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Creating from the soul

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Art is the means by which we define our society. In moments of passionate creativity of the many art forms that exist, we contribute not only to our present culture, but we leave for the future records which become an indelible imprint of our life.

As we cut fabric, splash colour, express ourselves on the stage or play the flute in the park, these artistic endeavours become the means by which future generations interpret and rationalise how we lived. Archaeologists piece together puzzles from civilisations long gone, connecting the finite clues that are linked to a past intelligence enabling us to absorb the history of these nations.

Collectively, we have in place the means by which these future guardians of our planet will resonate with our energies. As they tune in (communicate) to us through our accomplishments, they will discover much about us – the type of society that existed, the extent of our knowledge and our spirituality and so much more. In gathering this information, they then understand with greater clarity where their own journey is taking them.

This thought provides options for us to use spiritual mentors to help us develop our creativity. Under their guidance we can become the highest expression of ourselves. In other words, don’t presume we know it all. Give ourselves over to those whose job it is to steer us to higher states of awareness.

So what’s stopping us?

All it takes is a realisation of the opportunities that are available – and they are there if we wish to step into that realm and use the higher energy that waits on the sideline. Channelling saints, angels and guides is an art form in itself. But need it be difficult? Well Doreen Virtue doesn’t think so! Doreen has said that the angels are there, but their wings are tied until we talk to them.

So, to get serious about this, if we wish to enter that reflective and imaginative pathway in order to find that special something which resonates with us, maybe now is the time to talk to and ask for help from your angels and guides.

It’s also helpful to draw on those ascended spirits who were great poets, writers or artists. Just as we are willing to stand on the sidelines and cheer on the footy team, so too are our guides as they watch us develop those life skills, hoping for a call that will allow them to inspire and nurture our talents.

Achieving this can have amazing spin-offs. In our anxiety ridden world, the art of creating can lift people out of depression as their grief finds solace by burying its helplessness in pots of paint or buckets of clay. Opening up our connection to Spirit creates joy and gives us self-esteem as it take us to workshops and outings and provides companionship and a reason to rise early.

All of us at some point in our lives will spend unfulfilled periods that can last weeks or years. Too busy to look after our true inner healing aspect, we drive ourselves crazy as we torment our minds with some unrealistic notion that busy is best. We believe that the chosen career can’t be changed or that we must put ourselves last. Following our dreams can allow us to change professions and find fulfilment by earning a living doing something that rings true to our soul – or it may be to just curl up in our favourite chair and work on our hobby.

It isn’t as if ability is just for the talented or the few and that we were born without a spark of inspiration. It lurks in everyone, waiting for a signal. Hoping, excitedly predicting, it waits for the opportunity. The flame is ALWAYS there, persisting as it leads us down alleyways, into chapels, galleries and deserts, to look at sunsets, babies, gnarled trees and twisted trunks. Like sunshine it seeps inside us and merges into the hollows until we feel the joy as we reach for the brush and paint the sunset. Why do some find this pure expression of themselves and enrich their lives while others spend lifetimes wondering where they can find enrichment?

A cluttered mind is a cluttered life. Filled to overflowing, it hasn’t time to reassess and reorganise. It doesn’t sit and contemplate, dissect and analyse. Like a fool, it rushes headfirst from one challenge to another.

It’s heavy baggage dragging around 50 or 550 years of unfinished sonatas, plays or works of art. Although there are enough prompts and gentle persuading from within and without, our mind isn’t standing still long enough to heed. Yes, the angels are always busy, but often we aren’t listening.

Busy lifestyles don’t necessarily mean doing things well. And we know that quantity isn’t quality. When we are feeling jaded, dejected, frantic and unfilled from it all, then it’s time to sit still. Clear the mind. Listen. Allow the inspiration to seep through and fill the void.

Our aim should be to find a way to create that which makes life so worthwhile, and to remember that, in contemplation , we find our true self and are then able to live a richer and more fulfilled life.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. We ask ourselves, “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so other people won’t feel insecure around you…as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” [This quote is from Marianne Williamson and is popularly and incorrectly attributed to Nelson Mandela.]

So maybe it’s time to reach out for the teacher. Tune into the song that is softly playing as you begin writing that poetry. When the student is ready, the teacher appears and, as I have found, they are never far away.

This week my teacher appeared. Writing was spasmodic. Inspiration was non-existent. Problems had taken on a massive overload that had lowered my energy. Finally I decided that enough was enough. I headed for my kinesiologist. As I drove home two hours later I was thinking, restructuring and planning. A fire had been lit and I wasn’t about to let it go out. I knew it was time to make a change.

Part of the plan that emerged was to redevelop a not often used room where I would become a recluse for an hour or two each day. It would be a place to dedicate to writing only, unlike my study which had become a busy thoroughfare. No googling, answering emails or phones. No languorous rising each day without a purpose, no longer subjected to life’s bossiness. I would need a small table that I could hide away when I had finished.

The following day I walked into the hardware store talking to my friend about the visit to the kinesiologist and how I was ready to begin writing again, and there occurred that serendipitous moment that just makes you laugh – and reinforces the knowledge that the angels are always there.

I tripped over a stack of small, fold-up tables and, with a smile on my face, I picked one up!

By questioning, testing, moving energy, balancing – pulling from my subconscious the floundering being that was hiding in some vague corner, blunt pencil in hand, the ‘teacher’ helped me overcome the block.

Now I am friends with myself again. As I sit with my laptop on the new fold-up table, my angels are smiling as they channel soft music and nourish me as I write.

There are times when we need the dentist, the doctor, the crystal healer or tarot reader – or just listening to someone else’s wisdom, whether it is a neighbour, a friend or a voice on the radio. As I, the student, consciously reached out for help to re-establish my skill and my sanity, my teacher was channelling her knowledge through her art.

“The greatest gift”, said Ralph Waldo Emerson, “is a portion of thyself.”

Our hobbies are our lifeblood. They allow us to dream, to float into some void where we are singing to thousands, where a standing ovation is nothing short of what we deserve – or we visualise our artwork hanging in some gallery in a far away country, knowing that generations of collectors will study and interpret our work for decades to come. Sure we dream, but dreams, if we can hold the intensity, can, AND OFTEN DO, become reality. With a little bit of help from the angels, who sometimes are channelling through our friends, we can accomplish anything.

Lorraine Hunter is a Queensland freelance writer who enjoys contributing, by her writing, towards the understanding of how we can better develop strategies to live a happier, rewarding life, and in turn, learn from others.

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