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Dear Fellow Adventurers December 2015

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Jena Griffiths, who is one of our authors and advertisers and a teacher of professional hand analysis courses on reading life purpose from fingerprints, wrote this very wise and beautiful piece for us on conscious mourning. They are probably the most intelligent and succinct words I’ve read in a plethora of emails and articles about what to do about people in places of suffering, especially Paris, Syria and Kenya right now.

“You can’t rescue someone by jumping overboard too.

“The German word for compassion is Mitgefefühl (to feel with) or Mitleid (to suffer with) but this could be a catastrophe for us or the world in general unless we do it consciously. This is why the Dalai lama says it is time to stop praying for Paris. The real purpose of prayer, meditation, gratitude or any spiritual practice is to shift your mood to a higher frequency or level of consciousness, so that you can then experience the world differently. This is why you need to do whatever makes you feel uplifted and expanded. Celebrate, enjoy music, nature, play, pray too, if that elevates your mood. Be a bringer of light rather than darkness.

“Yes. We do need to ‘feel with’ deeply, because you can’t let go of something unless you are already holding it. If you feel the pain without re-igniting it with a story, you can then release it and move back to a higher resonance.

“How? Stop believing your thoughts! Our thoughts don’t actually belong to us. They belong to whatever frequency we are currently visiting. Use your thoughts as a compass to see what level you are on right now. Don’t make anyone else wrong. They are simply tuning into a different frequency of the universal mind of God.”

I hope you will read Jena’s words over and over like I have, taking them into your heart and being. I personally think they just about sum up the whole raison d’être for life. What do you think?

I went to an introductory workshop once where the guy just sat on the stool and said that there was nothing to be said. In my more cosmic moments I totally get that, but I doubt that it sold bums on seats for him. Our minds want more to play with. I am mentioning this now because, when I re-read Jena’s words above, I keep getting wowed by their simplicity and power, and go into a cosmic quiet space and cannot come back for a while.

Interestingly and synchronously, Laura from North Fitzroy wrote to us the other day telling us how she found the whole of one LivingNow did the same for her too:

“I still remember the first time that I picked up a LivingNow magazine. It was over two years ago now, and I had recently returned home to Melbourne after spending six months adventuring around the Motherland, India.This particular morning I was craving knowledge, I was hungry for deeper learning and for a community that understood the changes I had gone through on my recent spiritual journey. I was back in a world so familiar yet was feeling so lonely and misunderstood.

After floating out of a yoga class, the first thing that greeted me at the door was a generous pile of LivingNow magazines. I didn’t hesitate to pluck one from the pile, and I felt a curious excitement at what I was about to immerse in. I spent the whole morning sitting under gum trees drinking in every word of every article. I had found what I was looking for.”

This very issue is another one like that. I am confident you will find the answers you are looking for in most articles and ads too. They are answers to your own dilemmas and also the global dilemmas. In particular, for global dilemmas, there are some items I wish to draw your attention to:

The ad on p.45 gives you the Great Invocation, which is an answer for many.

The interview with Deva Premal and Miten, p.12, provides different answers to appeal to possibly a different set of people.

There are six stories in this issue headed ‘Shifting Paradigms’. These are such insightful articles written by six of the presenters at the 12th December conference in Melbourne of the same name. One in particular seems a little out of place in LivingNow, as it’s about the need for an agricultural policy for Australia, but believe me, it’s powerful and amazing, and seems so right and necessary –do read it.

And as usual every ad and every article has answers on health, well-being, happiness and meaning. What an honour to bring them to you. We are grateful.


With love

Elizabeth Jewell Stephens

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