, pins and needles, tingling and other neurological problems in the client’s hands and fingers? How is your strike rate in treating carpal, cubital and radial tunnel impingement?

    We will show you how to:-

    • Perform neural tension tests to take the guess work out of defective nerve points along all upper limb nerve pathways.
    • Use the muscle’s own nerve supply to assist in removing the nerve impingement.

    Come to our workshop in March in your capital city. | 07 3172 2669


    Become an excellent practitioner in the fast-growing natural therapies field of Kinesiology with KSA, the leaders in comprehensive kinesiology education in Australia.

    Kinesiology Schools Australia offer a nationally accredited Diploma HLT52415 in Kinesiology over 2½–3 years.
    The advanced program takes you to internationally recognised levels of Kinesiopractor & Diploma of Energy Psychology.

    The Byron Campus provides a professional, nurturing learning environment with personal attention & hands-on experience. Our internationally qualified instructors are practising kinesiologists.

    Team Leader Parijat Wismer has been teaching and sharing Kinesiology since 1986.

    ‘I’m so blessed to have been taught by you for 3 years as I have a little bit of you in all my sessions everyday… You are an amazing woman, teacher, mentor, kinesiologist & friend.’ –Student T.S 2016.

    For info on study options, free experiences & introductions call 02 6685 7991.

    Classes begin February 18 & 19. ‘Kinesiology Excellence Seminars’ include working with herbs, nutrition, weight management & self-esteem.
    Self-help courses include ‘Energy Fitness’, ‘Rapid Stress Release’, ‘First Aid for Emotions’ & ‘The Chi of Money & Self-esteem’. – Download our year program from our homepage.


    The International Institute of Kinesiology Australia is the leading Touch For Health / ICPKP college & we now have two campuses: Crows Nest & Oran Park.

    We are offering a brand new syllabus for students & health care professionals who are interested in Touch For Health, Professional Kinesiology Practice, complementary & functional medicine, energy psychology & nutrition.

    The Touch For Health Certificate & the Basic Kinesiology Practitioner Program enable you to start your kinesiology career in 12-16 months.

    Students have the option to continue with the Diploma of Energy Psychology & the Diploma of Dietary & Nutritional Sciences. Join us for the Introduction to Kinesiology seminar on 15 January.

    Katha Jones is the founder of IIKA & the leading expert in Specialised Kinesiology & Kinesiopractic® Care sharing 20 years of clinical experience, dynamic lectures & supervised student clinic.

    Enrolments for 2017 are now open. Free info pack: 02 4648 0505.


    Kinesiology Connection is a leading kinesiology college in Melbourne, offering the nationally accredited Diploma in Kinesiology HLT52415 utilising PKP™ Kinesiology.

    PKP™ Kinesiology, is used in the natural health field by applying skilled muscle monitoring as an effective tool to identify and correct stresses and imbalances in the body. PKP™ is at the forefront of the new frontier of energy medicine.

    Our next comprehensive training program starts February 2017. Student clinics now available.

    For enrolments & information, contact us on 03 9819 6835.


    Transform the lives of your clients & make authentic connections from your heart with the power & potential of our Diploma of Kinesiology & Certificate IV in Energy Healing.

    Certificate IV streams include Kinesiology, Chiron Healing®, Reiki, Sekhem & Therapeutic Touch; classes can be arranged in your area. All qualifications are nationally accredited with the relevant industry associations & many subjects are studied at home with tutor support.

    Check out our website or phone Maree on 03 9874 7036 for a full course curriculum.


    Conscious slow sex can transform your relationship. This is tantra with a difference & is about transforming the sexual experience into love through awareness rather than technique.

    Held in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Janet & Gene gently support & guide you into a revolutionary teaching on sexuality, as created by pioneer of Slow Sex, Diana Richardson.

    Women find a place of safety & trust. Men learn to let go of the burden of performance & appreciate their role as a man.
    Past problems become insignificant & love returns with this new understanding. | 0428 726 839


    Are you looking for freedom to live your life the way you want? With financial independence to allow you to make your dreams come true?
    Become an independent distributor of our products: individual courses & live seminars for personal development & success coaching.

    Partner with an international leader who provides the best training & compensation package available today, with a very simple, proven, supportive system.

    Unbelievably small outlay for huge potential income.

    For a free no obligation discussion: or call me – Kathy – today: 0404 868 054.


    At Evolve we understand that true healing requires more than the wave of a crystal wand. We mentor our clients & students through deeply profound healing experiences using a unique combination of traditional crystal therapy with advanced holistic counselling & energetic healing techniques – with transformational results.

    Our accredited Certificate & Practitioner’s Diploma courses are recognised in 26 countries worldwide, with flexible study options including online/distance delivery & full-immersion healing retreats.

    So, are you ready to Evolve…?

    Evolve Holistic Healing | 0410 407 204


    Certificate of Sound & Music Healing for the 21st Century.

    This course provides a gentle but powerful healing journey of the soul remembering sound, colour & music healing techniques. It is a holistic modality, incorporating body, mind & soul, able to complement any therapy.

    It is time to remember your ancient knowledge & wisdom, & be part of healing humanity. Musical experience not required, just a yearning to connect with your heart & soul, & to live the life you came here for.

    Director – Christine Morrison

    Visit | 0408 181 208


    You just love yoga? You will love being a yoga teacher too!

    At the Australian College of Classical Yoga we teach authentic, traditional yoga.

    In yoga we leave the ego behind, and experience reality pure and simple. It’s challenging, as life is challenging.

    You’ll get in-depth training in asana, anatomy, physiology, and the vision of yoga. Your life becomes real and vibrant. ACCY trains yogis, not just yoga teachers.

    Australian College of Classical Yoga
    03 9833 4050 |


    Enrolments are now open for the Diploma of Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies HLT52215 commencing February 2017 at the Australian Shiatsu College.

    This comprehensive, nationally recognised training is delivered on-site at our purpose-built campus in Melbourne & offers full-time & part-time study options.

    The popular Zen Shiatsu short-course will also commence in February.

    For more information visit our next Open Day on Sunday January 29th between 2–5pm.

    Australian Shiatsu College (TOID 3609)
    103 Evans St, Brunswick, Victoria. 03 9387 1161

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