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Creating powerful change

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Creating powerful change with kinesiology and vibrational medicine – by Katha Jones of the International Institute of Kinesiology Australia.


My true calling and passion

Believe it or not, kinesiology can not only change our lives in profound ways, it can also change our genes. It was 1998 when my life changed in profound ways as I was learning Touch For Health Kinesiology. It was also the year I dropped out of my naturopathy course feeling like a total failure, disillusioned and overwhelmed. My intuition said “Nope, we are not going this way anymore!”. Intellect said “But what about all these years of study, hard work and financial investment?”. My innate intelligence and my spirit decided to override my rational thinking, This catapulted me into the a totally new reality; the fascinating world of energy medicine and kinesiology.

This crazy decision also changed the course of my professional trajectory. 20 years later I am still helping and teaching people how to create their own reality using energy medicine, specialised kinesiology and vibrational medicine.

Vibrational medicine

Diagnosis and treatment of illness based on the idea that we are all unique vibrational energy systems. Using this paradigm it is possible to identify different types of illness or health problems based on the knowledge of the different frequencies of energy that can be measured coming from the human body. The physical body is surrounded by an energy bubble, called the aura. An expansive and colourful aura is a sign of vibrant optimum health and we feel great, mentally, emotionally, physically & connected to our true self. Did you ever spend time with negative or unhappy people? You probably walked home feeling tired and exhausted after your encounter. Some of us are more susceptible to the negative energetic charge (frequencies) than others.

There are many examples of vibrating energy: sound, light, colour, radiowaves, X-rays and microwaves. Vibrational energy takes into account all forms of vibrating energy. Albert Einstein’s famous formula E=mc2 describes how matter and energy are interrelated and interchangeable. This means that matter and energy are two different forms describing the same thing. Cells contain molecules that are made up of atoms. Einstein’s theory was tested and proven at the atomic level, hence the human body can be said to be composed of different types of vibrating energy.

The vibrational model

We are multidimensional beings trying to have a human experience on this planet called Earth. Our chi, prana, life force can get zapped by stressful events, trauma, challenges we need to overcome, injuries, toxic relationships or subconscious limiting beliefs that hold us back from expressing our true potential. Emotions and feeling are energy in motion and determine how we experience our current reality. Our emotions in this model relate not just to neuro-chemical reactions in the limbic system of the brain but are also influenced by a greater spiritual energy field. Our reactions to life’s events are not just recorded in our memory but they also affect seven major energy centres of the body, our chakra system, and are responsible for our behaviours, life patterns, attitudes, thoughts and beliefs as well as psychological problems associated with the central nervous system.

The acupuncture system and “Functional Neurology”

Eastern medicine has been using the acupuncture system for thousands of years to restore harmony to the physical body, the nervous system, the mental and emotional plane and the chakra system. The meridian system is a network of channels throughout the body through with our precious life force, chi, is flowing. In Chinese philosophy, illness is a direct cause of an imbalance in the flow of chi. Each meridian and acu-point resonates with specific emotional and spiritual information and values. They can be restored to balance and harmony.

In kinesiology we refer to the interface between muscles – meridians and organs as “Functional Neurology”. We can use specific muscle tests to assess and evaluate your current level of meridian energy and vitality. The more muscles unlock during this assessment, the more your vital life force is blocked. Energy medicine and kinesiology techniques offer a non-invasive, rebalancing process that empowers you to take more control of your health, life and the decisions you make to create a more positive and exciting future.

Initiating powerful change: neuroplasticity of the brain

I have been working as a specialised kinesiologist for 20 years. In the 90s and 2000s we had no official proof that our brain and neurology is truly plastic and able to change in profound ways.

In May 2015 I was lucky enough to attend Dr Norman Doidge’s lecture on neuroplasticity in Sydney. He published two extraordinary books on the topic of neuroplasticity, “The Brain’s Way of Healing” and “The Brain That Changes Itself“. He even signed my personal copy of his book which I have reread several times. His extensive research over seven years has proven that our brains are neuroplastic. In other words we can change and heal in profound ways. You are no longer destined to suffer from genetic illness that used the be passed down from one generation  to the next.

The discoveries of the 21st century are truly amazing. And we have so much more choices and options to take charge of your health care regime by receiving effective energy medicine and kinesiology balances.

The International Institute of Kinesiology Australia is offering a new intake for the Touch For Health Kinesiology Certificate (8 day course) and a one year Kinesiology Practitioner course (25 day course):

Touch For Health Certificate: Intake 4/5 August 2018

  • TFH 1: 4/5 August   
  • TFH 2: 25/26 August 
  • TFH 3: 15/16 September   
  • TFH 4: 6/7 October

Enrolments are now open

International Institute of Kinesiology Australia

Katha Jones

Ph: 02 4648 0505


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  1. As always very interesting to read – too bad that I am so very far away…if I were closer I would take advantage of your profound knowledge regularly!

  2. Great information Katha, thank you for passing on your knowledge.

  3. I really enjoyed the article. Epigenetics supports what Katha writes about the biological change through experience. The clarity of the writing and concepts testify that she deeply knows what she talks about thanks her daily practice.

  4. It is very interesting. Not sure on changing genetics. Will have to look into that.

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