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Energy healing

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The self-repairing field of higher consciousness.


This article might seem like a heavy read to many, especially those without a science background. I found that the rewards are great if you read it twice. If you skim over the bits you don’t understand first time around, then you can get them next time when you have the bigger picture. Evan obviously has a brilliant mind and a clever wit and, over the last three articles, I’ve really enjoyed the way he extends my thinking. I hope you have too. Ed.

“There’s nothing like a little pain to let you know you’re alive And there’s nothing like a little pleasure to make you think you’ve died and gone to heaven.”
– Ric Arnett, Los Angeles-based massage therapist and healer

In his book ‘PhotoReading’, Paul R. Scheele explains techniques which he says can allow you to read 25,000 words per minute. PhotoReading claims that by using new techniques you can abandon the ‘prevailing elementary reading model’ and begin using ‘whole mind reading’. The faculty at a college in Minnesota, where Scheele is based, tried to prevent the PhotoReading seminar from being offered, on the grounds that PhotoReading is impossible. A colleague of Scheele’s agreed to provide a demonstration. A volume of U.S. patent law was projected, page by page, onto a video monitor at a rate of approximately 30 pages per second, which equals approximately 690,000 words per minute. Scheele’s colleague was tested and scored 75 % comprehension and also drew approximations of six patent illustrations and correctly identified their numeric sequence. Scheele writes about the professors’ reaction: “The paradigm had shifted right before their eyes. Do you suppose they supported the seminar? No. Seeing is not believing. To shift your paradigm you must believe it before you see it.”

Many people react with similar disbelief to things that are observed in nature. Quantum physicist Niels Bohr commented: “Those who are not shocked when they first come across quantum mechanics cannot possibly have understood it”. Max von Laue, who won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1914, when he learned of Louis de Broglie’s thesis on electrons having wave properties, said: “If that turns out to be true, I’ll quit physics”. For what it’s worth, the dual nature of electrons as both particles and waves is widely accepted today. I do not know if von Laue quit physics or not.

In an online discussion with Cessna pilots, mathematician Steve T. Frey recently said: “There is one thing many scientists share with the charlatans on the other side, and that is a profoundly sincere belief they’re right. Yet Ptolemy was overturned by Copernicus and Lowell overturned by Mariner, but at the time both Ptolemy and Lowell were considered pre-eminent scientists”. Frey also noted that “Reality is an elusive thing. It isn’t unvarying and objective”.

Apparently we live in a world where protecting dogmatic beliefs is more important than accepting the reality of experience. Scientists expect us to be shocked by the true nature of reality because reality itself is not a fixed and unchangeable thing.

A fundamental principle of modern physics is the idea that everything is energy. 100 years ago in 1905, Einstein postulated this in his Special Theory of Relativity, E = mc2. Since then, many implications of this theory have been revealed and explored. Physicists have demonstrated that what we believe to be reality may be something our perspective imposes on an otherwise undifferentiated field of energy. There are experiments that show that the expectations of the experimenter and the very act of the experimenter observing the experiment affects its outcome. Diverse sources such as Buddha, Jesus and physicists Albert Einstein and David Bohm, have all said in one way or another that consciousness is what gives shape, form and meaning to the field of energy that we think of as reality. While this may seem bewildering, it is consistent with the wave/particle duality which disgusted von Laue.

‘Schrodinger’s Cat’

Light, as we now know or believe, can be observed as either a particle or a wave. Observing it as a particle eliminates your ability to observe it as a wave. Observing it as a wave eliminates your ability to observe it as a particle. In other words, your consciousness is constantly shaping your reality.

A famous experiment, known as Schrodinger’s Cat, illustrates the wave/particle duality in a fairly comprehensible manner. Schrodinger’s Cat is a thought experiment, which means you can run it yourself while you read this article. The experiment goes like this: Imagine that you have placed a cat into a sealed chamber which contains a vial of poison and some radioactive material. There is a 50% chance that one atom in the radioactive material will decay in one hour. If even one atom decays, a mechanism which is also in the chamber will detect that decay and will set off a relay that will smash the vial containing the poison, which will kill the cat. Ask yourself: “After one hour in the sealed chamber, is the cat alive or dead?” STOP READING FOR A MOMENT WHILE YOU PERFORM THIS EXPERIMENT. When you’re finished thinking about it, continue reading.

From the point of view of quantum physics and the associated particle/wave duality, the cat is now a wave function and is considered to be 50% alive, 50% dead. When you open the chamber to observe the result, the wave function is said to be collapsed. The cat is now observed as a particle, which is either 100% dead or 100% alive. As an interesting side note, while the chamber is sealed, the cat exists as a 50% alive, 50% dead wave function for everyone throughout the universe. When you observe whether the cat is dead or alive, you collapse the wave function instantaneously for everyone throughout the universe. This collapse does not propagate at the speed of light, which is a restriction related to the physicality of the universe. Instead the collapse occurs everywhere at once, without regard to space and time.
Keeping all this in mind, let’s look at energy healing.

If everything is energy, as E = mc2 says it is, then you are energy. Notice that there is only one E in this equation, not a bunch of little e’s. The implication is that there is only one Energy which makes up the entirety of reality. Thus, what you think of as ‘you’ is simply a part of a single continuum of reality, even though you perceive yourself as separate. (This is the idea that all is one, which is at the core of mystical thought. In this case, the mystical conclusion is reached through the magic of physics.) If you are conscious, then everything is conscious, since there is no distinction (other than that of perception) between you and everything. The most important leap is this: Energy is consciousness and consciousness is energy.

Consciousness is, in fact, the force that manifests physical reality. Without consciousness, there is no physical reality. (Physicist Amit Goswami covers this extensively in his book, The Self Aware Universe: How Consciousness Creates the Material World.)

You are a field of energy, of consciousness. Let’s use the words ‘life force’ to define the consciousness energy you use to manifest ‘you’. As a field of energy, given form by consciousness, disturbances in the energy you call your life force can cause problems in your well-being. Since energy is consciousness and vice-versa, these disturbances in life force can be considered disturbances in consciousness. If you could focus your attention, your consciousness, in order to remove the obstructions to the flow of life force, then life force can flow freely into each area of your life, including your physicality, your relationships, your finances, your emotions, your possessions, everything about you. This is energy healing. It is consciousness-based. It is based on the laws of the universe.

You are powerful enough that an observation made by you instantaneously becomes truth for everyone throughout the universe. Again, there is only one E in the equation, and everything is connected because it is all part of the big E – that is the lesson reinforced by Schrodinger’s Cat. You are powerful enough that you have created a body, relationships, possessions, money – in short, ‘a life’. Therefore you are powerful enough to heal yourself by removing obstructions to the flow of life force.

Healing imagery

In ‘The Holographic Universe’, Michael Talbot recalls observations about people with Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). There are examples where an MPD sufferer has a rash until another of his or her personalities takes over the body, at which point the rash goes away. When the rash-suffering personality takes over again, the rash reappears. Also “there are cases of women who have two or three menstrual periods each month because each of their subpersonalities has its own cycle”. Talbot provides examples of a person who has diabetes when one personality is in control, yet there are no symptoms when another personality is in control, and where epilepsy comes and goes with changes in personality. Further, Talbot says there is evidence that MPD people heal faster than normal individuals and that also they don’t age as fast. Many multiples claim this is all due to having one of the personalities “whose sole function is to spend 24 hours a day meditating and imaging the body’s well-being”. Contrast this with most people who don’t spend any time doing healing imagery. Even those who discipline themselves to do this kind of activity are usually limited to two or three times a day.

Throughout spiritual literature, there are examples of people healing themselves through faith (and what is faith if not consciousness?). Throughout modern times, there are examples of unexplained healings. Modern science rejects these as ‘anecdotal’, which I think means ‘no insurance company will pay for that’. Everything someone has said was incurable has been cured. Therefore, there’s no such thing as incurable. Everyone knows this, but we forget it the minute someone tells us it’s incurable.

It’s important to remember that the etymology of the word ‘heal’ means ‘to make whole’. Wholeness means ‘to include everyone and everything without exception’. At the point when life force flows freely into every area of what you now think of as ‘your life’ you can then turn your attention to removing the obstacles to the flow of life force into every area of reality and eliminate the distinction between self and others. This is true healing.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find a way to get your consciousness working on healing full time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in order to heal yourself, in order to heal your loved ones, in order to heal the planet.

As Paul Scheele illustrated, to shift your paradigm you must believe it before you see it. Consider Wayne Dyer’s book title ‘You’ll see it when you believe it’, or the Science of Mind saying ‘change your thinking, change your life’. Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, change your beliefs and the whole world changes its beliefs about you. So, now the question is, what do you believe is possible for yourself, for the world? If your beliefs are limited and negative, then the only meaningful question is ‘how is that working for you?’. If you’re not willing to change your mind, then you’re looking at Einstein’s other powerful theory which states that ‘you cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it’. Change your mind, change your life. A minor change in Scheele’s wording makes it clearer: You must believe it in order to be capable of seeing it.

Evan Slawson is the co-author of “Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness” (Hay House) and co-founder with Stephen Lewis of the revolutionary ‘AIM Program’, an energetic balancing technology assisting thousands to heal themselves and awaken to their true nature. With a background in drama, feng shui, yoga and computer science, Evan uses a whole spectrum of communication talents to deliver a message that is empowering, innovative and entertaining. 

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