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How to keep eating healthy when you have little time

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How often do our best dietary intentions go right out the (kitchen) window when we’re busy, stressed out and constantly competing with the clock?

The problem is that these are the times when our body really needs good nutrition! In order to stay healthy and cope with the demands of our hectic lives.

Plan for success

Let’s be honest, when the salmon patties and quinoa with roast beetroot salad remains unmade in favour of last minute takeaway food, we often regret it later. We really need to plan quick, easy, delicious and nutritious meals. Particularly for those times when we are rushing from work to puppy pre-school. Or the tennis club AGM. Or parent-teacher interviews… And everything else that eats up our meal prep time.

Indeed, the planning we can probably manage; it’s the execution that just becomes too difficult sometimes. So why not ease the burden a bit and try a health-focused, home delivered meal plan service such as Chefgood? Chefgood’s delicious meals are high in nutritional value and delivered right to your door – so no planning, shopping, chopping or cooking required by you.

Resembling something even better than the fresh and healthy dinners you could possibly make yourself if you had time, these restaurant-quality meals are prepared by qualified chefs using locally-sourced, fresh ingredients. They are designed around specific meals plans for you to choose your daily meals and snacks from. There are great options, such as Slim & Trim, Train & Tone, Mix & Match or Vegetarian.

Chefgood eating healthyYou can choose your plan to suit

If weight loss is your aim, the Slim & Trim meal plans offer calorie-controlled tasty meals perfect for helping you stick to your weight loss goals at 350 calories per meal. If maintaining fitness and a healthy weight range is important to you, the Train & Tone plans deliver super tasty meals with good sources of protein and fresh produce at 450 calories per meal. Mix & Match provides the option to customise a meal plan based on five or seven lunches or dinners and add a breakfast or snack package. Vegetarian meal plans offer a variety of inspiring plant-powered meals high in nutritional value and low in calories.

Chefgood meals are new and exciting, ultimately convenient, obviously healthy and very tasty. Delivered to your home in thermally stable boxes, there is no easier way for busy peeps with health-conscious goals to find the sustenance they need to get through their demanding days.

Make it easy for yourself to eat healthy

Of course you could continue with the good intentions… Intentions to keep a few key recipes and fresh ingredients on hand ready for the busy times… Assuming you’ve also found time to get to the fruit and veg shop. And the butcher. And the supermarket… If you’re achieving all that, kudos to you, and keep it up!

Remember, consistency is the key to eating for weight loss and good health. So if the good-intentioned salads and veg do keep flying out the kitchen window in favour of fast food, it’s probably time to acknowledge defeat and call Chefgood. We all need a helping hand sometimes!

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