There is a crack in everything – that’s how the light gets in

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Leonard Cohen famously wrote, “There is a crack in everything – that’s how the light gets in”, and for me therein lies the way through the challenge of being flawed AND accepting our flawed state.

If we want to hold onto the idea of ourselves as being separate from everything else, then of course, the idea of being flawed is potentially terrifying, but going back to Leonard Cohen’s statement, accepting our flawed state means that we start to experience who we are when we let go of our idea of being separate. I say ‘idea’ but in fact, it’s much more than that. It’s a belief of separateness that is held at the very level of the atoms within our body; so we can’t just adopt a new frame and presto! –experience non-separation.

However, when we experience the cracks, and start accepting our flawed state, the light that gets in can also get through and beyond us. We start connecting with others, situations, nature and other beings in a process that moves us to a more unified state.

A friend of mind recently experienced massive loss through two separate deaths close to him. The chaos that ensued almost consumed him, but he said, he emerged into a state of “peace without understanding” that he never imagined possible. Whether we accept the challenge of our flawed state or not, probably has no bearing on whether or not we confront it. We are all mortal and there is nothing more certain than death, and yet how many of us resist that inevitability? How many of us welcome the ageing process? How many of us say “Gotta love that arthritis!” or “Hmmm bring on that Alzheimers!”? These are all aspects of our flawed state surely? Could it be that these are simply natural processes that might bring us to that place of “peace without understanding” were we to welcome them instead of resisting them?

I believe profound things happen when we can be with a group of people and accept our own flawed states. Very simply, we can then accept everyone else’s flaws in a compassionate way that translates as creating safety and walking deliberately into tricky situations when needed without fear of what we might find. We are then truly there for the group and its purpose.

There is a great ‘Sounds True’ recording called “Breathing God”: an interview between Tami Simon and Jim Finley, a Christian mystic. Jim says that Christ consciousness occurs when there is a “simultaneous identification with the infinite AND with the divinity in all that is lost and broken within ourselves and others, and expressing that identification through love.”

I believe we are in the middle of an exciting time when we are experiencing an evolution towards a new consciousness that reflects this insight. I have no idea what it means… but it feels very good… and important.

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