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Ending the war with your body

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What if your body could actually tell you what it needs?

I remember sitting in a doctor’s office with tears streaming down my face before the doctor even walked in. I dreaded the words I knew would be coming. “We still don’t know what’s wrong with your body”, or “We’d like to try another test”.

I had developed a strange disorder with my digestion. It was one that no one could figure out. That, piled on top of a thyroid condition diagnosed at age 18, and a handful of repeating knee surgeries, I felt like my body and I were at war.

My body would not get better

IT would not do what I wanted. IT had let me down.

Now I could add doctors to the list. The doctors could not help me. THEY did not care. THEY had let me down too.

I started seeking alternative healers. In at attempt to find answers, I started juicing, doing cleanses and meditation. I tried every kind of diet, became a yoga junkie, even started gazing at the sun (don’t ask).

Then one day, while out in the world fervently seeking answers, my path took an unexpected turn. I quite mistakenly bumped into some questions.

What if you are the only one who knows what your body requires?

Imagine if your body can actually tell you what it needs?

What if nothing is WRONG with you, and your body is actually attempting to communicate?

I found these questions irritating. What was I supposed to do first? What should I eat? How should I sit? I was exhausted by what I saw as the alternatives (and hungry from 14 days of drinking nothing more substantial than kale and cucumber juice). I chose to surrender and just try asking.

Questions, not answers, ended up being my journey to health

The more I asked, the more information my body gave me. It was amazing!

Today my body is both healthy and happy. I still consult experts. Yet when it comes to making choices about my body, I get really quiet and ask myself “what do I know?”

What if you could learn to communicate with you body?

Here are five tips to play with to start getting you in touch with your sweet body today

1. Start asking your body questions

Think of your body like a friend. Before you eat something, ask “Body, do you desire this?” Before you exercise “Body, how would you like to move today?” You may not get answers right away. However just get in the habit of considering your body may have its own point of view.

2. Stop forcing change

How many diets have you been on where your body wants to spit out the food? If you are going to increase the communication between you and your body, you will have to stop forcing it to do things it doesn’t want to do.

3. Give up the ‘healthy’ game

We have compiled so many points of view about what is healthy and not, that we start judging food before we get a chance to see if our body might like it or not. Kale is healthy right? Well not if you have low thyroid. Tomatoes are healthy right? Not if you have acid reflux. Ask yourself in each moment what your body desires.

4. Stop the judgment

How many judgments do you impel on your body every day? If you treated your dog the way most people treat their body it would run away! Is it any surprise your body is not working with you with ease?

5. Ramp up the gratitude

Rather than dwelling on the things you would like to change, start being grateful for the things that ARE working.


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