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EMFs – the invisible danger

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Do you supervise your baby electronically with a baby phone? Do you frequently use a mobile telephone and wireless local area network? Do you have many electrical appliances in your household? Do you frequently have headaches, allergies, and sleeplessness? Are you depressed or often exhausted? Then consider your environment and possible sources of EMFs.

Our environment is filled with invisible natural and man-made electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) A growing volume of research has heightened public awareness of the problem that EMFs may be negatively impacting the health and well-being of millions of people. EMFs are created by electrical devices in our houses – hair dryers, digital alarm clocks, toasters, coffee makers, TVs, or computers. The more you use these devices and the closer you are situated to them, the higher is your exposure to EMFs. As soon as your electrical device is plugged in an electrical field surrounds it, even when switched off. In contrast, magnetic fields are only created when your device is switched on. Therefore, magnetic fields are only present when an electric current flows and the bigger the current the stronger the magnetic field. Furthermore, electric and magnetic fields behave differently in relation to building materials. Fortunately most of the building materials shield electric fields to some extent, but magnetic fields are not attenuated by currently used materials. That means that your house is not shielding you against the magnetic fields of, for instance, a high voltage transmission line. The only solution to escape these big magnetic fields, which can extent hundreds of metres, is to maintain a reasonable distance.

Man-made EMFs emanate from whatever conducts or uses electricity, such as appliances, wiring, and distribution lines under homes and along streets and highways, railroad cars on electrified lines, and high-tension power lines. Our proximity to electricity exposes us to electrical fields constantly. Only if you live far from a city with no electricity at all, like a hermit, would you be unaffected.

How dangerous is electromagnetic pollution for us?

The effects of electromagnetic pollution on our health are currently discussed controversially. From the point of view of a geomancer, electromagnetic pollution causes bad chi (“sha chi”) in our environment, resulting in disharmony and energetic chaos. We are already exposed to various sources of discordant chi such as geopathic stress, noises, strong winds, harmful chemicals and finally EMFs. The latter are a relatively new danger and we do not yet have any long-term experience of their effects. Yet, we are permanently bombarded with invisible electromagnetic forces, covering our surroundings like a fog with daily increasing density.

These electromagnetic forces have an effect on everything, from plant growth to our health and probably even the weather. Numerous epidemiological studies have investigated their biological effects. At first it was believed that man-made sources like electricity, microwaves and radio frequency, could not influence our biological system. Electrical devices generally produce extremely low frequency (ELF) fields with frequencies up to 300 Hz. Other technologies produce intermediate frequency (IF) fields (300 Hz – 10 MHz) and radio frequency (RF) fields (10 MHZ – 300 GHz). All these sources were considered non-ionising and unable to break chemical bonds. However, several epidemiological studies have shown that these strong and multidirectional EMFs can disrupt normal cell polarity, and blood function. This is because our complex body contains about 70% water, and our cells even consist of 97% water and about 3% salt, a solution that is able to conduct electricity. We are in fact an electrical system because all body functions and responses are controlled by bio-electromagnetic waves from the brain, and all our cells and tissues generate EMFs. Only in a natural and EMF-free environment can our bio-electrical system work without influence, and then we are able to self-regulate and heal our vital bodily functions in an efficient way. The majority of the epidemiological studies on health effects of EMF exposure have focused on the incidence of cancer. Much more likely is that the exposure to EMFs may act as a continuous immune-system stressor which can lead to a number of health problems, depending on the individual’s health and genetic predisposition. Every one of us reacts differently due to our health and sensitivity. People with high electrical sensitivity and/or electromagnetic hypersensitivity can experience numerous symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, headaches, irritability, depression, anxiety, slow or fast heartbeat rate, altered sugar metabolism, immune abnormalities, hair loss, pain in the teeth, deteriorating fillings, impaired sense of smell, or ringing in the ears.

Increasingly, people living close to high voltage power lines show strong symptoms and even life-threatening illnesses. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency publicly acknowledged in their report ‘Evaluation of the Potential Carcinogenicity of EMFs’ that electromagnetic pollution is a serious threat to health. The report reviewed studies that had been completed prior to 1990 including six residential studies of children and adults, over 30 studies of workers in electrical occupations, two studies of the relationship between children’s cancer rates and their father’s EMF exposures, as well as hundreds of laboratory studies,


What we can do?

Although we should be concerned about the potential risks of harmful EMFs, we can work on our environment to improve our life quality. Take a look around your home or office and you will find several possibilities to minimise your exposure to EMFs. The following list shows what you can do:

  1. Employ a professional geomancer or building biologist who uses a gauss meter (a meter designed to detect electromagnetic energy fields) to determine the places with EMFs in your immediate environment, as well as which sources generate the strongest fields.
  2. Avoid electric blankets or sleeping on a heated waterbed. During the night we should be able to recover and relax. These products generate a constant stream of electromagnetic energy that quietly charges your body for hours during the night. If you use an electric blanket, at least turn it off before you go to sleep (EPA recommendation).
  3. Move electric clocks and radios away from your bed. Leave them at least a metre away from your bed, desk, and chair or from anywhere else you spend a great deal of time. Even digital clocks should be kept at least 30 cm away.
  4. Avoid power lines or mobile phone towers. Don’t move into a house close to a power line or mobile phone tower. Maintain a distance of at least 250 metres from these installations. Don’t spend your free time close to these installations.
  5. Sit as far as possible from your television. The bigger the screen, the further away you should sit. Try to maintain a distance over 3 metres away from the screen.
  6. Avoid microwave ovens. When you have to use them, move about 3 metres away or leave the room. Although this report does not cover nutritional issues, consider that microwaves alter your food and additionally compromise your immune system. When the food is ready, take it out of the oven and leave to stand for 2-3 minutes to reduce free radicals in the food.
  7. Unplug all your electronic devices after use.
  8. Avoid using cordless electronic devices, such as electric toothbrushes, cordless phones (especially digital ones) and razors, all of which use magnetic induction to charge the battery. Such devices create large magnetic fields.
  9. Electromagnetic energy can pass effortlessly through walls, so avoid setting up something on one side of a wall thinking it won’t affect you or anyone on the other side. Stay several metres away, depending on how strong a field the item in question produces.
  10. Rearrange your office so that you and others are not exposed to EMFs from the backs and sides of video display monitors. In addition, you can minimise your exposure by sitting at least an arms length from your monitor. Get rid of dimmers and three-way electrical switches altogether. They emit especially strong EMFs.
  11. Use your mobile phone only with a hand free set/head set, or better, try to ‘survive’ without your cell/mobile phone. Don’t use the Blue Tooth variety and only make short calls. Do not carry the phone on your body. Avoid cordless phones.
  12. Use crystals to harmonise your energetic field. Crystals have been found to be powerful tools to harmonise EMFs. Place a unakite or rose quartz on or near your television or computer screen, or use amazonite, fluorite, yellow kunzite, smoky quartz or black tourmaline to neutralise the radiation of microwaves. If you are working a lot on your computer, then wearing amazonite, fluorite, herkimer diamond, jasper (brown), kunzite (yellow), lepidolite, malachite, smoky quartz elestial, sodalite, tourmaline (black) or turquoise will help you. It is best not to wear more than two crystals at any one time if you have little experience with their use.
  13. Protect yourself with quality bio-energy devices. Some devices emit a subtle energy frequency which can metaphysically neutralise harmful energies and/or balance a person’s own bio-energy field. By expanding (strengthening) your bio-energy field and infusing it with life-energy, the energy level in and around the body increases, which enables you to ground and purify negative, unbalanced and chaotic energies such as EMFs more effectively. The common factor in all these devices is that they do not remove the physically measured fields. Before buying these products you should test them (e.g. by dowsing or muscle testing). Applying these practical suggestions will help you to minimise your exposure to harmful EMFs. Be aware of what is happening in your environment and avoid unnecessary exposure. Although there is in fact no scientific proof about the positive effects of crystals and bio-energy devices available, many sensitive people notice their positive effects immediately and many others experience significant improvement of long-standing health problems already after a short period of time. There are still many things in this miraculous world that we cannot explain scientifically, but this doesn’t prove that they do not exist. If you still have doubts, or are planning to build a house, it is always worthwhile to contact an experienced geomancer or a building biologist, as your home is your heaven and it should be a place where you can recover fully and regain your strength.


Bojan Schianetz has worked world-wide in the field of environmental and health consulting for over 15 years as a civil engineer, expert for contaminated sites and waste management, geomancer, author, teacher and naturopathic healer. He is the founder and director of the International Institute for Environment and Health Solutions (IIEHS) in Brisbane.

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