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Emma writes on juggling, balancing & what’s important

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Hello lovely LivingNow community! ?


When I was young I sometimes wished I could run away to the circus. Did you ever wish that? I think it’s a popular dream – probably because so many of us try to find ways to ‘escape reality’, often because we haven’t been taught how to truly BE with it!

Well, you know there’s that saying;

‘Careful what you wish for…’

These days I find I have to pull off incredible juggling acts & jaw-dropping balancing feats almost every day! Often it’s just like being part of a wild, unruly circus! (An enjoyable part of this analogy is that I love wearing fun costumes – & circuses have plenty of them! ?)

Leaving the dress-ups aside from my mixed metaphors, I’m referring to the way that, in business, I’m finding there is a huge amount of juggling & balancing that I have to do. Do we include more political content or do we steer away from it? Shall we run a hard-edged environmental story or do we stay light & fluffy? Is it better to call people for advertising or email them? Do I write vulnerably in my editorials or do I keep a ‘professional smokescreen’?

Added to all that there are the human interactions that often take immense balancing skills: how do I be a fair, fun, accommodating boss while maintaining healthy boundaries, expectations & responsibilities with my staff?

The yin & yang of it all

Further into the personal realms, the biggest balancing feat for me to negotiate: how do I know when to ‘strive’ & when to ‘accept’?!? When do I sit back to let things flow and when do I make a stand? Do you struggle with this balancing act too?

Then there’s the need for balance between work hours & play time. As if not hard enough at any time for someone like me who leans towards workaholism, this was *particularly* tricky for me to juggle this weekend just gone, as it was my beloved’s ‘significant’ birthday party! I tell you; getting to print after having more than 90 people at my home over the weekend is an achievement of mammoth proportions!

This need for juggling and balancing also goes on in life in general, too, of course; it’s just that in the publishing business things seem a lot more exposed! ? But that’s actually part of why I took on the job; because I believe I’m brave enough to do what it takes AND show others as I’m going along – exposing both my mistakes and my magnificence! ?

What’s important?

I’ve always been interested in how things work, and what makes people tick… I’d love to hear from you, wonderful LivingNow community, in your successes and your struggles and your strengths. You can email us at: whatmatters@livingnow.com.au – tell us if you’d like us to consider your article for publishing (or, if you’d just like to write in, that’s fine too). I believe it’s important for people’s voices to be heard. Indeed, this is an aspect that I find pleasing about the current president of America being in power; it’s also giving rise to all sorts of grassroots movements. Many more people are taking a closer look at what they may have been taking for granted previously. More people are beginning to take a firmer stand for what they think is important.

In many ways these are amazing times, my friends! How are YOU going about living a valuable life? What are YOU doing to bring joy to those around you? How are YOU LivingNow? ?

In service & gratitude,

Emma ❤️

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  1. Hi Emma and team
    What matters to me most?
    What a great loaded question! I read your wonderful magazine and I enjoy many articles particularly the stories that changes my perspective and attitude towards life and people.
    What matter to me is reading articles that are quite alternative and equally thought-provoking.
    Issues that require much needed public scrutiny and critical debates on all environmental and food technology, genetically modified crops/herbs nanotechnology, the use of synthetic organisms, the ethics of fluoride, the power of Big Pharma, the heavy use of glyphosates and other pesticides and the impact on public health.
    All articles should be evidence based and written so that the reader has the basic understanding to weigh up the facts and to encourage further reading and learning.
    These subjects unfortunately cross the boundaries into the ‘dubious world of politics’ and it is extremely important not to remain light and fluffy (as Emma points out, above).
    Yes, we are at the crossroads of history it is important to tell the story.
    I’m a trained Naturopath – I call myself and educator, I have a passion to learn as much as I possibly can, but I’m also a knowledge collector and I love sharing all that I know.
    If you are interested to discuss further, I’m interested in writing these articles.

    1. Emma Stephens Author

      Thanks for your comments, Marla 🙂
      I love hearing about what matters to people!
      We look forward to receiving your article/s once you have read the author guidelines.
      Warm regards,
      Emma 🙂
      (Click on the link called ‘write’ in the footer of this site)

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