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A client’s stubborn chest pains and lethargy reveal an insight into an ayahuasca journey in her past.


We are in a dense forest and the pink sky is transiting to purple. The undergrowth around us fluoresces with an other-worldly brilliance. I hear the plants whispering to each other. The elements also communicate in their own colourful patterns and vibrations. It is overwhelming. It looks like Earth but there is more here. We seem to be having a deeper, expanded, hallucinogenic experience of a reality similar to ours.

Lying in my crystal mandala, Joy has commanded her body to take us to the moment her lung condition started, and we are immediately transported to this sensual environment.

Do you recognise this place? I telepath, as I feel myself being consumed by the richly textured, bright, surreal, moving patterns emanating from the plants around us. Perhaps we are on another planet. Her answer surprises me.

Yes, I remember being here. It was amazing…

My client Joy is lean and muscular, one of the new breed of therapists who takes wellness very seriously. This woman works out. Not for her the wafting, layered, white fabric of her peers that creates an air of soft angelic ambience while concealing the softer, more rounded form of the less active healer. Joy’s preferred style of compression tights and clinging tops screams, ‘I work out, I juice, and I love it!’.

I sense under her calm exterior a wired intensity that she hides well from her clients. Although fit, she suffers from an underlying tiredness and an aching in her lungs that will not go away or respond to her own methods of healing.

We are in South America and I am experiencing a sacred shamanic journey led by my guide Juan. It was an incredible experience…. Why do I feel apprehensive? Joy telepaths.

–Your body is about to show us the moment your lung condition started.

As a time traveller I witness her shamanic journey, mostly a revelatory expansion into nature, which she is happy to revisit. As I observe, my scan of her body reveals several probable reasons for her discomfort. She will not enjoy discovering the cause of her lung pain.

The location of the other-worldly jungle around us now makes sense to me. We are re-experiencing an ayahuasca journey. A potent mix of plants, ayahuasca triggers an experience close to an LSD trip but very much aligned with the plants and animals in the surrounding environment. Now, as it’s an expanding tourist experience, the use of these plants may not always be used in a traditional sacred space or with an initiated shaman or priest.

In this case her local guide considers his job done once the vomiting has subsided. After that he does not take any responsibility for their guidance or protection, believing that all they experience is perfect.

Joy notices herself becoming distracted by a tiny, playful, dragon-like being that eventually asks to stay with her.

–I don’t remember this part…

She sees the moment that she gives permission, in her altered state, for the playful sprite to stay and play with her some more. Its energy shifts into a less pleasant, almost ravenous being that enters her body through her mouth as she breathes in, making its way to her lungs, where it relaxes into its comfortable new home and energy supply.

Removing it is straightforward; it knows it can only stay as long as it has her permission. After pointing this out it offers little resistance and returns to its jungle home

–How do your lungs feel now? 

No ache; completely clear. Is this possible?

–Of course, you have removed the source of the pain. 

Does that mean I will no longer feel drained all the time?

–Not yet; there is more. Command your body to take you to the moment this feeling of being drained started.

We return to the end of her unprotected shamanic journey with Juan. He walks around the bedraggled groups of Westerners in various states of consciousness. Most are unaware of the positions their bodies have assumed during their psychedelic journey. We see him take a particular interest in Joy, whose loose skirt has risen up her body to expose her thighs.

He stands over her and closes his eyes, projecting his consciousness between her legs, feeding off her vitality and latent sexuality.

This is disgusting! Joy is flabbergasted.

Rather than removing himself from her as she returns to full consciousness, he pushes deeper inside, leaving a hook that will create a permanent connection between them. This is a free energy source for Juan, who is avoided by the local girls because of his reputation as an energy leech. Some even call him a vampire.

Now I understand where my energy is going. No wonder I feel so tired.

–How has your sexual energy been since your trip?

Totally depleted. How do I deal with this creep?

–We will invite him into no time-space and have a chat. Don’t buy into his aggression or threats by becoming angry. That actually makes you more vulnerable and feeds him. Stay calm and please allow me to speak on your behalf.

Juan is not happy about our discovering his free energy ride and threatens me with terrible reprisals for interfering with his abuse of Joy. But I don’t buy into threats; I am not one to allow bullies to intimidate. He senses that his efforts to destabilise Joy and me are futile.

–In order to complete this healing and be totally free of this confused individual you must forgive him.

Joy takes a moment to compose herself. She is in no mood to forgive. Eventually she feels the wisdom of my words and releases him through forgiveness, and he detaches. She completes the process by saying out loud…

“You may not return without my conscious, written permission.” She sighs as she feels whole again.

Our post session discussion is brief. Joy has learned a lot about discernment and her own naïveté. Her curiosity and desire to experience a drug-induced shamanic journey got the better of her and she did not choose her guide well.

She does have one burning question: ”Why was my journey with you so safe? How did we get to such an expanded state without taking drugs?”

“Before my clients arrive I cleanse and protect this sacred space. The crystals are arranged to gently expand your consciousness, and this is the sole purpose of the mandala you lie in. My focus is on your divine highest good. I think Juan may have had other motivations.”

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