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Dear Fellow Adventurers Jan-Feb 2016

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The answer to all our woes is between our ears – yep, it’s our brains. We make up our minds that we are okay at some things, deficient in others, that our bum looks big in this, or we’re not handsome or sexy enough. Then we make up our minds about other people – that they are unthinking or even cruel, they are well-meaning but too self-centred, that they are lazy, that they are luckier or cleverer than us. Then we make up our minds about the world – it is unfair, unjust, that we deserve better than we’ve been dealt.

I won’t go on. You’ve well and truly got the picture and, even if the actual descriptions don’t apply to your situation, you will be able to see that there are similarities to things you’ve decided.

Once you’ve decided them, you know what happens next, don’t you!? You, or your brain, or the Universe – you choose – starts to make it reality.

Then you get to react to your situation and usually think it’s out of your control and that you had nothing to do with creating it. You reinforce it by lamenting it over and over again. Your brain then has another trick of saying, ‘Well, of course I cannot say that I am healthy, or I am prosperous, or I am happy, when it’s obvious that I’m not.’ So you stick with the logical grumble, and that keeps reinforcing the situation, digging your rut a bit deeper with every moan.

My own way out of various sticky morasses like this has been to ask questions about how things can get better than this, and how to bring my required result into being. I got this questioning idea from Gary Douglas, and it’s opened up my life so much.

On top of that I chant, and, unless you also chant, you won’t believe what a huge help that is to clear out ‘crap’ in my head and in my life.

There are other ways too. Indeed, there are stories in this issue that will help you. Please turn to the articles by Jena Griffiths on pages 8 and 40, and to Dr Darren Weissman’s story about healing the inner critic on page 8, and Kathryn Hand’s article on page 42. Then, to inspire you to dream a new and positive dream, read Chip Richards’ story on planting the seeds of our dreams on page 24 – and if you read it online, it has a gorgeous short video to go with it.

Then we have emotions to deal with – what fun. A friend of mine was very cross the other day because her daughter sat her Year 12 exams when she was very sick and, although she got some form of compensating mark, it means that her university entrance has been jeopardised. My friend was furious with the system, almost puffing steam out of her head and flames out of her mouth. When she went home she told her husband and brother-in-law that when she got so angry she just had to rant and rave and ‘boil over’. Her husband told her that his reaction to that situation was to shut down and go into himself, while his brother-in-law said that he goes shopping to appease the angst.

Have you ever worked out what you do to compensate? What do you do? Do you know how to handle your emotions?

There are dozens of practitioners in these pages who can also help you move to a new space – whether it be a gentle, healing hand or a kick in the butt – they are here to help. This would not have been possible a century ago, while in the days of the Inquisition, these healers would have been burnt at the stake or drowned. Make the most of these people while you have them!

Thank you for being our reader, and may you have a super duper 2016.


With love

Elizabeth Jewell Stephens

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