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Dear Fellow Adventurers June 2016

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I’d like to share with you a beautiful example of choosing one’s perspective, and seeing things with grace and opportunity. Recently I needed to reject an article by Sue Besomo, offering though that she could resubmit it. Here’s her beautiful response:

“Thanks for the opportunity to resubmit the article Elizabeth. When I looked at it again today and saw its fragmented state, I recognised that I had made submitting it in a hurry more important than the reader’s experience. 

As I looked again at Søren’s [Ventegodt] work for a simpler subject, I found some new material that was relevant for my own personal growth. So rather than fixing up the fragmented article, I spent the time retrieving a few lost fragments of myself!

So thank you again for your skill in identifying what works and what doesn’t. Had the article ‘worked’, I might have missed out on what I needed today.”

Something which is very important to many of us here at LivingNow, and in the wider community – and which our cover article discusses in part – is the state of our environment. A friend of Emma’s, Tania Kavathas, has recently sent an open letter to members of parliament, and we thought that you might be inspired by it too:

RE: The extinction of the the Fairy (Leadbeater’s) possum

Dear fellow human who has a heart and probably a family,

Do you really want this to be YOUR legacy?

Do you want to be remembered as the person or team of people who allowed the extinction of a rare and unique species of Australian animal to be wiped out, on YOUR watch?

No amount of salary renumeration would ever be worth this genocide, to balance out the dread and shame on your conscious.

Let’s get real here. I could list numerous points as to why the Leadbeater’s possum should (quite obviously) be protected, but that would be insulting your intelligence.

Let’s instead use common-sense. At the end of your life, when you look back and assess the kind of impact you had on this one precious planet you were fortunate enough to be born onto, and the position you held to make decisions which affect an entire species and their extinction, do you really want to have that as memory of something you enabled?

Would you like to share the story of the Leadbeater’s possum extinction with your grandchildren, nieces, nephews or neighbours?

Not really something to brag about, is it?

Oh, but you made a good salary, and you achieved KPIs for a government corporation that ultimately gave no care about you.

Good job. You are humaning in the reverse.

True humanity conserves, protects and lives in natural harmony with its environment. It respects and shows love to all beings that inhabit the earth.

Time to look at your self and your decision on a deeper level, friend. I know you have it in you, because you are human. I encourage you to use your heart to make decisions on this matter.

Money comes and goes, but species extinction is irreversible.

There is always a more humane way. Seek it.

We welcome lovely new staff. For a while it’s just been a tiny team doing all the work; so now we’re gratefully spreading the workload across a few more.


With love

Elizabeth Jewell Stephens


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