Didgeridoo Chakra Meditation

Didgeridoo Chakra Meditation

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Sol Ramana’s Didgeridoo Chakra Meditation harnesses the power of two ancient and respected traditions to create a unique recording, one which seeks to heal, balance and align you to your highest possibilities. Combining the spiritual resonance of the didgeridoo with the Sanskrit concept of the seven chakras seems like an ambitious undertaking, but Sol Ramana creates a synergy between the two that seems natural, effortless and intuitive.

The beauty of this CD is that it gives you the flexibility to choose from several different meditation options. It is split into three extended tracks: the first track is a comprehensive 30 minute guided meditation through the whole of the seven chakras and the second track is a 22 minute version of the same meditation, with the chakras being briefly named and the positive affirmations for each spoken. The third track, free of all spoken word involvement, is a 7 minute instrumental journey into the seven didge tones that make up the album.

The drone of the didgeridoo is hypnotic, and the sacred vibrations draw you deeper into the meditation. Didgeridoo Chakra Meditation is not just unique, it’s an essential addition to your toolkit of recordings for meditation and deep relaxation, and one that will no doubt assume a regular place in your healing playlist.

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