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I well remember the first tour I led to Egypt, that most mystical corner of the world. I had travelled to the land of the ancient gods before and been spellbound from the start. Magic, I now know, works on a number of levels – and nowhere more so than in Egypt. 


There is something indescribably magical about Egypt. Time is different. There is no linearity – past, present, future seem to collapse upon one another and there is a feeling of being part of something so surreal that it defies imagination. Life has a dreamlike quality. For those with a degree of sensitivity, a connection seems to occur with forces far beyond everyday life in this space-time reality. There are hidden messages everywhere in this ancient land.

I had travelled from New Zealand with my fledgling group of clients, on my very first official ‘spiritual tour’, scarcely believing I was finally back in beloved Egypt leading my own group. We made our way to a designated point at the airport for our scheduled meeting with our Egyptian tour guide, and there he stood, tall and regal. Walid, our guide for the next 12 days.

Oh my. Those eyes! What was it?? There was something magnetic, compelling, in the eyes of this old soul. As we would soon discover, he was a man of many facets. Walid lived in both words. He was one of the youngest practising Egyptologists and Vice President of the Egyptologist’s Association of Egypt. Impressive credentials. As if that wasn’t enough, he had been a pilot too, working for Egypt Air in his younger days. His depth of knowledge was formidable, and his infectious enthusiasm, joie de vivre and charisma were utterly captivating. Fun and laughter were his constant companions. And then there was his other side – his intimacy with the ‘other world’–the one hidden from normal sight. My first tour had begun with an auspicious start. I could hardly contain my excitement. It was my dream to lead people to the world’s most sacred places, to experience both worlds, to feel the energies of these places and to connect with their own sacred place within.

Will my suitcase arrive in one piece?

We did not have to wait long for the magic to make its presence felt. I learn so much, and continue to learn each time I take a tour. Magic, I now know, works on a number of levels – and nowhere more so than in Egypt. We had managed to push our way through the crowds at customs and were waiting for our bags to arrive before heading to our base for the first few days, the Giza Plateau. One woman in my group had, from before we left New Zealand, been worrying about her suitcase ‘arriving in one piece’. She became quite obsessed about the safety of her luggage. Sure enough, call it Murphy’s law, or the self-fulfilling prophecy, the one and only suitcase to arrive damaged was hers! Another client on another tour had been exactly the same –worrying about her case. Hers didn’t arrive at all! We are creating our reality with the thoughts we hold.

Resting at our hotel after the long flight, we had all turned in early. The next day, there was great excitement that the pyramids were finally within reach and everyone was up at the crack of dawn. Teasing them a little longer, I told my group their first visit to the pyramids would not be until this evening, when we would attend the famous light and sound show. In the meantime, today we would travel across the Egyptian desert to the famous Sakkara Pyramids, located in what was the first capital city of Egypt. Along the way we would be making some essential and compulsory stops. At these destinations we would learn about some well-known Egyptian traditions – and have a chance to support the local economy – with some shopping! All eyes lit up.

At our first port of call, a carpet factory, we were shown how carpets were made from beginning to end. Fascinating–but, for many of us, seeing child labour for the first time was difficult. Seated at large looms, small children with little fingers working at the speed of light, probably for hours on end, made our hearts sink. Walid explained that these children were the lucky ones. They had been taken off the streets, fed and housed and paid. They did seem happy, these little ones. Big brown eyes and huge smiles beamed at us as we praised their work. We wanted to scoop them up and save them from this life of hard labour. We wanted to love them. But we had to move on –into the showroom to purchase our carpets, tangible memories to treasure back home. Travelling in the third world is an education for sure –it opens eyes and it touches hearts.

Day 1 and bizarre happenings

Arriving at Sakkara, the group was excited to be walking amongst ancient ruins for the first time. Walid’s storytelling began from the moment we stepped off the bus, weaving an enchantment as he assigned a character from Egyptian mythology to each of us. Like the pied piper, he led us from one part of the historical site to another, transporting us back in time to the court of Ramesses II and the great kingdom he ruled. Then, something happened. Standing at the base of Sakkara pyramids, as I wrapped my white muslin scarf loosely around my head to block the oppressive heat, something made me look down. I could not believe what I was seeing. On both my legs, just above the ankles, there were two absolutely evenly spaced circles in the shape of, dare I say it, what looked like shackles! What was happening!?

I did a double-take and looked closer, calling my travelling companions over.  Was I going mad? How on earth had they appeared without any warning? There was no pain, but the markings were there. They were real. Everyone could see them. This was day one and already bizarre things were happening…

I knew about cellular memory and began to wonder if this was what was occurring. I said aloud, “If we are a soul having a human experience, then my human body, which contains my soul, would carry its blueprint and history with it at all times…everything my soul has been through is here in my body.” Could it be that I had indeed lived in Egypt in one or more lifetimes past, and by taking myself back to Egyptian soil once again, I was reconnecting, or my body was, with a memory, encoded in my cells, of those times?

It is one thing to read about these things, but quite another to see it play out in real life. The markings stayed with me for the entire duration of my stay in Egypt. They promptly left the day I departed. At the very end of the trip, one of my travelling companions came rushing up to me and said, “Sharon, I know what the markings are!”

I was intrigued to hear her thoughts. I had tried to fathom it out and had come to the conclusion that I must have been a prisoner of some sort.

“Look, look”, she said, “all of the papyrus paintings and Egyptian carvings that we see of royalty have one thing in common. They all wear copper bracelets around their ankles!”

The Giza Plateau light and sound show

We were a few among hundreds of groups waiting with anticipation in the balmy, starlit night. Haunting Egyptian music played through open-air speakers. As I sat in the darkness, waiting for the show to begin, I felt myself being transported into another world. Where was I? What was happening?

The laser light show had started, and a deep, strong Egyptian voice was bellowing into the night sky, drawing everyone’s attention to the spectacle unfolding  in front of us. Coloured lights rolled softly then quickly over the pyramids, illuminating the Giza Plateau. It was breathtaking, mesmerising. Millions of stars overhead, Orion’s belt amongst them.

Suddenly I was being shown, through my third eye, what was happening beneath the Great Pyramid of Cheops. I could not explain it to myself, let alone anyone else, but I trusted my clairvoyant gift and intuitive skills. I knew what I was being shown was real. It was like looking down a telescope into another realm. It was not physical but seemed to exist in a higher dimension. I saw hive of activity in what looked like a very large room. The room was filled with highly advanced technology, some form of computers. I knew this was the heart of an operational centre where scientific, astrological and mathematical activities were being monitored and recorded. Next thing my attention was being drawn to the sphinx and I was shown many corridors beneath the sphinx with doors leading to secret tunnels.  Whoa! What did all this mean? It felt so real.

The thing is, I had never studied history and whenever I travelled I never did any research beforehand. I liked to follow my instincts. I read about a destination only when I returned home. So I was totally unaware of the many discussions and debates around the world about the exact things I was shown that night. I know this is just as it is meant to be – no preconceptions. What I saw may have been from Atlantean times. Or perhaps it was happening in a different realm – one removed from the physical level?  So many thoughts. Why? What does it mean?

The sphinx, that mysterious guardian of ancient Egypt

Walid had paid some guards to give us precious private space, to keep tourists out so we had a chance to sit and meditate. As I closed my eyes I felt the familiar feeling of drifting off into another time and place. This time, it happened so fast. In my meditation I was being shown the pyramids and a river of water running alongside them with a hive of activity happening on the river itself. There were large wooden sailing boats, long and slim, carrying many men, busy navigating their way as close to the side of the Great Pyramid as they could. With cargo to offload, they were steering the boats with great precision, parking below long ladders at the base of the pyramid that led to top chambers. It was the scene of bustling times, of a dynasty that was thriving under the rule of one with great clarity, insight and power.

It was not until many years later that I was made aware of the debates over water levels and erosion levels in regard to the sphinx and the pyramids.

This journey through magical Egypt was the first of many mystical adventures where pyscho-spiritual phenomena unfolded for me. It ignited an insatiable thirst to follow my intuition, exploring how powerful these sacred places on earth can truly be. What we gain from the land and the wise souls such as Walid and other wisdom-keepers is priceless.


Sharon Breslin is a tour leader and the above story is based on an extract from her recently published book, ‘Magical Travels’.

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