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Dear Fellow Adventurers March 2016

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Did you know that you are more likely to respond to a stubbed toe than an imbalanced emotional state? That is what Kendall Salzman tells us in her article in the kinesiology feature this issue.

It sounds humorous but, thinking about it, it does seem likely. It’s most often easier to fix a stubbed toe.

I guess the people in our family are more likely to respond to the imbalanced emotional state as they have to put up with our dysfunctions.

Really, I often think we should subtitle this magazine “how to get rid of your dysfunctions.” Why, in this very issue, there is just about every possible way to do so – in both article and ad format. You’ll enjoy finding them I am sure. There are paths for people who like physical ways of dealing with both mental and physical issues; methods for people who want to think it to bits, wresting and grappling with a problem like a dog with a bone; and techniques for those who really get into emoting – but here’s the thing: they all work.

Speaking of a path that works – I have to really recommend kinesiology. It’s a fabulous modality that is sometimes hard to pin down as it has so many different ways of expressing itself. We are proud to give you a dozen stories about kinesiology here in a feature. You’ll find a really rich canvas painted with articles that are interesting, informative and an enjoyable read.

Next month the editorial feature that we have planned is on meditation and mindfulness. So if this is your field of expertise, do get in touch with us – pronto – as we launch into the next one almost before this one hits the streets. Both articles and ads are welcomed.

Some very wise people say that love is the bottom line – it’s the glue of the universe. Even popular songs tell us so. Therefore doesn’t it stand to reason that we should learn to love ourselves first? Read A.C. Ping’s article in this issue for his usual pithy wisdom plus a reminder to do the self-love thing, and his summation of the problems we often face is that fear is at the bottom. Douglas Cooney’s article also tells us about self-love.

Of course we are bringing you lots and lots of health advice as usual, spirituality and personal development, plus some relationships help and a few social and environmental commentaries – something for the whole person. Look at Martin Oliver’s article on dandelion dollars. Do you think we could start that here too?

What do you think of our new look this time? I hope you enjoy the look and feel and the better quality. I have not felt it yet, because, as you realise, I am writing this before it is printed, but it is likely that it feels thinner than the last one. This would be because the paper we are using tends to tamp down more, and the previous paper fluffed up. However, it is 72 pages long – and you’ll see plenty of variety of stories in that.

We would like to welcome the Alliance for Natural Health to this issue. We have agreed on a collaboration where they provide us each issue with their well-researched and beautifully written articles and their invitation for you to join their email newsletter (no cost to you). They are based in the UK, and do amazing work, globally. If you have a particular topic that you would like to see examined, please feel free to drop a line to and you may very well see an article here in future. Their article this issue is on tampons – perhaps you will read it and pass it on to friends and relos!


With love


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