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Creating cellular change with breathwork

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Breathwork is one of the fastest, safest methods of healing for this millennium.


Why does breathwork work so well? In our body, at the cellular level, we have anchored (both positively and negatively) all of our life’s scripts. And, as many of us are very much aware, with the metaphysical wave of information on the planet today, we have been going through our life unconsciously programming ourselves, well and not-so-well.

Thought is creative

Breathwork is a breathing technique which allows us to enhance the amount of oxygen into our cells. It activates the cellular memory, with which we have been patterning our lives. And allows it to come up for healing. We have one brain, yet we have a mind in every cell of our body. Through the breath, and the knowledge of the breathwork cycle, in a breathwork session a client can bypass the conscious mind and get into the ‘body mind’, or cellular memory, which is creating the unwanted or wanted conditions. This gives the client an opportunity to dismantle any unwanted negative patterns and keep/strengthen any positive recognised patterns. The objective of breathwork is not to erase the memory. It is to be able to have the memory without any trauma attached to it.

The technique of breathwork is based on the knowledge that thought is creative. What we think about and concentrate on, in full awareness or not, grows and expands and becomes manifest in our world. So, think what you have thought and you will get what you have gotten! We now know we are capable of having 60,000 thoughts a day. With 600 billion chemical and electrical impulses in our body for those same thoughts and the feelings attached to them.

Our cells, tissues, organs, muscles, and bones are always taking notice of what we are sending. This becomes a record of what we want to keep programmed inside us. Thus, the body becomes an outpouring messenger of our mind. Further, we resonate, and send out as an energy, what we are focusing on and ‘get read’ and magnetised to, accordingly. So, if you do not like what you are attracting, change what you are sending!

Lighter and brighter

You can choose breathwork as a healing technique to clear out that unwanted negative mental mass that you have been unconsciously programming for years (or maybe even for many past lifetimes) and get your life energy lighter and brighter. It takes about 85-90% of your energy to manufacture and hold in place a negative thought. It only takes 10-15% of your energy to think and hold positive thoughts. (Or maybe you know this one: it takes 17 facial muscles to make a smile and 43 facial muscles to make a frown!) Making it your intention to be a positive person could have you feel about eight times lighter in how you carry yourself as an energy. The process of breathwork helps you speed up the change from negative to positive.

The conscious connected breathing technique in breathwork targets where the core of the limiting beliefs is held in the body memory. By acknowledging and learning from it, the breathwork client clears it by breathing it out and replacing it with a more appropriate positive thought. Because we are changed cellularly at the atomic level moment by moment, it is only the interpretation we have placed on those cells that we hang on to and value with our life. Through the breathwork process we find out that we have simply been valuing a negative perception that is now no longer useful to us.

The Four Ps

Recognising that we have been valuing the valueless gets us deciding to work smarter, not harder, in consciousness. And because, by definition, the future is only consecutive moments of now, it is much more beneficial to choose to live the ‘Four Ps’. That is to be powerfully, passionate and positive in the present. Breathwork helps to clear out any unwanted negativity from the past. This makes space for our new values to enter. And with consistent affirming of the new, the breathwork client feels refreshed, revitalised, and renewed.

Breathwork is the greatest place to be if any unwanted scripts in you have wanted your attention to be healed. Your soul wants you to know who you really are. You can choose to use breathwork as a means to know and understand such a request. Do it sooner than later. Get in touch with your local breathwork community or find the breathwork practitioner that is right for you. Remember, if you have not got it, create it or become it! Get yourself trained as a breathwork practitioner and have a loving, rewarding, healed life.

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Robyn is a metaphysician, educator and author of the highly acclaimed book ‘Being Born’, translated internationally. She is a leading authority on birth memory and its effect on learning and performance. She is a highly experienced breathwork practitioner and trainer. Over the past 30 years she has run both individual and group sessions on personal growth for improving self-awareness, self-responsibility, self-esteem and good health. Robyn is also the membership officer and treasurer of the Australian Breathwork Association and is dedicated to ensuring that breathworkers and their communities stay connected throughout Australia.

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