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EM fields, auras and insanity

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When I began to awaken to the metaphysical side of life I wondered if I was going insane. This tends to happen when you are a veterinarian, and the daughter of a mathematician, trained in science as the only means to discover truth. Especially when you believe auras are not real and you begin to see them for yourself. Now, years later, I work as a medical intuitive, energetic healer and chiropractor, but that transformation did not happen overnight.

It began, as it begins for many people, with long-term personal illness. My illness had reached the point where no system in my body worked properly. I felt constantly tired. The world was retreating behind a grey haze and it was a good day if the pain did not start until the afternoon. My body was full of toxins and unable to digest food properly. I was all ribs and stomach. Yet this was something modern medicine failed to diagnose.

I went to many specialists—excellent people in their fields—who assisted me to deal better with my state. Yet my body continued to deteriorate. It was only when I no longer had the energy to argue against it that I finally went and saw an alternative practitioner.

I saw a naturopath. I thought she was crazy. Her whole system was, to me at that time, strange beyond measure. She looked in my eyes and told me what was wrong with me. What kind of bizarre diagnosis was that? Ironically, as I discovered years later, a vet developed the iridology technique she was using. He had a pet owl, which broke a bone. He noticed, because owls have such big, lustrous eyes, that at the same time a dark blotch appeared in one of the owl’s eyes. Then, when the bone had healed, it disappeared. His curiosity was piqued and iridology came of that.

At the time, however, I believed the naturopath was well-meaning but crazy. Yet, strangely, what she did worked. According to her, I had systemic candidiasis. This is something modern medicine only recognises in its most aggressive form, which kills approximately 25% of AIDS sufferers. Despite the craziness of the whole thing, I began to heal. This naturally piqued my curiosity.


If naturopathy had begun my healing, when modern medicine had only made me more comfortable, then what else had I been ignoring that was of benefit? It took me seven years to heal completely and during that time I learned much, and experienced much. One of the things I experienced, and continue to experience, started in the fifth year of my healing journey. I began to see energy.

This was not the pretty colour generally associated with the aura. That came later. What I first saw were cold, black blobs in and around people. I was seeing blocked or stagnant energy. But I had been trained to know dense, black blobs don’t surround people! Certainly my training told me they had no medical relevance—except, quite possibly, to the state of my own mental health. Insanity was one explanation.

Like a good scientist should, I experimented to find the truth. Either what I was seeing was in my own mind, or it was something real. If it were real then affecting the black blobs would have an effect on the world. If they were not real I would do no harm. There would simply be no effect.

As a veterinarian I had an advantage. The placebo effect is a large factor in human medicine, being estimated to account for 25% of the effectiveness of any drug. Placebo effects, however, do not need to be considered in animal medicine. If you ever try to brainwash your cat you will know what I mean. So if I could somehow affect the black blobs, and that had a result, then clearly they were real.

The results were real enough. The most dramatic proof came after an operation I did on a Samoyed. These wonderful dogs have some relationship to huskies. This one had eaten bones, which got stuck in his bowel, and it was my job to remove them. Now after that kind of operation dogs will usually lie on the bottom of their cage for about three days looking like they want to die. But not this dog!

The next day I arrived to find the senior vet standing in front of the Samoyed’s cage shaking his head. The dog was on his feet, barking his head off, demanding to go home.
“What did you do to him?” the senior vet asked.
“I removed the obstruction” I said.
“Yes,” he said, “but what did you DO?”

I had removed the obstruction. I had also removed a black blob. Whatever those were, I found that removing them produced consistent results. So, whether or not our science currently understands it, it was part of the natural order of things and natural laws governed it. It would be many years before I would begin to understand some of those laws.

I began to explore the limits of what could be done with energy. At that time I worked as a vet part of each week, and as an energetic healer for the rest of it. This was deeply disturbing to my mind.


I was working with two systems, which completely contradicted each other. While I worked as a vet I worked with my left brain. Veterinary science uses this to diagnose what outside influence causes the body to break down, and uses drugs and surgery to counteract it. If the counteraction is strong enough the result is a cure. Using this system meant working with an understanding that the body would not cure itself.

The left side of the brain is the logical, mathematical, linear and analytical side. Left brain thinking has given us science.

The right side of the brain is the artistic, intuitive, and feeling side. Right-brain thinking has given us metaphysics and the spiritual.

As the 21st Century proceeds, these two halves of our society and ourselves are beginning to come to a mutual understanding. The transition it is creating may be uncomfortable for some. However it offers many benefits.

Yet, the other system I used enabled the body to do just that. Through the use of my right brain I was working with energy to help restore people’s connection to their true consciousness or self, and so create healing in their life and body. Using this system meant understanding that consciousness was paramount, and that nothing else created true healing.

These two belief systems completely contradict each other, yet they both work. Looking at it now, I believe it is a wonderful example of the complexity and strength of the life force. Given half a chance, no matter how that chance is created, life will increase. But at the time I began to feel as though it was becoming harder to keep a grip on my sanity.

If I had not been insane before, I was certainly going insane now. As I continued to switch back and forth from one system to the other, from my left brain to my right brain, the conflict and tension between the two increased. I was beginning to feel schizophrenic, or as though I had multiple personalities. One personality was rational, and scientific. The other was spiritual and created effects with principles that science did not acknowledge.

As the tension continued to build it became clear I had to make a choice or go insane. I could give up either side of my brain, and go back to using just one half of my mind, or find a way for the two sides to work together. Clearly the latter option was the best, yet how to do that? I asked all those I knew who worked with or understood energy and they all said it was impossible. Yet, in spirit, nothing is impossible. It just takes time.

It took about six years of personal research and resulted in the system of medical intuition I now use and teach. It is a system through which you can be intuitively logical and logically intuitive. It enables the left brain and the right brain to understand each other. It uses energy to create wellness, something that drugs are unable to do. Drugs are useful in that they can make the journey more easy and graceful and give us the time to do the necessary work to resolve the issues in our consciousness that created the dis-ease in the first place. But drugs can never replace the power and strength that comes from a clear spirit.

EM fields

The first understanding came through those same heavy, black blobs. They are an indication of disharmony and lack of attunement. When my left brain and my right brain reached a mutual understanding of them, it opened the door to greater understanding that came later.

My right brain had no difficulty understanding the black blobs. To my intuitive side, it was a direct perception of where a person’s energy was in a negative or stagnant state. This is simple, but not to my left brain. What they comprise, to my left brain, are weak areas in the body’s electromagnetic or EM field.

Left brain:
The body has an EM field around it.
Energetic healing is a result of the nervous system of the practitioner changing its activity, and hence its EM field, and so influencing the EM field of the client and hence the client’s nervous system.

Right brain:
The body has an aura around it.
Energetic healing is a result of the consciousness of the practitioner awakening the consciousness of the client to restore their energy to an empowered level.

The body has its own magnetic field. Around every electrical current is a magnetic field. That is simple physics. The nervous system of the body generates an electrical current, created by a difference in electrical charge across the gap where nerve cells meet. This current is very weak compared to what runs through your lights and television. Yet, its existence is clearly demonstrated by medicine’s ability to measure it, for example with ECGs (electrocardiograph, a scan of your heart’s electrical activity) and EEGs (electroencephalograph, a scan of your brain’s electrical activity). As the body has electrical currents running through it, it must have a magnetic field around it.

Healers of many arts use this field. Reflexology manipulates the field through nerve reflexes. Acupuncture changes the activity of the nervous system, and hence the field. Chiropractic works directly with the spine, which houses the central nervous system, the main controller of the magnetic fields of the body. Energetic healing, which has also been called ‘magnetic healing’ or ‘laying on of hands’, also changes the activity of the nervous system.

My left brain knows there is a relationship between magnetism and electricity such that electrical current will influence a magnetic field and a magnetic field will change an electrical current. If you are able to change the activity of your nervous system, you will change your magnetic field. By changing your magnetic field, it is possible to influence the magnetic field of another, and so change the activity of their nervous system. By changing the activity of the nervous system, which governs all the functions of the body, it is possible to create healing.

It is through this relationship of the magnetic field, the electrical current and the nervous system, that my left brain could accept that removing those black blobs could create healing. With training, and sufficient feedback, a person’s nervous system can be trained to detect almost anything. As a magnetic field acts on the nervous system, a nervous system can learn to detect weaknesses in such a field. This, then, was what the black blobs were. And by setting my intention that they would be removed, I was somehow directing my nervous system to work through the interacting magnetic fields to do that.

So when I am working to heal someone, does the healing occur because I have adjusted the person’s energy or because I have used the magnetic field their nervous system generates to adjust their nervous system? At this point, as a scientist, I could not tell you. As a healer interested in the well-being of my clients I would say that I do not care. It works. And whether it is the science or the spirituality that is healing the person, or something created through the interaction of them both, will only be answered when we have developed technology sufficiently sensitive to measure such things. For now, it is enough that it creates healing.


Dr Catherine Wilkins is a veterinarian, medical intuitive, chiropractor and author whose unique healing style and understanding has given new hope and meaning to the lives of thousands.

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