Grass with dew – editorial for December 2016

Editorial for December 2016 for the LivingNow community

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Welcome to the 200th edition – a great moment to connect, celebrate and step up! ?

Wow; 200, eh..? A milestone such as this gives cause to reflect on what has changed…

I remember, 27 years ago, coming home from school to help my parents lay the magazine out; cutting and pasting images, sticking them onto pages with hot wax…bromides… Any of you ‘old-school’ printers or designers will probably know what I’m talking about! ? Digital publishing has completely changed that process …quicker to do most of the processes, less staff needed in some sections and thankfully a much faster turn-around time – very helpful in this age of immediate gratification! Personally, I love to still do some things in ‘slow’ mode, taking my time to savour… But business, in many aspects, seems to benefit from being able to be prompt!

The internet, of course, has also revolutionised modern life. We now have information at our fingertips – sometimes at the detriment of getting away from our computer screen, tablet or smartphone and spending quality time with friends and loved ones…smelling the roses…!

Despite this, the www also has the capacity to build communities; and these communities can now build on shared values rather than just location – in many cases overcoming the tyranny of distance that can be an unfortunate consequence of living in such a vast land (or even the annoyance of driving through traffic), or through being in different countries.

With this in mind, we have re-focussed our attention on using this resource – and the 200th print anniversary celebrations are joined by the launch of this brand new website…  ?


Perhaps you have seen the page in this site which describes a competition: we want to encourage the strengthening of our LivingNow community – and we’ve been joined by some of our great advertising supporters to make a fun – and potentially very rewarding – way to interact with LivingNow online and be an even MORE engaged community member…

The articles this month have been selected to highlight the new online taxonomy. You’ll see them grouped into five main categories, with several sub-categories within each:

1: Business & Environment

Eco Fashion, Products & Services

Environment, Ethical & Eco Agriculture

Sustainable Building, Development & Energy


2: Community & Relationship

Children & Family

Love, Sex & Sexuality

Politics, Social Development & Justice

The Arts & Expression


3: Health & Nutrition

Diet, Nutrition & Recipes

Health & Healing

Men’s Health

Women’s Health


4: Insight & Experience


Insight & Self Awareness

Metaphysics, Philosophy & Traditional Wisdom

People, Biographies & Interviews

Places, Travel & Retreats


5: Mind & Movement

Meditation & Mindfulness

Coaching, Counselling & Personal Development

Yoga, Dance & Movement


We’re covering this range of topics so that you’ll have even more tools at your fingertips to be able to make the kinds of transformations in your world that you’re aiming at! With all the changes that we have seen, one thing remains, and that’s the need for the information and inspiration that LivingNow provides.

Every year we get readers’ feedback on how their lives have been changed though reading something, or going to a course or a practitioner from these pages – we even have people telling us that they turned away from contemplating suicide through being uplifted by something they’ve read in LivingNow! On this topic, you will see we have included three articles on the sad situation of people taking their lives; as we head into the ‘festive season’ it’s worth remembering that for some of our community this is a time that also presents enormous challenges. We hope that you will be inspired by the stories in this edition, if you or someone you know is struggling (and, of course, seek further help if you feel it’s needed).


More opportunities to be part of this great community

After all these years, we remain committed to bringing life-changing articles to you, our cherished community. There are between 63,000 and 67,000 print magazines that go out to over 800 points of distribution in Australia every month – and yet we’d still like to do more!

We’ve often been asked by our readers if they can do anything to help… apart from supporting our advertisers and/or being a subscriber, well, now it will be possible for you to make a small donation. Have you noticed that we’ve changed the cover ‘price’ of the printed magazine to say: FREE OR BY DONATION via the website? This is so that, if you feel moved to help us get this great magazine into even more hands, you’re now able to directly support that happening! On this new website there is a page where you can select the amount you wish to donate; you’re still welcome to pick it up for free if you don’t want to donate; this is just a lovely new option for all those who’d like to see this information getting out to more people.

A final bit before I sign off on December’s editorial; the results of the US presidential election possibly disturbed many of our readers, and there is no doubt that these are uncertain times, however we still have choice in how we deal with these uncertainties. On the morning I heard that Donald Trump had won, my sentiment was:

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to step up”Emma looking onwards and upwards

It’s possible, for example, that we will see the US pull away from action on climate change – in these December 2016 articles we have a story about how we shouldn’t take freedom for granted, and I feel that’s the same for things such as our air and water quality; it’s important to not be complacent in our ‘lucky country’! I heard a great saying some years back; “luck is for the mediocre” – it reminds me to be an active participant in the way things are in my world!

One thing is clear to us at LivingNow: we need to stand up for our values and actively work together to make the world a better and more thrivable (the step up from being simply sustainable) place. I believe that now, perhaps more than ever, LivingNow has an important part to play. I hope you’ll join us; and we’d love to hear how you’re stepping up and looking forward to a bright future too.

In service & gratitude,

Emma  ?


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