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Debriefing the body: when talking about it isn’t enough

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In work and life, stress and trauma are unavoidable

Long days at the computer, endless deadlines and unrealistic workloads. Financial insecurity, technical frustrations and people you’d prefer not to deal with.

Include vicarious trauma for health professionals, welfare workers and emergency services, and it’s no wonder days lost to stress alone costs Australian employers more than $10 billion per year.

While the experiences that lead to stress and trauma might differ from person to person, what doesn’t vary is that our body responds every single time. And that’s regardless of the external situation that has caused it.

No doubt talking helps. Indeed, it can be a critical part of the recovery process. But it’s not until our nervous system has fully released our body-based responses that a stressful or traumatic event is truly finally over – in our body as well as our mind.

Thankfully, the human body has an off switch, even though most of us have never been told about it. An innate recovery reflex you’ve most likely experienced yourself, or if not, already seen in others.

Shaking, tremors and trembling

In western cultures, we tend to think shakes and tremors are a symptom of shock or a sign of stress and anxiety. We often shut these autonomic movements down. But they’re not a symptom at all – they are a key part of the solution instead.

These unconscious movements ‘debrief the body’ by discharging shock, dumping adrenaline, relaxing muscle tension and down-regulating the nervous system. This restores us to a calm, relaxed, and balanced state.

Each time we complete this full stress cycle, both the reactive tension and the spontaneous movements that release it, we don’t just recover to how we were beforehand, we grow our body’s physiological resilience and coping capacity as well.

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TRE is a revolutionary technique that deliberately accesses this natural reflex in a safe and controlled way. It empowers you to ‘debrief your body’ on an ongoing and regular basis for the rest of your life.

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  1. As a trainer of this work in South Africa I highly recommend this to anyone who is tired of feeling and being the way they are due to stress and trauma. I never imagined after 24 years of back pain and high levels I would be living a life of ease and contentment. No pain in 9 years now! Richmond is a wonderful trainer and mentor.

  2. I have been doing TRE for at least two years . I love it to bits. I have a very heavy and hectic physical and mental life at present. I am riding the wave and my body is doing amazingly well. I attribute this to my practise of TRE.

  3. Ive been trained by Richmond. He is awesome. Such a solid grounding presence and a clear instructor.

  4. Debriefing the body : When talking about it isn’t enough – so true ! The TRE process is now part of the mainstreaming of therapies and self management keys that allows you to work at your own pace with a technique that is easy to learn. Once learnt you can take it home and continue on with an embodied practise with the support of your central nervous system. Support is available to check in with TRE facilitators who help guide you through to a deeper potent awareness of who you are and what you are doing in this sweet potent life. Go and check out for yourself Richmond’s workshops. I did and now work with my Physiotherapy clients with TRE as a frontline technique to dissolve limiting behaviours and beliefs.

  5. I’ve been using TRE to very good effect for a few years now. I shake off nearly every morning. very good to free up the animal body’s energy..!

  6. Tre really is a revolution in self empowerment.
    Such an amazing mechanism we all have within our being .

  7. Having explored many forms of healing on my own journey, TRE has been the most effective and simple tool I use regularly. It keeps me grounded, calm and is my preferred way of clearing stress and tension in my body.

  8. TRE came along during my recovery from breast cancer treatment and was a no need to talk way of really calming me down. It felt like I was giving my body permission to find its own way to healing.

  9. Beautifully put thanks Richmond! This technique works for me it’s truly profound.

  10. TRE is a fantastic module to have, to use and to share to help people through any traumatic experiences they may have endured plus the bonus is that your own body feels great for it. Richmond is a fantastic teacher for TRE.

  11. I teach TRE in Queensland and can confirm that the release that the body experiences in such an apparently simple process is quite remarkable.

  12. Emiline Duncan

    TRE has had a profound influence on my personal life. I have tried numerous transformational practices over 2 decades and TRE is by far the simplest and most effective practice that I have experienced. It’s an essential life skill that has helped me clear stress, trauma and tension and as I keep on practicing I am finding that life just keeps getting better. It truly has changed my life

  13. TRE is transformative and Richmond Heath is a well informed, generous teacher. I recommend you to try TRE for yourself and experience the benefits in your own life.

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