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Dear Fellow Adventurers June 2015

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I know that I’ve said similar things before, but I’ve just got to say it this time too, as it’s true again: our June magazine is so wonderful. I really think you’ll find so many great opportunities for your growth and enlightenment within these pages –whether it be in the Courses and Workshops feature (pages 28–34), through accessing the great products and services of any of the advertisers on the pages (and/or on the website and in the app, for that matter), or in the inspiring stories throughout.

Perhaps it’s a little odd that I feel so impressed with our stories (and the whole magazine in general, really), but we do put SO much of ourselves into each edition to get it to you in the best way that we can, and, on the whole, we’re delighted to be doing so. Sometimes it’s a little harder when it’s a beautiful, sunny day outside, and we’re stuck in the office doing deadlines. We’re a dedicated, hard-working, heart-open bunch; and actually, despite being Australia’s largest holistic magazine, with around 65,000 copies being printed every month, there are just two or three of us in the core team. We’re such tough little workers–and now seems a good time to introduce you to them, albeit in order to say farewell to Bianca! But back to Bianca in a bit. (I DO love alliterations!)

Meanwhile, the rest of the core team comprises Emma (Emma Stephens, owner/CEO) and Juzzy (Justine Dyas, website manager) and me.

Emma Stephens

Justine Dyas
We also have a few other casual people –all fantastic, of course –and the contractors who do the plethora of jobs involved in getting this publication created and into your hands; including and not limited to designers, bookkeepers, printers, and delivery people!

As for Bianca, well, she was a chef before she came to work with us, and, while many of the advertisers have had the pleasure of her cooking up a great deal for them over the last year or so, she has chosen to go back to the kitchen…we’re secretly hoping that she’ll hate it and come back to us ;-).

Bianca Faure

Actually, as much as we are willing her to come back, Bianca may well want to stick with being a chef again; so, with all this staff talk, there is a possibility we want extra help.

Therefore, if you’re highly computer competent and experienced in databases, good at over-the-phone sales and excellent at being friendly, we may just be interested to speak with you. Phone Emma on 03 9842 1896 and tell her why we might want to consider you for our team.

Back to what’s in this magazine: there are some stunners in terms of the ahas which give a ‘hit between the eyes’ and the beautiful word pictures. You will have fun discovering them for yourself. The main theme which has arisen and streaks through a few stories is that the journey is the important part –more than the destination. Golly, every month we have a destination of being on time to upload the pages to printer. Funny how the lessons in the magazine seem to be there for us, as much as for you.

Let’s face it, life is funny all round, as I’m sure you’ve noticed many a time.

Thanks for letting us share it with you.


With love,

Elizabeth Jewell Stephens 

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