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Dear Fellow Adventurers March 2015

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“Storms and hurricanes are not just coastal weather phenomena. They also represent the weather patterns of the mind. You are the centre of it all. Yet, at the eye of the storm is the still point, which is free from stress, struggles and suffering. You can unveil the ocean of peace and happiness that lives within you.” [Shanti Gowans, yoga, meditation and ayurveda teacher].

We have quite a few articles in this issue that remind us of the need to be mindful, the need to be in The Zone, and to meditate. They have practical ideas and exercises for you to achieve dropping into your heart, and the centre of your being.

I did a workshop about smiling to my heart once. I thought it was to be a tricky thing that I had to learn. Now I believe it is a natural thing that we can simply do. It’s just that we have never been told to try it. You might like to try it. Just think of your heart and smile to it. Then see how much more relaxed you become. Hold it for longer and you will feel even better. If you get a chance to do such a workshop, then please do it, because what I described is just the beginning. However, I wanted to use this as an example of how complex our brains make things when they are not. Bruce Lee is quoted by A.C. Ping  on p.10 in his article on being in the flow: “The less effort, the faster and more powerful you will be.”

This applies to learning to meditate too. Gee, for my first class on meditation about 35 years ago I kept looking for the key to it all. My brain was so focussed on finding something, that I couldn’t relax into it. There are many ways to meditate (and you’ll find quite a few in these pages) but to me the starting point is to know it is a natural state and to relax and let it happen. The more you practise, the more easily you can get into The Zone –and see Michael Sternfeld’s powerful article on p.24.

On our cover and on p.16 we have Zen Honeycutt who is standing up to Monsanto for food safety. My partner doesn’t think there is anything wrong with Round-up weedkiller. I can’t wait for him to read this and hope he sees he’s been hoodwinked by the marketing machinery and also, just because it’s been in use for 40 years, doesn’t make it safe. Look at asbestos, cigarettes, even cocaine which apparently early psychiatrists recommended to their patients. Indeed, Zen is showing that Round-up is compromising immune systems and is at the bottom of food allergies that abound these days.

Martin Oliver tells us about the present witch hunt regarding homeopathy, a highly efficacious modality, from my own experience, and has been shown many times to work on babies and animals –hello! they can’t use mind over matter or rig the results. See p.33.

Martin also writes that a leaked document reveals that, from 1st April this year, insurance companies will stop 17 holistic therapies from being rebatable by health funds. There is a list of them in that article on p.44. It’s being quietly brought into being. Let’s stop it. I am going to send this article out in an email and hope you do too. You will find it on our website. The most important thing is to contact the authorities, and Martin provides us with relevant contact details. I know from personal experience that, when enough of us write to our MPs, action is taken.

Do go to to enter our survey –see p.29 for details of great things you could win.

Do you remember Hong Curley from our front cover of Jan/Feb issue? She had so many people contact her and ask about their problems that she has answered some of them in print –see pages 50, 52 and 54. If you’d like to ask her a question yourself, please address your email the editor.


With love,

Elizabeth Jewell Stephens

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