Courses and workshops feature November 2016

Courses & Workshops feature – November 2016

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We invite you to peruse the courses and workshops below, where you will find short, medium and long courses; retreats; events for fun and celebration; workshops to teach you to take back your personal power; and courses to teach you to heal others in body, mind and spirit. Change your career and change yourself.


    Surrounded by the majestic Hawkesbury river, women come together to deepen their relationships with the natural world & discover myriad paths of holistic health with gifted teachers.
    The Wise Women Gathering is a place for sharing plant wisdom teachings & traditions, exploring Women’s Mysteries & cultivating community connections.
    This conference is for all women, beginning & seasoned herbalists, health professionals & healthy living advocates, clinical practitioners, gardeners, wildcrafters, rural & urban herbalists, teachers & students, writers, journalists, & bloggers, daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers & new seekers to spiritual warriors.
    Join us January 20–22 (school holidays, children welcome) near Wisemans Ferry, just 90 minutes North of Sydney.

    Register now to secure your place, space is limited. Facebook: Wise Women AU


    We live in a reactive world. Our lives are filled with stress. Our bodies speak our minds through physical symptoms, negative thoughts & spiralling fear based patterns. Understanding & communicating with our subconscious mind is our most powerful tool in realising the best & truest version of ourselves.
    No one wants symptoms and stress! However they do occur & we were never given the tools to bring ourselves into present time consciousness & see the truth behind the symptom. Look at your reactions; to people you love, to situations at work &, truthfully, are those reactions real? Most of us can remember a time when our reaction outweighed the situation yet we couldn’t help ourselves. Maybe the tears fell, maybe the anger rose up or the stomach turned somersaults. If we can understand that whenever we have symptoms & stress, it’s actually our body telling us: “please pay attention”. The heart is the orchestra leader & if we listen to our heart, often we would make different choices.
    Come along & learn how to make those choices based on love rather than fear & the past.
    Join best seller author, international speaker & thought leader, Dr Darren Weissman, developer of The LifeLine Technique on a journey of choice & change.
    Connect with him on his passionate mission to empower one person at a time by creating world peace through inner peace; a journey of Infinite Love & Gratitude.

    For bookings go to: & search “A choice between love & fear” & your city.


    Have you ever wondered if there is something bigger than yourself, if you have reached your highest potential, or if there’s a way to feel peace even amidst suffering? If so, then you’ve asked questions that touch the realm of the transpersonal.
    Transpersonal literally means beyond the personal or self. Transpersonal counsellors believe that human psychology encompasses a broad range of experiences – from behavioural & cognitive, to the spiritual & mystical.
    Transpersonal counsellors can:

    • Help you manage pain, anxiety, & suffering – Unlike other therapies (aiming to reduce anxiety or suffering by controlling or changing it), transpersonal therapy teaches us that we have emotions & feel pain, but these experiences don’t encompass who we are nor change our deepest self.
    • Help you gain a broader perspective – Explore mythological imagery of a dream or spiritual experience, & view narratives from your own life from a deeper, broader perspective.
    • Help you explore other states of consciousness – By learning to access our full spectrum of consciousness, we can gain clarity, improve concentration, & have insight into patterns & behaviours.

    View IKON’s counselling qualifications: or request a 2017 prospectus.


    Retreats & workshops designed for “everyday day” people like you. You’ll be surprised by how they make you to feel different from the inside out. You’ll have a calmer approach to life & a powerful perspective on what you are personally all about & why you are here. Get ready to enjoy a more calm, philosophical outlook on life.
    SoulLife™ Evolution – Melbourne 4 Dec 2016
    Through regression explore past lives & visit the SoulLife realm. You’ll feel at home as you increase your intuitive development & personal growth by overcoming obstacles of emotional turmoil, physical symptoms or mental anguish.
    SoulLife™ Revolution – Gold Coast 29 Apr-3 May 2017
    Grief & loss, heartbreak, depression, anxiety, health, & other labels take their toll on you. Get your self-esteem back through intensive development of intuition by heightening your sixth sense & energetic connection.
    SoulLife™ Psychology – Sydney 4-10 Sep 2017
    Practitioner diploma for those drawn to empower others to achieve life-altering results & increase innate intuition. For physical, emotional & mental wellbeing through regression & SoulLife exploration combined with intuitive counselling. |


    We offer Australia’s most diverse range of qualifications in the industry including; nutrition, food coaching, natural health, meditation, massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, astrology, counselling, life coaching, energetic medicine plus hundreds of general interest workshops with flexible on-campus & distance learning study options.
    Whether you want to take a new direction & wake up to a career you’ll love with one of our work ready, professionally recognised qualifications, embark on a journey of self-discovery, ignite your passion or simply learn something new Nature Care College is guaranteed to offer something to suit you.
    Our wellness centre now offers three levels of quality natural health care. Whether you need support with an existing health condition, or improving your wellbeing with preventive healthcare we have the level of care to suit you.

    The perfect opportunity for you to explore our learning centre, health bar & wellness hub is our Discovery Days, Saturday 12th November & January 21st located at:
    178 Pacific Hwy St Leonards NSW 2065.
    02 8423 8333


    Held back by the limits of the past?
    Quickly discover how you have been functioning in the past and how to create a compelling future using Neuro Linguistic Programming. Gain personal, emotional and physical alignment and master self-motivation.
    NLP is a powerful tool that transforms the way people think, act and feel. It uses an accelerated learning technology that enables you develop excellence and quality in your communication, relationships and career. NLP is used across the globe in health and wellbeing, business, education and training to shift your perspective and enhance your effectiveness.
    NLP brings together many other disciplines which have been shown to make a difference in people’s lives. To do so, it applies the ongoing interaction between our nervous system and our Language and as such, is the ideal tool to enrich and enhance our emotional intelligence so that we not only cope with but can resourcefully thrive with change in an accelerating world.

    Join us for our next exhilarating 7-day training. Find out more at:
    or call NLP practitioner and master practitioner trainer Joanne Clark on 0420 305 989.


    The Essence of Healing Institute offers accredited practitioner training, workshops & webinars in emotional wellness. With over 20 years of teaching courses, principal, Leonie Blackwell, offers unique accredited content.
    The Institute’s signature courses are: Flower Essence Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique & Holistic Counselling – all accredited practitioner courses & all available via correspondence.
    Starting in 2017, you can train as an Empowered Realism Mentor, based on Leonie’s latest publication, ‘The Box of Inner Secrets’. The course will be taught via a mix of in-class (one hour from Melbourne) & webinar sessions, & starts in March.
    “Leonie’s healing work, using the cards & book from ‘The Box of Inner Secrets’, is amazing. It helps to reveal unhealed emotions & feelings – uncovering the inner me!! She always delivers her programs with love & compassion, & I felt blessed & honoured to be on this journey of inner healing.” [Kelly Abela] Ask for a course prospectus with details of all courses, including the Australian Government post-secondary education accreditation standards.

    For further information contact Leonie: 03 5625 4466 or


    Get a Diploma of Energy Psychology and become a Grace Method practitioner.
    Thoughts are energy & you can’t get rid of energy but you can raise its frequency. When one part of you feels positive but another part of you doesn’t feel so good, The Grace Method helps you to embrace that part of you & raise its frequency until it feels amazing. Fears & upsets are transformed!
    If you’re passionate about your own self-awakening & would love to help others find peace & transformation then you will love this course.
    Energy psychology is an exciting field of study that seeks to understand how our energy affects us on all levels, including our body, thoughts, emotions & spirit.
    We combine the power of emotional & spiritual intelligence with the art & science of meditation & The Grace Method – it’s simple at its core, but powerful! This 12-month online course includes personal Skype sessions & a 3.5-day intensive on the Gold Coast. Start now! Ph: 1300 500 177.


    It’s not uncommon for an individual’s motivation for change to be linked strongly to desire to lose weight. Our perception of how others may be judging us often inhibits our ability to eliminate self-defeating behavioural patterns. Therapeutically, the most successful way to help a person create a positive environment for change is by encouraging them to utilise the wealth of internal resources they already have at their disposal, often being overshadowed by negative emotions. Removing the attachment to what is no longer benefitting our overall well-being frees us to move forward.
    At Rejuvenate Health Retreats our Transformation Workshops encourage you to recognise your participation in this process, allowing you to create pathway to a brighter future. You’ll rediscover your self-worth and create a powerful shift in your life, ultimately restoring your natural energy and enthusiasm.
    Workshops run over a 3- to 4-day period as part of our Transformation Retreat packages.
    Give yourself the attention you deserve!

    For information on our next Transformation Retreat contact: Julie, 0421 438 253


    A 4-day experiential workshop. You will engage deeply with the basic ideas and concepts of the work, immersing yourself in ‘Awareness Through Movement’ – gaining a clearer appreciation of your capacity to move with ease. Observing the movements of your colleagues will give a greater understanding of human movement potential. As each informs the other, you will discover ways of expanding your range of comfort, learn skills to take back into your workplace and gain insights to what is possible when you start from the premise that everyone can improve.
    Cairns, Northern NSW, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth.

    Check for details 03 97737 9945 A new professional training program will commence in 2017.


    Empowering body-based practitioners to reclaim their role in treating trauma.
    Trauma is not the story; it is not just psychological & it is not the event or what happened in the past. Trauma is a verb. Something the body is habitually doing long after the original event has finished; unconscious ANS & neuro-muscular patterns that movement, exercise & body-based health professionals deal with every day; restricted movement, chronic pain, bracing, tension, rigidity, digestive disorders, back pain, loss of core stability, sleep disorders, irritable bowel, piriformis syndrome, respiratory conditions & more.
    Empower your clients through reclaiming your role in treating trauma.

    Visit or call Richmond on 0409 357 964.


    In the past 30 years allergies have increased by 400%, 1 in 4 children have asthma, breast cancer has doubled & sperm count has halved! Could these conditions be linked to our homes? Yes!
    Building biology is an exciting industry that investigates health hazards in the home. A building biologist is trained to conduct audits in electromagnetic fields & indoor air quality, identify & address allergens & drinking water quality issues, educate people about plastics, everyday chemicals to avoid, which materials to store food in, how to create a low allergy home & build a healthy home & more.

    Building Biology courses are available as a combination of distance / practical intensive training so you can study anytime, anywhere. 1300 889 845.


    Friday 25 & Saturday 26 November
    @ Amora Hotel Riverwalk, Richmond, Melbourne
    ‘Learn Super Highways to Health & Help Prevent Disease’
    Fantastic line up of 22 International & Australian speakers: keynote lectures, interactive workshops, forum discussions, Q&A sessions.
    Topics include: Global Models of Integrative Medicine – Adrenal Fatigue – ADHD – Optimising Brain Function – Cancer – Chronic Diseases – Depression & Fatigue – Gut Health – Intestinal Microbiome – Medicinal Properties of Cannabis – Mindfulness – Nutrition – Paediatrics – Physical Activities & Rehabilitation – Sleep – Who Cares for the Carer … & much more!
    Come for one or both days! Fri: 2pm-6pm + cocktail reception 6pm-7pm. Sat: 8.30am-5.30pm

    View full program & book online: Enquiries: or phone Anna: 03 9912 9542.


    Become a meditation teacher & guided meditation facilitator. High support, one-on-one coaching. Flexible, self-paced & easy to integrate into your life.
    Professionally recognised training provided. Includes taking your personal meditation practice to the next level. Fantastic range of training options including meditation for children & meditation therapy for practitioners.
    Compliments healers, teachers, social workers, counsellors; anyone helping others. Expand your practice by running groups or including meditation therapy.
    Once graduated, association membership & insurance available.

    Download prospectus: or call ACHS: 03 9807 4889.


    Enrolments are now open for the Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies HLT52215 commencing February 2017 at the Australian Shiatsu College.
    With more than 30 years experience training Shiatsu practitioners, this comprehensive, nationally recognised training is delivered on-site at our purpose-built campus in Melbourne and offers full-time and part-time study options.
    Come to our next open day on Sunday January 29th 2017, 2-5pm.

    More information:
    Australian Shiatsu College (TOID 3609)
    103 Evans St, Brunswick, Victoria, 3056
    03 9387 1161


    You just love yoga? You will love being a yoga teacher too!
    At the Australian College of Classical Yoga we teach authentic, traditional yoga.
    In yoga we leave the ego behind, and experience reality pure and simple. It’s challenging, as life is challenging.
    You’ll get in-depth training in asana, anatomy, physiology, and the vision of yoga. Your life becomes real and vibrant. ACCY trains yogis, not just yoga teachers.

    Australian College of Classical Yoga
    03 9833 4050


    The International Institute of Kinesiology Australia is the leading ICPKP kinesiology college in Sydney & has now two campuses: Crows Nest & Oran Park. We are offering our brand new syllabus for students & health care professionals who are interested in Professional Kinesiology Practice (PKP), Touch For Health, complementary & functional medicine, energy psychology, personal development & nutrition.
    The Touch For Health Certificate & K-Power workshops® are a great way to start your studies. The new K-Power® workshops offer manual therapists & lay people an exciting syllabus with proven muscle balancing protocols for the rehabilitation of RSI injuries, hip / lower back & neck / shoulder problems.
    The co-dependency workshop & Stress Release Made Easy are 2-day courses empowering graduates to handle stress better, shift from back brain/survival reactions to responding in challenging situations with confidence.
    Katha Jones is founder of IIKA & the leading expert in specialised kinesiology & Kinesiopractic® Care. She has been involved in adult education & PKP Kinesiology since 1998 & is one of only 40 Kinesiopractors® worldwide, offering private consultations in Double Bay.

    Please call for the info pack. Enrolments for 2017 are now open. 02 4648 0505.


    Ceremonial journeys; find the deepest connection with nature – the source all life energy & wellbeing.
    We sometimes feel the weight of everyday life, feeling tired & without energy; this often happens in times when we are disconnected with the natural energy source, nature itself.
    The facilitators are experienced through their own continued practice & are able to guide you through this journey of self-healing, discovery & deep energy source connection.
    2017 workshops:
    March 17-19 * April 28-30 * June 23-25 * Aug 18-20 * Sep 22-24 * Nov 17-19

    For more information: or find us on Facebook.


    An advanced system of energy healing based on ancient practices, developed to provide consistent repeatable results.
    In one weekend you’ll learn how to remove painful blocked energies & replenish the body with soothing, healing prana (life-force) to bring about physical, mental, emotional & spiritual well-being. Learn to see & feel energy, the aura & chakras!
    Next Basic Pranic Healing class is on December 3-4.

    For more information, please visit, or call Jessika at 0423 096 895.


    Certificate of Sound & Music Healing for the 21st Century.
    This course provides a gentle but powerful healing journey of the soul remembering sound, colour & music healing techniques. It is a holistic modality, incorporating body, mind & soul, able to complement any therapy.
    It is time to remember your ancient knowledge & wisdom, & be part of healing humanity. Musical experience not required, just a yearning to connect with your heart & soul, & to live the life you came here for.
    Director – Christine Morrison

    Visit 0408 181 208.


    –in a relationship?
    –at work?
    –with your family?
    –with a friend?
    Tracey Lee Hogan, empowerment coach & naturopath, can help you claim it back one heartbeat at a time.
    Her workshops give you practical steps to help recognise & readjust the patterns that may be responsible for handing your power over to others. Learn to come back to the here & now to set your intentions for the life you want to live!

    For details: or 0413 514 824.


    At Evolve we understand that true healing requires more than the wave of a crystal wand. We mentor our clients & students through deeply profound healing experiences using a unique combination of traditional crystal therapy with advanced holistic counselling & energetic healing techniques – with transformational results.
    Our accredited Certificate & Practitioner’s Diploma courses are recognised in 26 countries worldwide, with flexible study options including online/distance delivery & full-immersion healing retreats.
    So, are you ready to Evolve…?

    Evolve Holistic Healing
    0410 407 204


    Are you looking for freedom to live your life the way you want? With financial independence to allow you to make your dreams come true?
    Become an independent distributor of our products: individual courses & live seminars for personal development & success coaching.
    Partner with an international leader who provides the best training & compensation package available today, with a very simple, proven, supportive system.
    Unbelievably small outlay for huge potential income.

    For a free no obligation discussion: or call me – Kathy – today: 0404 868 054.


    Kahuna bodywork is much more than just a massage technique. It is a journey of self-discovery, where you will learn to meet and move with all that you are.
    We teach you how to access your inherent master skills through application of Kahuna Principles and martial art-style practice of Ka’aleleau. These exercises underpin Kahuna Bodywork, developing your sensitivity, rhythm, balance and focus, allowing you to feel and direct Ki (Chi) energy.

    Our Cert. IV is the only nationally recognised Kahuna Bodywork course in Australia.


    Reawaken your wild soul on this journey of transformation.
    Join Jacqui Bushell & sound healer Jane Elworthy in this experiential retreat to explore your sacred shamanic relationship with the wildly beautiful land of the French Pyrenees. Journey to ancient sites, enchanted forests & experience sacred sounds that reawaken your wise & radiant nature. Create essences & elixirs with alpine wildflowers & learn skills & techniques to deepen your communion with the earth & devic realms. Shine your soul gifts more fully in the world!


    Conscious slow sex can transform your relationship. This is tantra with a difference & is about transforming the sexual experience into love through awareness rather than technique.
    Held in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Janet & Gene gently support & guide you into a revolutionary teaching on sexuality, as created by pioneer of Slow Sex, Diana Richardson.
    Women find a place of safety & trust. Men learn to let go of the burden of performance & appreciate their role as a man.
    Past problems become insignificant & love returns with this new understanding. 0428 726 839.


    3rd to 9th January, 2017
    Start the New Year with this refreshing Festival of spirituality & rejuvenation. The Ananda Mela is filled with a diversity of programs that promise an exciting experience. Enjoy sumptuous food, uplifting meditation, yoga, relaxation & chanting.
    Lulu & Mischka, Kechak monkey dance, Ben Kashi with mystical sounds of the Persian Santoor, Francis Gilfedder presenting culturally diverse music that celebrates the celestial.
    Indigenous culture & workshops on health & wellbeing, meditation, dance & more.

    Visit or phone 0434 253 611


    Become an excellent practitioner with Kinesiology Schools Australia – KSA – the leaders in comprehensive kinesiology education in Australia.
    Study the ICPKP program written by Dr Bruce Dewe MD.
    Our internationally qualified instructors are practising kinesiologists.
    Enrol now for for Diploma HLT 52415. Classes begin 18 Feb 2017, Common Health Units available on enrolment.
    Kinesiology Excellence Seminars include working with: herbs, nutrition, weight management & self-esteem.
    Self-help courses include: Chi-Tonix Energy Fitness, Rapid Stress Release, & First Aid for Emotional Trauma. 02 6685 7991.


    – A one day masterclass where you will begin to actively shape the business & life of your heart’s desires.
    The masterclass is facilitated by Cameron Burgess, a sought-after international speaker, facilitator & mentor. Cameron is a trusted advisor, strategist & turn-around expert for many world-positive initiatives including LivingNow, The Big Issue, Kindred Magazine, Elephant Journal, the LOHAS Forum, Gaiam, the School for Social Entrepreneurs, Bioconcepts, Purepod, Food Connect & RMIT.
    Cameron is an acknowledged global thought-leader, whose fundamental teaching is to align love, knowledge & action. His clients shape organisations that serve their clients, teams, & founders equally.
    Cameron’s compassionate & dynamic nature is the wellspring for his innate genius in helping people to develop the self-compassion, creativity, & courage required to transform their own lives & fortunes.
    Cameron has personally founded over a dozen successful ventures & has been a bodyworker, meditation instructor, retreat leader, natural health clinic owner, organic restaurant founder, sustainable cleaning company director & yoga studio partner. Most recently, as the interim CEO of America’s oldest digital marketing agency, Cameron helped their business to reinvent itself, & in so doing to win increasing numbers of truly amazing clients, including Google, Samsung, & Uber.
    In the past twenty years, Cameron has travelled through more than sixteen countries, connecting with thousands of students, academics, entrepreneurs, politicians & non-profit leaders. His journey has taken him through many frontiers, ranging from remote indigenous communities, war-torn emerging countries, & even the United Nations. The core of Cameron’s discovery is that, despite different cultures, countries & contexts, all changemakers face challenges that emerge from the same, very human origin.

    World positive ventures have one thing in common: intent.

    The intent of the people that found them, fund them, & who continually strive to further their mission. Traditional approaches to strategy typically fail to recognise that the values, beliefs & philosophies of these people are both the cause of, & the cure for many challenges.
    Cameron’s new work, Make Shift Happen, has one specific purpose: to support you in immediately increasing your revenue, reach & impact. It is an action-packed day that will confront & challenge you to take immediate & irrevocable positive action. The day is as far from “inspiring edutainment” seminars as it can be. Instead, you will develop the real knowledge required to transform your mission, your life, the lives of your team, your stakeholders & everyone you touch.
    Make Shift Happen is grounded in transpersonal psychology, & is the essential next step from *being* the change to *doing* the change. Your work will start with identifying your values, & refining your vision. You will then deep dive through a sequence of beautiful questions, contemplations & creative exercises to evoke your unique genius within Culture, Strategy, Structure, Governance, Operations (including finances), Communications and Sales. In a single day, you will lay the foundation & grow a flexible framework to empower your effective, efficient & evolving future action. You will also commit to a 90-day roadmap that begins as soon as you walk out the door.
    If you would like to have it all – a business you love, that serves you, your people, & the world at large, Make Shift Happen is the ideal investment. Cameron guarantees it will deliver a return at least ten times greater than your ticket price, or he will give you your money back.

    To find out more about this program, & how it will benefit your mission, visit, or call 1300 995 379 to secure a free 30 minute business building brainstorm with Cameron.

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