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Three steps to create bliss each and every day

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3 steps to help you create bliss in your daily life and become connected to your natural state of love, kindness, and compassion.

Bliss came to me spontaneously as an energetic experience 15 years ago; one that changed my life forever.

All I could feel was the divine perfection in myself and everything else. I felt totally alive with energy, joyful and complete, flowing effortlessly with life. Later I discovered I had experienced an awakening – what the yogis refer to as ‘ananda’, meaning limitless, full, and complete. This state is one of deep peace, beyond the instability that thoughts and emotions can create. Since then I share philosophies to help others create a blissful life.

We feel blissful when our energy system is open and expanded, flowing from our heart space connecting us to our natural state of love, kindness and compassion. The more conscious we are of our inner world, the more able we are to make choices that allow us to experience bliss. Our inner world consists of thoughts which create our feelings, and when unobserved can sub consciously drive our behaviour. However, when we learn to observe our thoughts and feelings, we can consciously choose our behaviour and respond to life in an empowered way. No one consciously creates a life of pain and suffering; this type of life is created unconsciously. Developing awareness of our inner world makes it possible to consciously create a life that we love.

Three steps to bliss

1. Honesty to look at our inner world

Looking at our inner world can require courage, as we may find emotions, such as sadness, anger, and fear that we may prefer not to face.

It may seem easier to deny these emotions or push back down within (known as repression). We may even want to blame others for our feelings. Both of these approaches keep us stuck in our pain, as holding onto emotions blocks our energy system. When we push against things we create pain: all pain is resistance to what is.

Observing and validating all our feelings with love (even the uncomfortable ones) allows emotions to flow through our energetic system and us to return to our natural loving state.

Consistently held negative thoughts create limiting beliefs which are responsible for uncomfortable feelings. While we are observing our feelings, we may become aware of the accompanying limiting beliefs, as we make the shift from unconscious to conscious. This new awareness gives us the opportunity to create positive beliefs that support us in creating the life we desire.

2. Finding the stillness within

We find this when we go beyond the instability that thoughts and emotions can create. When our mind is still and calm, we are free of stress and worry. There are lots of wonderful ways to train our mind to be free such as meditating, yoga, qi gong, gardening, sports, hobbies, being in nature, and doing things we love. Consciously deciding to calm your thoughts can in fact be done anytime, anywhere – even while walking or driving, for example. I call this, ‘meditation on the go’.

When we are empty of restless thoughts and emotions, there is space for us to receive the wisdom of the universal intelligence, allowing us to create a life far more magical that we could alone.

“To a mind that is still, the whole Universe surrenders.” [Lao Tzu]

When we connect to this wise, loving energy we are able to co-create our life consciously in a way that allows us to feel happy and blissful.

3. Connecting to love

Love is all around us all the time when we tap into it. In fact, we are love. Love is our essential nature, a way of being, who we truly are. When we are still and calm, we connect to our natural loving state. This is the home of our intuition (the universal intelligence speaking to us); our wise, loving voice that guides us safely on our path through life.

As well as being a noun, love is a verb; a doing word. Ways we can experience the joy and bliss of expressing love are:

  • Using our gifts and talents to make the world a better place.
  • Doing kind deeds for others.
  • Unconditional kindness and compassion towards ourselves.

Unconditional love is when we love others and ourselves, regardless of the things we find challenging, such as difficult emotions or behaviours. When we treat ourselves in an unconditionally loving way, this energy radiates from us and connects us to others.

Transcending the egoic state of selfish thinking and entering the blissful state of selfless being engages us with life, in a loving way.

The more conscious we are, the more we are able to transcend unconscious patterns of behaviour, creating a life from love rather than fear. This loving energy is the energy that creates worlds that are unlimited, full, and complete – allowing us to experience bliss every day.

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