DeRUCCI and World Sleep Day 2021

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DeRUCCI and the World Sleep Society reached a strategic partnership to jointly promote the World Sleep Day 2021

On March 19, “The Press Conference of 2021 World Sleep Day and the Global Launch Event of Strategic Partnership between DeRUCCI and the World Sleep Society” was successfully held. It took the form of a multi-venue global online live broadcast.

The theme of this year’s World Sleep Day is “Regular Sleep, healthy future“. It was jointly announced by Allan O’Bryan, Executive Director of Strategic Planning of the World Sleep Society, and Yao Jiqing, CEO of DeRUCCI. Its aim is to encourage people to pay attention and value healthy sleep. It encourages people to follow natural laws and biological rhythms to improve sleep quality and health.


In the post-epidemic era, sleep problems are a worldwide concern

Lourdes DelRosso, co-chair of the World Sleep Society, believes that the global outbreak of the COVID-19 has sounded a health alarm for all humankind. Furthermore, because of it, people have re-recognised the importance of sleep. She emphasised that existing research shows that sleep is an essential part of immune system regulation. It not only strengthens the body’s immune system, but also improves the body’s response to vaccines. This shows that sleep is the first line of defence against disease.

Yao Jiqing, CEO of DeRUCCI, said, “In the absence of any medicine that targets the COVID-19, people need to realise that sleep is an important way to strengthen immunity. Sleep is closely related to immunity.” In addition, Yao Jiqing also pointed out that “IQ+EQ+SQ(Sleep Quotient)=Perfect Life” is a successful formula. She adds, “Sleep quotient is indispensable for achieving great success in modern society. Sleeping well will have higher decision-making power and work efficiency.”

On March 18 this year, the 2021 Exercise and Sleep White Paper jointly released by DeRUCCI, China Sleep Research Society and Keep, quickly became a hot search on Weibo. Perhaps because over 300 million people have sleep disorders in China! Meanwhile, only 10% of athletes have a sleep disorder.

Exercise + sleep: a simple formula for a healthy life

Regular Sleep, Healthy Future is the theme of 2021, and more sustained efforts are needed. The strategic partnership reached with the World Sleep Society means that DeRUCCI is becoming more active on the world stage. It is also an important step for China’s home furnishing industry to move towards the world. Yao Jiqing said that in 2021, DeRUCCI and the World Sleep Society will collide with more sparks that are conducive to promoting healthy sleep globally. As long as everyone can sleep well, they can live healthily and the world will become a better place too.

At the end of the meeting, Co-Chair Lourdes once again called on everyone to cherish regular sleep. She said that the World Sleep Society will work with DeRUCCI to integrate more world sleep resources. They will connect with excellent sleep experts. Further, they will work with other sleep brands to create a win-win, and symbiotic sleep health ecology for the world.

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