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Craft exercises kids will love!

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Stimulating children’s creativity and emotional development with exposure to a variety of art forms is a most important experience. As parents, relatives, carers and/or teachers, we can provide these great opportunities.

Through reading books young children begin learning to identify with others, to develop empathy and the ability to connect. Books allow children to develop expansive imaginations, feel a range of emotions and view the world from a safe place. They are also a great way for children to develop problem-solving skills. They can follow the challenges the characters face throughout the story.

Exposing them to visual arts such as children’s theatre, entertainers, and art and craft exhibitions allows them to explore the potential to express themselves in various ways. And while they will love an afternoon at the theatre or the art gallery, teaching children hands-on craft exercises is a fun way to explore their potential. They can also develop new skills on a more frequent basis by doing things at home.


An affordable way to present kids with many varied craft options is by shopping in Spotlight’s extensive craft and hobbies department either online or in-store. If you’re not particularly crafty yourself the endless craft supplies can be somewhat perplexing! So we’ve put together a few popular craft exercises your kids are sure to enjoy.


Macramé is facing a resurgence in popularity and is an easy and popular activity for kids to enjoy. It may have been hanging pot plant holders back in the seventies, but wall hangings are this millennium’s most popular macramé projects.

Consult Spotlight’s macramé fact sheet for some basic information before downloading the project for an easy wall hanging your kids can make. For something a little different, check out the fabulously simple and colourful no-sew macramé bowls project.

jumbo-slime-projectJumbo Slime

It may be closer to cooking than craft-making, but every kid loves slime. Those smooth textures, stre-t-c-h-a-b-i-l-i-t-y, and cold, clammy feel are irresistible aren’t they! With just four ingredients and the ability to choose your colour, it’s easy to make a big, gooey glob of slimy Jumbo slime – what fun!

DIY Snow Globe

Snow globes hold a fascination for kids. Even as adults, that compulsion to pick one up and shake it is undeniable! A snowman scene is a great choice for a winter’s day craft exercise, or tailor-make your snow globe to a chosen theme – perhaps a sport scene, a beach or underwater scene or a scene from a favourite holiday destination. Spotlight’s DIY Snow Globe project is classified at an ‘easy’ level, ideal for kids.


Succulent Moss Box

Another fun craft exercise is making a Succulent Moss Box using a bamboo crate, foam bricks and succulent plants. Craft making with living things is a fabulous way for your kids to learn to create something. And, further, they can care for it afterwards. Also classified as ‘easy’, the Succulent Moss Box is a crafty way to teach them a bit about gardening. As the kids need a hot glue gun for this project you may want to supervise, and make it outdoors.

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