Jupiter and Saturn Carnegie Institute Stargazer – astrology for December 2020

Stargazer – astrology for December 2020 – Stella Woods

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Summer solstice astrology special: Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius

21st December marks the summer solstice – the longest day of the year, the culmination of the annual solar cycle and the day the sun moves into Capricorn.

But this year’s summer solstice is special for another reason. Every 20 years, gas giants Jupiter and Saturn meet in the heavens, marking the beginning of a brand new 20-year cycle. The last Jupiter-Saturn conjunction was in the year 2000 in Taurus, which seems eons ago, as so much has happened on our planet since then.

On 21st December 2020, Jupiter and Saturn will meet up in the early degrees of air sign Aquarius, a zodiac sign with a strong connection to technology, vision, creativity and the urge to create a better world for all, through politics, new inventions, mass movements and fairer laws. We all know the issues – climate change; over-population; environmental destruction; pollution, social inequality; slavery; racism and an ageing population – and many of us have our own ideas about how these issues should be tackled.

The Aquarian energy of 2021 offers us the chance to move away from a focus on consumption, corporate greed and competitiveness and create a better, fairer world. The coronavirus crisis has exposed the cracks in our society, revealing a whole lot of longstanding issues that desperately need a new approach. We need to pool our collective wisdom and knowledge and work together instead of competing and tearing each other apart.

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Aquarius is an air sign, brimming with ideas

However, its energy can be dangerous when driven purely by ideology or intellectual constructs or when the Aquarian vision of how things ‘should be’ and how people ‘should behave’ goes beyond what is humane, compassionate or realistic. With Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius throughout 2021, the desire for a better world and a better future for all must be balanced against the right to individual differences and points of view; the right to privacy and freedom of speech and the right to disagree with consensus reality and choose a different path. We all see the world through a different lens and there is no right way or perfect solution.

With this in mind, 2021 is a year to consciously think about where you and society are heading and what part you will play to help solve the world’s problems, while staying true to your essential nature and beliefs.

Aries theme for 2021

As Jupiter and Saturn enter your eleventh solar house, your social life is highlighted. Any group activity can be especially fun and inspirational and there’s the chance to make new friends who share your interests. Networking is a fantastic source of new contacts, so if you need a leg up in any area of life, don’t be afraid to ask for help. A good year to work for the benefit of others and share your gifts and talents, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself growing apart from friends and groups who no longer share your interests.

Taurus theme for 2021

Jupiter and Saturn will be traversing your tenth solar house bringing opportunities in your career and professional environment. This is definitely a year when others will see the best you have to offer. Make good use of this favourable energy and focus on building the career of your dreams… Where would you like to be? Who would you like to be? Make your desires known and expect success, promotion and recognition providing you’re prepared to put in the hard work.

Gemini theme for 2021

Jupiter and Saturn will be travelling through your ninth solar house helping you incorporate religious, spiritual and esoteric practices into everyday life. 2021 is also a great year to learn about other cultures through travel, adventure or studying new philosophies and belief systems. Activities such as yoga, meditation, dreamwork, breathwork and visualisation will help expand your consciousness. Trust your intuition and if you want to share your vision with others, consider publishing a book or starting a blog. Avoid blind trust in spiritual teachers and religious teachers or opportunities that seem too good to be true.

Cancer theme for 2021

Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius will pass through your eighth solar house, teaching you about the deeper, unspoken aspects of close relationships. Psychological issues can be embraced and understood, leading to inner and outer union. Inheritances, joint ventures, investments, loans and business dealings promise to be favourable over the coming year, providing you do your homework and avoid cutting corners.

Leo theme for 2021

With Jupiter and Saturn in your seventh solar house, now is the time to focus on your marriage and other significant personal and business relationships. Make sure those you care about know how you feel. Leos looking for a new partner could get lucky this year! Whatever your situation, it’s a great time to meet new people. A wonderful year for engagement, marriage, attracting new clients or seeking one-to-one personal advice. Relationships that have outlived their purpose may break apart.

Virgo theme for 2021

Jupiter and Saturn will be travelling through your sixth solar house putting the focus on the practical details of life – household chores; paperwork; caring for pets; health check-ups; service to others and all those mundane activities that may seem boring, but which keep life running smoothly and efficiently. A good diet and exercise program will set you up for the year ahead. If you’ve been neglecting your health or working too much, your body will let you know something needs changing!

Libra theme for 2021

Jupiter and Saturn will travel through your fifth solar house, putting the focus on creativity, romance and pleasure. Sounds good? Well make the most of it, take a break and enjoy yourself! Music, art, singing, dancing, acting, dreaming, writing, socialising, falling in love or some other creative, fun activity – your choice! As Saturn favours hard work and discipline, you may even want to take lessons to improve your creative output. The fifth house is also the house of children, so enjoy spending time with kids and discovering your inner child. Pregnancy and childbirth are favoured by Jupiter, but constricted by Saturn. In practice this means making sure you and your partner are in tip-top condition, if you’re trying to conceive.

Scorpio theme for 2021

Jupiter and Saturn will be travelling through your fourth solar house prompting you to cherish your home and work on making your living environment more secure and comfortable. A year for focusing on personal needs rather than on the outer world. Take time out to build a sense of inner peace and confidence and express your true nature. Spend as much time with close family and friends as possible. A good year for buying property or renovating or redecorating your home, but don’t blow the budget.

Sagittarius theme for 2021

As Jupiter and Saturn pass through your third solar house this year, your brain will be on fire. Talking, writing, reading, chatting, texting, networking, social media – this is definitely not a year to keep your ideas to yourself. Others will seek out your company, advice and point of view, so expect more invitations than you can keep up with. Write that book; start that blog; learn a language; set up a community group or join a committee and share your passion and ideas. Saturn gives staying power to any initiative – break down any large tasks into bite-sized pieces and you’ll be able to climb that mountain.

Capricorn theme for 2021

Jupiter and Saturn will travel through your second solar house in 2021, meaning money could run through your fingers, so watch out for extravagance! If you play your cards right, you could end up in a substantially better financial position in a year’s time, attracting money, pay rises, material possessions and all sorts of other good fortune. Invest your resources wisely. Follow a budget and only spend money on things you truly value.

Aquarius theme for 2021

Yes – this is your year Aquarius! With lucky Jupiter and practical Saturn blessing your life, your energy is magnetic. Focus on the law of attraction and have the courage to ask for what you want and follow your dreams. This is a year to discover your true power and passion and an auspicious period for making a brand-new start. It’s also a great year to change your physical appearance to better reflect the true you.

The last time Jupiter was in Aquarius was 12 years ago (January 2009 – January 2010). Prior to that, it was 24 years ago (January 1997 – February 1998). And going back even further, Jupiter was in Aquarius from February 1985 – February 1986. Look back to those periods and see if you can see a theme emerging. How did you expand your horizons back then? What new things did you learn or do? The answers will give you an idea of what’s in store for you over the coming year and how the choices you make now will impact on your future dreams and goals.

Pisces theme for 2021

Jupiter and Saturn will be transiting your twelfth solar house, promoting a deep need to serve selflessly, whether through personal relationships, family commitments or volunteer or charity groups. Hidden emotions could rise to the surface, pushing you to explore relationship dynamics with others. This is an excellent year for resolution and forgiveness and releasing any anger, blame, shame or guilt. Seek comfort in solitude, nature, meditation and other spiritual activities. You may find your energy is rather low, so take time out to rest when you need it.

Solar eclipse in Sagittarius – renewed hope and vision

Expect breakthrough, change and insight at the Sagittarius new moon and solar eclipse on 15th December. New moons are all about new beginnings and as we prepare to farewell 2020, this new moon offers us hope via the optimistic and visionary energy of Sagittarius.

The new moon forms a favourable alignment with Mercury (communication and ideas) and Mars (energy, action, fighting power). It’s a time to count your blessings, look to the future and take stock of the trials, tribulations and triumphs of the past 12 months. We’re not going back to the old ways – this year has been a turning point in all our lives and it’s up to each one of us to adapt, embrace change and be grateful for the gift of life.

And remember… at a solar eclipse, the moon blocks out the light of the sun for just a few minutes. But when the light returns everything looks different. Not better… not worse…. just different.

Happy birthday Capricorn!

From the 21st December to the 20th January the sun travels through earth sign Capricorn, noted for its shrewdness, self-discipline, determination to get ahead and respect for tradition and authority. Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac with keywords “I aspire” and “I persist”. Capricorns have practical and executive ability, are very responsible and love status. They are prepared to work incredibly hard to achieve their dreams and goals.

Those born under the sign of the Goat often lead a solitary existence, feeling burdened by the responsibility they carry and struggling with the limitations of material life. At best they use their leadership skills to serve the community and act as pillars of strength for friends and family, believing patient hard work brings its own rewards. Negatively, Capricorns can be selfish, mean, ruthless and materialistic with a tendency to arrogance and autocratic or controlling behaviour.

In medical astrology, Capricorn rules the skin, knees and bones and also has a reflex action on the stomach. When Capricorns are out of balance they can suffer from rheumatism, arthritis, skin complaints such as rashes and boils and digestive disturbances. There can be a tendency towards pessimism and depression. The Capricorn colours are brown and black. Capricorn’s greatest lesson is to lighten up and express their emotions.

Full moon in Cancer – share the love

What better gift to end the year than a beautiful full moon in Cancer on 30th December? Cancer is the sign of nurturing, love, warmth, kindness, mothering, care, family, community and tribe. Life is not worth living without these things. Cancer is not concerned with wealth, productivity, efficiency and goals – she’s all about looking after others and making sure they’re OK.

At this full moon, tell those you love how much you care about them. Show them they’re important and that you have their back. Extend that kindness to the wider world… And make sure when someone is kind to you that you embrace and accept their love. And have a wonderful festive season!

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Image: Jupiter and Saturn, from the Carnegie Institute.
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