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Dear Fellow Adventurers May 2016

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Golly – so many people are struggling at this time, aren’t they?!

People from all walks of life are doing it hard, and a friend of mine the other day was nearly hysterical about the state of the world – only 20% of students matriculating will be offered tertiary placements, there are no jobs for graduates, etc. – and what is she to do about it?

Really, the answers are so simple if we would only do what is within our own realm to do – ensure that we are living to our best abilities, aiming to grow personally and spiritually, and not negatively impacting others.

Maybe that’s too simplistic for you and you want more ‘meat’… then read the article by Søren Ventegodt explaining how to become whole again, covering what makes us ill in the first place, what we require for healing, and concluding with pertinent advice on how to seize the meaning of life – very powerful words.

Mind you, it would really help if you stopped listening to the news, if you asked some of our advertisers to help you, and if you read our articles. For instance, if you believed the news, you’d be likely to believe the ‘latest’ that we should not be saying that breastfeeding is natural. Really!? What is the world coming to? Read the article .

I suppose much of the stress of living today is caused by overwhelm and the perception of time speeding up (and some of us even think it is a fact that time is speeding up, and not just a perception!). Whether it is perception or reality, it sure is stressful. So I am excited to let you know that we have an impacting article by Howard Martin of Heartmath fame about the rhythm of life. Both he and Sydney writer Stephen Denham have come to the conclusion that the acceleration is offering us a gift for personal and spiritual development.

Other people are stressed about their future, and want to know if they are following their right path of employment, or if they should change their profession. No, we don’t have an article to say to you, “Look Joanne, you’d be better off as a chef”, but we do have an article addressing vocation. The author, Suzanne Cremen Davidson, gives us insightful and engaging advice about how to awaken to our vocation (and maybe a new one) in the afternoon of life.

Remember that we learn through painful experiences – they bring us to a point where we can no longer ignore what is happening in our lives or bodies, and then we simply must grow to break through to a new level, as observed so beautifully by Anaïs Nin:

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”.

We at LivingNow are honoured to be able to bring you the information, or the entree point for you to access the required tools, to be able to move through whatever situation you are currently going through and to flower profusely.


With love

Elizabeth Jewell Stephens

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