Darkness Before Dawn

Darkness Before Dawn: Redefining the Journey Through Depression

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by Tami Simon

Paperback 226 pages
Depression is at epidemic levels and there is no shortage of books already on this topic, but Tami Simon – editor of this insightful anthology – makes it very clear that this one is significantly different. If you are expecting another book about anti-depressants or other familiar therapies, you might be surprised by the approach that Darkness Before Dawn takes: This book is not meant to ‘fix’ us, but to befriend, accompany and inspire us in our depression.

It’s a refreshing and brave approach because it takes the view that people who are living with depression aren’t ‘broken’. In fact, this collection of thoughtful essays has been compiled with one very bold intention at its very heart: to radically shift the way we perceive the experience of depression.

Simon has commissioned essays and interviews from a number of contributors, including renowned author Thomas Moore. They write about depression as a spiritual journey, a heroic passage and a form of ingenious stagnation. Others offer searing truths (“Despair Cracks Open Our Hearts”) and some offer ways to work with your depression using breathwork and other strategies to reconnect.

Each author generously offers up their own experiences and reflection, always seeking to reassure and empathise with the reader. It’s exactly what makes Darkness Before Dawn such a valuable treasure-trove of wisdom and insight.

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