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Time to be mindful. Prizes to win. Share the love with this great community.

Hello lovely LivingNow community

There has been SO much going on for me this month! Has it been that way for you too? Many people I’ve spoken to in the community have echoed similar sentiments; that there seems to be a *lot* happening! This extra sense of the battery being drained somewhat by all there is ‘to do’ has highlighted in me my need for a more mindful approach… I hope you’ll benefit greatly from our feature topics of meditation & mindfulness, as I have!

Indeed, there’s a wonderful program which has been running for some years now – ‘Mindful in May’. I’m so impressed by the huge difference that just a little mindfulness can make! So much so that I’ve got a link below for you to sign up for the course! Just imagine the incredible impact we could have if thousands – eg, the hundreds of thousands of people who read LivingNow each month – of us chose to be a little more mindful about the way we lead our lives!

The way we interact with our friends, families & colleagues could be so much more considerate. The words we use to talk to ourselves could afford to be far more mindful, couldn’t they? And imagine that everyone in a leadership position took time to be mindful! I have a friend who is working towards getting mindfulness taught in schools in Australia (& I know there are lots of others working towards this too!); how awesome will it be when children – our future – are taught skills such as how to centre themselves & how to respond rather than react… It will be SO great!

Prizes still to be won!

Although a rather different topic, here’s something I need to tell you: we’re going to need to close off our cool competition soon; the one where you win prizes for commenting on our articles & sharing them with your friends. Until May, though, we’re still giving you the opportunity to be rewarded simply for sharing things you like. (Or even if you don’t like something, or have an idea about a topic that we’ve covered, you’re welcome to share!). There have been a couple of hiccups in the flow of access to the website in its first few months (normal with any website, especially one as large as ours). So that’s why we’ve extended it; to make sure that if you’d like to go comment on something there’s still time to win prizes for doing so! There are already quite a few comments in there; great to see people beginning to come forth with what’s important to them!

Remember, also, that you’re welcome to email me at to let me know what’s important to you, & what you’d like to see more of in LivingNow. Big thanks to those of you who have already done so! ?

Share the love (& the information!)

I’ve written about this before, I know. Someone recently asked if they could do anything to help share this work out to our great community more… Sure! 🙂 As well as supporting our advertisers &/or being a subscriber, it is now possible for you to make a donation. Have you seen that we’ve changed the cover ‘price’ to: BY DONATION via the website? This is so that, if you feel moved to help us get this fantastic magazine into even more hands, you’re now able to directly support that happening! Go to – there you can select the amount you wish to donate. It’s a cool new option for all of you who’d like to be involved.


I thought to tell you: a major reason that I’m interested in having this magazine get out to as many people as possible is that I want more people to be able to make great choices. I believe that when people have access to better tools & information they can make better choices. And why do I want better choices? So that we all get a chance to live our lives to the fullest – to really THRIVE as individuals & as a community – with love & joy & connection in our lives!

In service & gratitude,

Emma ❤️

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