The Esoteric Dream Book

The Esoteric Dream Book

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The Esoteric Dream Book by D. Winter, P. Garnder, and A. Kaufman is a unique and worthy new addition to a canon of work that dedicates itself to dream decoding, an art which emphasises the significance of dreams as messages from the subconscious mind and as tools for spiritual growth.

Just to be clear: this is not another off-the-shelf dream dictionary with a static list of one-size-fits-all interpretations. This comprehensive resource guide teaches a dynamic method of dream analysis; teasing out the hidden meanings being offered by your own subconscious and interpreting them through your personal understanding of symbols.

The book dips into a deep well of esoteric and spiritual wisdom drawn from a number of sources – including tarot, astrology, numerology and wicca – and features techniques to facilitate dream recall, methods of dream interpretation and the use of dream rituals.

The bulk of The Esoteric Dream Book is dedicated to a in-depth discussion of themes and archetypes. Lots of the most common themes are included: if you’ve ever dreamed about flying, being chased, drowning or being nude in public you’ll find much of interest here.

The discussion of common dream archetypes is particularly compelling; one of the strengths of the book is that the descriptions are all written in a crisp and informative style that is comprehensive yet accessible at the same time. There is a lot of information being presented, but it never feels stale or overwhelming.

Additionally, readers with an interest in magickal applications will find much to appreciate, as the authors share rituals, spells and correspondences to enhance your dream work.

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