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Creative Visioning for 2013

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Dearest Readers

As we enter a new year, I feel guided to share a few ideas and suggestions for creatively visioning in and planning the coming year.

For over a decade, I have been assisting clients, family members, and friends to create vision boards and vision plans to help them focus on what they hope to attract into and achieve in their lives. This has been rewarding work, watching the great joy when someone discovers something exciting about themselves, and the potentiality of their future. The amazing shifts that happen during the creation of vision boards and plans never ceases to amaze me.

Creating vision boards and plans seems to be incredibly effective when all parts of ‘Self’ are considered in the dreaming process. If you take the time to divide your life into significant parts and think about what you would like to attract or create in each of these areas, you may well be pleasantly surprised at the outcomes.

To make it easy to do this, I guide people around a ‘Sacred Circle Map” that I have put together. The map takes in the four cardinal directions, the East, North, West, and South.

  • In the East we are concerned with our sense of self- our self worth and our life’s direction. We can call this our Spirit Body.
  • In the North – we consider out health and wealth. This is our Physical Body.
  • In the West we consider our relationships. The place of the Heart.
  • In the South we take into account our communication – with ourself, and our High Self. This is the direciton of our Mind.

People walking in fieldIf you are interested in ‘dreaming’ in 2013 in a more conscious way, perhaps you could take time to consider each of the directions and write a list of things your would like to attract or create for each of these areas. The simple process of doing this will often be enough to activate the creation of your dreams. The Universe will be pleased with your clarity and direction, and you will have a clear focus for the part you can play in manifesting what you need to feel fulfilled.

It has been my experience that a number of factors will positively impact on the manifestation process:

  • You are clear about what you want, and believe you are worthy of it’s creation.
  • You express gratitude daily to create more light and joy in the world and to build a positive energetic field around you.
  • You know what self-beliefs might prevent your dreams from coming true and are working on healing and transforming these.
  • You trust in yourself, and your journey.
  • You are prepared to surrender over the bigger picture of how and when the manifestation will occur to the Universe.
  • And, you are prepared to set and carry out goals and tasks daily to do as much as you can for the successful creation process.

Enjoy the process, and the wonderful outcomes that are sure to come your way.



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