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On the edge of living and dying

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Anya shares from her book Tesla Metamorphosis – Heal and Evolve.


Living and dying

When we think of dying, we often connect it with sorrow, with loss, with mourning. We can feel that we are losing somebody for good. It might not be the truth, but yes, we might be losing them in this dimension, and this makes us sad and makes us suffer. Even when somebody goes for a long trip, both the one who is gone and those who were left behind can feel sad. One of the Tesla Soul Communications was a very precious experience and healing for me, because it gave me a better understanding of the process of dying.

The phenomenon of the transition had aroused my curiosity a long time ago. As I was always interested in this phenomenon of near death experience, I read a lot about it. However, the healing with Sarah was my personal experience of communicating with somebody who was on the edge of living and dying, and who was deciding which way to go.

Tesla Soul Communication

Is a method where practitioners create communication with the client on the level of conscious, subconscious and integrative mind. The practitioner writes down everything as it comes through, without correcting anything. This process might help clients to understand why they were preventing themselves from healing, or how and why they might be sabotaging themselves, or creating a situation which was blocking them from going forward, from making a change. This could also help a client to find out the cause of an illness. When we reach communication on the level of integrative mind, this is the space through which we are all connected, the space of Love, of Truth. This is the level of the soul. That means that clients might achieve karmic healing, they could heal their karma. 

New dimensions

Being with Sarah during her process of healing while she was in a coma opened a completely new dimension in my consciousness. Healing her was, for me, experiencing the process of transition together with her. I was really surprised because Sarah was very cheerful and humorous. I asked her: “How are you?” Her answer was: “Dobro!” (“Good” in Serbian) I can speak any language now. “Isn’t it great! I am happy here, don’t you worry! You might help me leave.”

I was very much aware that I was there to serve her in whatever she chose. “My friend Gordon (her son) would not be very happy with me if I helped you leave. Please think it over,” I asked her.

Thinking is funny. Thoughts are … You would not understand it, anyway. Can you see the light?

Thoughts are funny

No, I did not see the light she was talking about. “Thoughts are funny.” This might have been a comment that was expressing her awareness of the limitations of our logical mind. Her mind had expanded beyond the frequency of consciousness of us humans in this dimension, and this form during our life on Earth. Estella is explaining how we humans think linearly following the pattern of our understanding of time, placing events in past, present and future. We are not able to perceive time and space as multidimensional. In Tesla Soul Communications we might transcend the time and space, but it is difficult to express this experience in words.

During the healing, it could happen that the healer feels in his body the same sensation the client feels in his body. This does not mean that the healer is taking on the disease. This is just one of the ways of how the client tries to show us what they are experiencing. There is no reason to share unpleasant sensations, and therefore, in such situations we ask the client to show us this in some other way. That was what I did when I started having an uncomfortable feeling in my tummy. Sarah explained: “That is from medications. Oh, those doctors are so boring, just running around and putting some chemicals into my body.” She noticed that my eyes were teary. “Oh, don’t you cry! There is no reason for sorrow. I am fine.” She laughed.


Our conversation lasted for almost four hours. She was showing me her nice memories from mountains in Scotland, a painting above the fireplace in her home in England. She was teasing me about some events from the time when we both lived in London. One thing really stunned me. She asked my forgiveness for judging me for leaving my husband and returning to Yugoslavia back then. I was not happy in London because I felt cramped. I felt I could not be myself. And I felt homesick. In this healing, Sarah started explaining with a nice sense of humour how she had changed her belief system that “the wife’s place was next to her husband, no matter what were her needs”. And then she added: “Now I understand that you had to leave. You had to follow your life’s purpose.”

Gosh, I was not even aware that Sarah knew so much about my personal life. She was the mother of my friend and most of the conversation with her was “Good evening, Mrs. Sarah” or “Goodbye, Mrs. Sarah”. I thanked her for sharing this with me and asked her to come back, to join us.

“Oh, who is going to go back into this wreck of a body? When I go back everything is so painful!” She said. On my comment that she was funny, she answered: “I was not very funny in my life. I was always playing a serious role. Nobody knew I was funny. Actually, I like being funny! Now I can be who I really am.” In the coma, she was liberated from the belief that she had to play the role of a serious person.

What would people think?

For a moment, I imagined myself sitting there in my library all alone, with my hands facing each other and crying and laughing and having who knows what kind of different expression on my face. If I were on a hidden camera, it would be hilarious to tears for those who would be watching!  

Sarah laughed: “I like you!” Touching my nose: “You are making my day! Thank you for keeping me company. I can be what I had no courage to be. Fun can be had! I feel great! Don’t you worry, you are not crazy. This is all natural. You keep on saying that to everyone, don’t you? How do you expect others to understand that this is all natural when you are questioning it from time to time? Why do people think death is so sad?”

“It is separating them. I miss my Nana and my father,” I told her.

“They are in the light. They are fine,” she replied. I was so grateful to her for cheering me up.

Sharing experiences

“You are really cheering me up, too. This hospital is so boring!” Sarah said.

I felt pain in my neck and head. “It is so painful in my body”, she explained “I am not sure if I want to come back. I feel better when I am out of this wreck!”

I had a vision of her brain with a dot in the right hemisphere, as if somebody had spilled a drop of ink. In my vision, the dot was dissolving slowly, as if somebody was diluting the ink dot with water. I could feel that she was drawing a lot of energy.

“You can leave now. Thank you”, Sarah said. The healing session was over. I did not know what Sarah’s final decision was.


Gordon rushed to the hospital. He stood by his mother’s bed, holding her feet. He felt her right foot moving. Sarah opened her eyes. The left side of her body was paralysed, and she had lost her short-term memory for a while, but she recovered in a short period of time. The following day Gordon went to the hospital, and when he entered his mother’s room together with a nurse, he exclaimed: “Oh, what a fast improvement!”

There were no needles, infusions or any instruments connected to his mother’s body. The nurse responded: “This is not an improvement! She yanked out everything!” (Remember how she said: “Those doctors are so boring, just running around and putting some chemicals into my body.”)

After nine days she was not paralysed anymore, and her memory was back. Her family noticed that she was far more humorous than she used to be.


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