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Dear Fellow Adventurers July 2016

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Elizabeth steps aside after 27 years

This will be the last time I write those words to you in this magazine. I am handing over the role to my daughter, Emma, who is the owner of the business now.

The magazine is 27 years old this month [July 2016]. I am also 27 years older than Emma – so she will be taking this role when she is the same age as I was when I started the magazine (give or take a few months as she’s an Aires while I’m a Virgo).

I have felt very supported by you, my reader, over the years, and I believe, from speaking with countless readers individually, that you have felt supported by my work with this publication. Thank you for your gratitude.

I used to talk lots about my own processes and growth in this editor’s letter, to illustrate a point I was making, in an attempt to tie a story or theme from that issue into everyday life. I don’t do that very much now. There are two reasons:

(1) Because of my weird Asperger’s sense of humour, I would often tell you the very worst of the stories (often not painting me in a good light, but quite humorous in a self-deprecating way) to ensure the message was totally clear. This had the effect of making some people write to me to tell me to do a certain procedure to fix my problem, when in fact I had it sorted, and that was why I was able to now relate it and even laugh at it. I figured if they thought I was still dealing with it, then many others would too. Due to ‘social consciousness’ I guess, I became concerned that too many people would think the editor was a no-hoper. I read a passage in a book this morning to that effect: “[Following inner guidance] sounds like such a foolish thing to do, especially if they have to face other people and explain why they are doing what they are doing. One of the very strong pressures in a seeker’s life is the social consciousness:

What will people think? What will people say?” [The Slow Burning Love of God, by Harold Klemp, p.227]

(2) Some people got unsettled by my editorials and thought that, if I was telling that much bad stuff about myself, and the magazine, then there must be a whole lot more under the surface. Again, many people on the autism spectrum have a blabbermouth. I was telling the lot, but they were not to know that. The very worst situation I ever had was when I said the magazine was in financial need. Some beautiful souls subscribed to the magazine and we got donations as well – about $3,000 came in from readers. However, many advertisers got the wobbles and that month we lost about $30,000 worth of advertising, and that trend continued for a long time. My husband (now my ex, Terry) and I had to prop up the magazine by selling our house and putting in everything we owned. So you see how we went from the frying pan to the fire, and I learned how it was not such a good idea to tell it all. However, it often takes initiation by fire to get the message doesn’t it?

I can tell you that there were lots of other messages that came with that experience, and I think I am still working them out. So I’m not ready to talk about them yet. I reckon, at this stage, and going by my inner guidance, I will be ready to talk about them in about 2020.

I will be staying on until early next year, supporting Emma in this role, and to begin with, will still be doing most of the editing work as she rearranges other things in the business in her role as director, but I am stepping back to be assistant editor.

In fact, I’ve been guided to do this by my dreams. Luckily over the years, I’ve had dream after dream to guide me. When I listened to them and interpreted them correctly, life went swimmingly. I think I’ve only mentioned once previously in these 27 years that I am a member of the organisation known as Eckankar (because of my desire to give all paths a fair go in this magazine). The book above is a book by the leader of Eckankar, Harold Klemp. I’m telling you now because I want to share just how useful a path it is. Their take on dreams is that they are one of the ways God speaks to us. I’ve certainly found that to be the case. Another thing that may sum up Eckankar is, “In ECK, we don’t have the concept of a savior, because we’re not saving anybody from anything – unless we’re helping people save themselves from themselves.” [p.229 of the above book].

If you are interested to find out more about Eckankar and dreams, but not ready yet to plunge into a path with a funny name, then you can buy a copy of my book, ‘Seven Angels Helped Me’, which has appendices about past lives, dreams and Eckankar, among other things. Details are on p.31 of this magazine.

What’s going to happen to me next year? Well, frankly, I cannot exactly tell that at the moment, and the chapter I was guided to read this morning from the above book was entitled, ‘Just keep moving ahead’.

I hope you, dear reader, will give Emma, and the magazine, the support you’ve given me, as she will now be offering you her support in terms of providing quality stories, useful advertisements and in helping this great community to thrive.

Thank you to the many beautiful advertisers who continue to advertise when the social consciousness tells people that print is dead (though the reality is that for niche magazines print is having its Renaissance!), and these advertisers are the ones who pay for the magazine you have in your hands. Would you do me a favour and make a point to tell them that you saw them in LivingNow?

Until we meet again
I wish you so much love

Elizabeth Jewell Stephens


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